Top 7 Most Annoying Mid Laners to Play Against

League of Legends is an ever-growing and ever-changing game. Over a hundred Champions were released on top of the original 40 that came with the game throughout the many years. Within this obscenely diverse roster, some Champions stand out in a particular way. 

This particularity is, as you might have guessed from the title, annoyance. There are Champions in League that go above and beyond what you might consider annoying, getting to torture levels that make the game boring at times. 

We’re going over every role in the game with these lists, and this is the second of five. Be sure to check out our Top Lane list as well to see just how wild things can get. 

So, with the introduction out of the way – let’s begin, shall we?

(This list is in no particular order.)

7. LeBlanc

LeBlanc was always an annoying Champion. She has a ton of range, safe spells, and lots of burst damage. All it takes for her is to do a single Q and W combo, and you’ll be chunked, hard. Apart from being an annoying Laner, LeBlanc also tends to roam around and have a severe impact and map presence.

This goes without saying for most Mid Lane Champions since it is the part of the map that has the easiest access to the other Lanes. Well, of course, apart from the Jungle. Despite this, LeBlanc sort of excels in this regard. Her AOE damage allows her to clear a wave in mere seconds, and clashing the tower is no big deal.

She can then use the space created by pushing to roam, and she’ll do this quite often. This makes LeBlanc annoying to the Mid Laner and the rest of the team as well. She is efficient and mobile and will likely make a lot out of those roams she does. 

In a 1v1 scenario on Mid, LeBlanc can scarcely be beaten without the help of a Jungler. She can counter many Champions, some that are basically an instant win. However, not many can counter her back, and you will need some extra help to contain her properly. 

I believe that LeBlanc remains one of the most OP Champions in the entire game. The only reason for her popularity dropping slightly is the difficulty spike and some better alternatives that require half the skill to play. Still, I don’t think she should be disregarded, and it’s better to know how to play with and against her than to lose to some good LeBlanc player like a total noob. 

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6. Anivia

Anivia is a pretty old Champion. The previous entry is as well, but it isn’t the persistent theme throughout the entire list. She is easy to play but hard to master. A good Anivia player will be the bane of your existence if you happen to face them on the Mid Lane. Damage is no issue for her, and she will be able to spam her spells like nothing, especially after level 6. 

She can and will abuse the hell out of you using her low cooldown and high damage spells. However, Anivia does one thing that you can use against her and try to mitigate her annoyance. She is very low on HP, compensation for her passive that grants her a second chance at life. Ganking her with your Jungler will prove much more manageable than ganking some tankier opponent.

However, she does have ways around this, and it will take a while to bring her down. Her wall, CC, and her passive grant her a ton of safety that even ganks can’t eliminate her that easily. If she manages to retreat close enough to the tower, well, she’s already gone by that point. Anivia is difficult to kill in general, which gives her a vital target status.

She can do a lot and will do it if she’s not contained. It’s a shame that containing her is twice as difficult as it should be, and it deservedly grants Anivia a place on this list. I recommend you give her a spin some time, just to know how she functions, but how viable she is remains up to you. 

5. Zoe

From day one, Zoe has had a reputation of being annoying. With her insanely long-range and powerful spells, Zoe can obliterate and drive people mad just by playing usually. I don’t even want to mention what a good Zoe player does. 

Thankfully, Riot has toned her down significantly throughout the Seasons. I still remember the day she came out and the absolute chaos her release induced. It is tough to Lane against Zoe due to her mentioned range. The longer the range, the more damage she does. This incentivizes Zoe players to keep a reasonable distance between themselves and their opponents, which speaks for itself.

Her roaming side is also pretty solid, with a ton of opportunities to shove waves and move into other Lanes. Her damage gives her easy access to kills whenever she comes across a fight, especially during ganks. 

Still, despite being highly annoying and obscene to play against, she isn’t that powerful. At least not as she used to be. Riot Games has a knack for nerfing Champions a tad too far, and Zoe is no exception to that rule. While she still remains a solid pick, it is nowhere near the power levels Zoe had at release and some time following it. It’s a shame really that she’s being obsoleted for no apparent reason. 

I recommend you try her out before Riot inevitably makes some unexpected change that makes her even worse. 

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4. Neeko

Neeko is a solid AP Champion that becomes much more annoying in the later parts of the game than most Champions in these lists. However, don’t get me wrong, she still remains both solid and annoying from the very start. It only gets worse as the game progresses.

Her Ultimate becomes one hell of a spell in the later parts of the game. With a 650 base damage and another 130% of AP added on top, Neeko can obliterate entire teams without breaking a sweat. I think that she is undoubtedly one of the best and most annoying AP Teamfighters in the entire game, and when it’s paired with her CC, she does have a lot of pain coming from her way. 

I don’t have that much else to say about her other than that her damage needs severe tuning. It’s simply too high to be justified in any way. A jump of 225 base damage per level of Ultimate is just too much. I mean, come on, not even Malphite gets that much, and he is designed to have high base damage. 

She’s in dire need of a nerf, and I hope some random Riot employee reads this, and it makes them think a little. 

3. Vex

Vex is a recent addition to League of Legends and is already one of the most hated Champions the game has ever had. A few Champions can even compare with the levels of absurdity that Vex can be at, and I am happy that I’m not maining Mid in this meta. 

Vex can pressure you hard. She will spam her spells that only get stronger as she uses them. If she hits you with an upgraded spell, oh boy, are you in for a world of pain. Vex can keep spamming and spamming, and you can more or less do nothing about it. 

After getting level 6, Vex becomes an insane Champion nuke. Yes, you read it right – SHE becomes the nuke. Using it, Vex can make huge engages and do tons of damage to multiple enemies at once. It turns her into a pseudo-Assassin, and she will be going around the map sniping people, trying to get some kills. 

Vex is entirely busted and has received a ton of flack for a reason. She doesn’t require any skill to play apart from learning skill shots. But, then again, who doesn’t know how to use skill shots today? I’ll not answer that question. 

I recommend you play Vex while she’s hot. However, you will be cross-eyed by just about everyone in the community, so I leave it up to you to calculate whether it’s worth it. 

2. Zed

Zed is definitely the number one Assassin in League of Legends currently. At least among the AD ones, anyways. He’s not that annoying to be classified in the same way as Vex. However, there are some things about Zed that are just too mindnumbing not to mention. 

His shadows will drive you nuts, and the damage they can do is just something else. Zed, as an Assassin, is specialized in killing you as fast as humanly possible. This sometimes exceeds even the inhuman limits required, and Zed will completely obliterate you. You’re often left entirely defenseless, just waiting for yourself to die. This annoys the hell out of me, especially if I win the Lane against him, and he just goes for a few roams. 

That brings me to my second point. The roams, oh God, the roams. Zed can fly across the entire map, be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and will get all the kills he needs to get fed or back into the game in mere seconds. The low cooldowns and severe damage make Zed a literal demon that haunts the enemy team for the entire game. 

It’s not easy to contain him, and he becomes very exhausting to play against. Good Zed players are real Assassins cosplaying as “gamers” and are likely just playing with us. At any rate, Zed is utterly broken and remains the best of the best in the Assassin sphere. 

Be afraid. You have every reason to.

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1. Viktor

The recent addition of the Crown of the Shattered Queen item into the game has made Victor one of the most intimidating, annoying, and powerful Mid Laners. With this item and his unique mechanics, he can become nearly invulnerable to all sources of damage. 

The Crown is a broken item in its own regard but synergizes extra well with Viktor’s shields and other mechanics. In the Lane, after getting the item, there is almost no way to do damage to Viktor – at least while the Crown is up. This makes ganks impossible to do if you don’t get the Crown first, and he doesn’t get in an open position before it’s back up. 

When all factors are combined, you’re going to find yourself more against an immortal Viktor than a mortal one. The 40-second cooldown on the item is too short to be a significant drawback for the Champion, and it becomes excruciatingly difficult to bring him down.

This will give him apt time and opportunity to get the farm, kill, do whatever the hell Viktor players do, and become even more of a menace than he already is. I recommend you focus him hard before he gets the Crown and prevent him from getting it for as long as possible.

There is quite literally no other way around the current Viktor Crown meta. 


As we can see, the Mid Lane has a plethora of annoying Champions. Some draw their annoyance from their age, and some use the current broken item meta – whichever it is, they’re all just annoying as hell. I hope you’ve found this list enjoyable and wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift.

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles. 

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