Is Akshan AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Akshan is the first champion to be released with a unique mobility spell called the grappling hook. He is such an innovation that it made him an extremely flexible pick, he can be picked in the top lane as he counters melee champions so hard, the same can be said in mid lane as well. 

When he is picked as an ADC however, he needs to be played aggressively or most ADC champions will out scale him. Akshan is an all-around champion that is strong from early to late game, but if he falls behind the enemy ADC it will be really hard for him to bounce back. 

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Is Akshan AP or AD?

Here is the answer.

Akshan is an ADC champion that has all AD scaling meaning AP items won’t work for him. He also has a passive that lets him shoot a second basic attack meaning he is really dependent on his basic attacks and that fact alone answers the question of whether he is AD or AP. But you can still build AP items on him in the form of On-hit items like Nashor’s tooth. 

Typically, Akshan is built on pure AD items focusing on items with on-hit effects like Blade of the Ruined King or Wits End. Depending on his opponents, Akshan can adjust his builds depending on enemies whether they are squishy or tanks. 

Akshan is an ADC so he spends most of his time in the backline along with his support, but whenever team fights end, he can use his gap closer grappling hook to sweep the field and finish off champions that survived the team fight. He is a great clean-up champion because he can reset his grappling hook’s cooldown every time he scores a takedown. He is also great at team fights as he can revive his team fights by killing the champion that killed them.

Best Akshan Builds Depending On Enemy Team Comps

  • Against Tank champions – Blade of the Ruined King, Wits End, Berserker’s Greaves, Kraken Slayer, Lord Dominik’s regards, Chempunk Chainsword.
  • Against squishy champions – Galeforce, Storm Razor, Rapid Firecannon, Berserker’s Greaves, The Collector, Bloodthirster. 

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Best Runes For Akshan

  • Press the attack – can easily be procced thanks to Akshan’s passive that lets him fire a second shot and the grappling hook that lets him fire rapidly. 
  • Presence of mind – It’s easy to run out of mana every time your grappling hook resets so having to restore mana each time you score a takedown will be convenient.
  • Legend: Bloodline – Every ADC needs an extra lifesteal for the late game. 
  • Shieldbash 
  • Bone plating

On Which Lane Can You Play Akshan?

He can be played on all offensive meaning top mid and bottom are viable for Akshan thanks to his grappling hook. It is a great tool for chasing and disengaging even for positioning. 

On the top lane, he can easily outplay any melee champion with his grappling hook, he can also poke them from a safe range and use his grappling hook to get out of their range when they decide to retaliate. 

What is Akshan’s Greatest Asset?

The passive ability allows him to revive his teammates whenever he kills the one who killed them. It doesn’t matter how many they killed, Akshan will revive every champion that player has killed meaning if they score a Quadra kill and Akshan manages to kill that certain player, he can instantly revive his entire team which is really great for securing major objectives and pushing. 

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While some ADC champions have AP scaling, Akshan is purely made out of AD stats, he is pretty strong when he has a high AD, he can use this to one-shot squishy champions with his ultimate alone. The only downside to his overpowered ultimate is that Akshan’s ult can be blocked by minions and towers. 

This is the end of the article and I hope you get to pick something up for when you play your next game on Akshan, you will know the ins and outs of the champion. 

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