Is Caitlyn AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Caitlyn is a marksman champion with extremely long range in almost all of her abilities. She is a sniper expert just like how she was portrayed in the Netflix show Arcane where she and other champions received lots of praise and as result gave them a higher pick rate. 

Her Q is an excellent early game damage source that can also be used to clear a huge wave of minions. Her ability’s cast ranges are so long that she can be played as the weak side in the bottom lane. Being a champion that relies on basic attacks, is Caitlyn an AD or AP?

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Is Caitlyn AP or AD?

Here’s the answer.

Caitlyn is an AD champion putting her in the ADC category, all of her abilities scale in attack damage and she can actually deal even more damage if she is built with lethality items. Depending on her opponent, you can build her with crit and attack speed-based items, but you can also build lethality items on her to improve the damage of her abilities like her ultimate. 

Usually, Caitlyn builds Stormrazor as the initial slow from that item gives Caitlyn the chance to close the gap between her and her enemy. But all of the items build in League of Legends are situational so let us take a look at some of Caitlyn’s builds depending on her opponents.

Best Builds For Caitlyn

  • Lethality Caitlyn – Duskblade of Drakthar, Edge of Night, The collector, Serylda’s grudge, Berserker’s greaves, Storm Razor.
  • Crit Caitlyn – Galeforce, Storm Razor, Infinity Edge, Rapid fire canon, Berserker’s Greaves, Phantom Dancer.

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Best Runes For Caitlyn

  • Lethal tempo – Giving her attack speed is already OP on Caitlyn but adding more range to her already impressive attack range is just out of this world.
  • Presence of mind – Caitlyn relies on her abilities in the early game, so the Presence of Mind is a great keystone as it allows her to restore her mana.
  • Legend: Bloodline – greatly synergizes with an early Doran’s blade, and will help Caitlyn stay in lane much longer.
  • Coup de Grace – Synergizes with her ultimate that also deals execute damage, meaning she can deal more damage if her enemy’s HP is lower.
  • Taste of Blood
  • Ingenious hunter

Where Can I Play Caitlyn?

Caitlyn is a marksman and it is pretty obvious that she can only be played in the bottom lane as an ADC. However there are champions that can be played in the top or middle lane, but the fact that these lanes are filled with assassins and bruisers with gap closers makes it really hard for Caitlyn to come out on top from these lanes. 

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When Should You Pick Caitlyn?

IF the enemy ADC picks a champion with short-range like Vayne, you should take advantage of it and play Caitlyn who almost doubles the range of Vayne. Her abilities are also cast from afar making it really hard for Vayne to react. Caitlyn is the counter of many ADC champions as well because of her range.


Caitlyn is an AD-based champion and the fact that she is called an ADC makes it really obvious that she is an AD-based champion.

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