Is Darius AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

For everybody’s information, Darius is one of the strongest top laners that Riot games have ever released; Darius wasn’t always like this. His kit was different when he was released, but when he got reworked, he destroyed every top laner. 

He was at the top of top lane tier lists for so many years and is still one of the strongest champions. With his ability to increase his attack damage whenever he puts five hemorrhages on any champion, he can increase his offensive stats. His ultimate is also the best execution ability in the game. 

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Is Darius AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Darius is an AD champion with all of his abilities scaling with attack damage. Even his passive abilities deal damage over time scale with attack damage. He is a champion that gets stronger the longer the fight goes, and his ability to heal from his Q whenever enemies are hit with the edge is so great, significantly when he is outnumbered. Even though Darius is an AD scaling champion, he can be built with purely defensive items as he can already deal tons of damage with his abilities. Here are the best items that you can build on, Darius.

Best Item Build for Darius

  • Deadman’s Plate – Darius needs movement speed to catch up to enemies. That is why having Ghost walk is excellent for him, but you won’t be able to proc Ghost walk that often, so building Deadman’s plate is great for him wildly if he will roam the map. 
  • Black Cleaver – Being a champion that excels in extended fights, Black cleaver works well on Darius, mainly because its effect can also be procced by his passive. Once you put five stacks of armor on your enemy, you can deal even more damage with your abilities. 
  • GoreDrinker – Darius already has an impressive heal with his Q, and this item will improve it even further. Darius can easily be outnumbered and overwhelmed during team fights; using this item will extend his time during team fights. 
  • Force of Nature – The 25% damage reduction is excellent on Darius during team fights or 1v3 or 1v5 situations. Being a champion that can split push, having this item is excellent. This will also be his item to deal with mages.
  • Hullbreaker – This can be a great early game item for a tank and late-game spit pushes.
  • Plated Steelcaps – used to mitigate tower shots.

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Best Runes for Darius

  • Conqueror – is the best rune for extended fights and improves Darius’s healing potential.
  • Triumph – Executing enemies with your ultimate heals Darius, and Triumph will extend that heal.
  • Legend: Alacrity – Darius’s weakness is being stunned or rooted, so having great tenacity will help him deal with crowd control abilities.
  • Last Stand – when you are low on health, this will empower your Q, which lets you heal stronger.

When Should you Pick Darius?

Darius can be picked in any given situation. Just make sure to ban Jax if you blind pick him. His most excellent counter is Jax if the enemy knows how to use Jax. It doesn’t matter if there are squishy or tank enemies in the enemy team; Darius can deal with all of them. 

Don’t pick him; however, if there are champions with great mobility spells or very high movement speed and long ranges like Ashe or Zeri, Darius won’t be able to catch up to them, and they would probably play with him with their ranges.

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Darius is a powerful AD juggernaut champion, meaning even if you have all tank items, you can still deal tons of damage. Do not try to build all AD items on him as it won’t give him that much of a value; a squishy Darius is a useless Darius. 

There is also an alternate build on him, which lets him rush a trinity force but this only works if you have a massive lead against your enemy top laner. The spell blade effect greatly synergizes with his W when trading or pushing towers. 

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