Is Diana AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Diana is one of the easiest champions to use in the jungle. She has excellent AoE damaging abilities that can quickly clear jungle camps like the raptors. On top of that, her attack speed is also increased every time she uses an ability. 

Diana also has a passive that lets her deal damage in a crescent-shaped area, which also deals with AoE damage. Her burst potential is also powerful as it scales with the number of enemy champions she hits with it. 

She can dash towards a team of five and use her ultimate to burst them all down instantly. With all of this great damage, many players are left wondering if she’s AP or AD. Let’s find out!

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Is Diana AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Diana is purely an AP champion, and all of her abilities scale with ability power; she has a gap closer which makes her an excellent battle mage. This is also improved because her attack speed increases every time she uses an ability. Diana can burst jungle camps even in the early game as an ability power-based champion. You can also build items that synergize with the passive effects of her spells, and here are the best items to build on Diana.

Best Item Build on Diana

  • Nashor’s Tooth – This item significantly boosts the apparent jungle speed of Diana. It dramatically compliments her passive, increasing her attack speed every time she uses an ability. The bonus on-hit magic damage also works well with Diana as she trades with her enemy jungler. 
  • Hextech Rocketbelt – Diana’s kit revolves around her gap-closing potential because for her to burst and trade with enemies, she needs to be close to her enemies. Hextech rocket belt increases her ability power, but it also gives Diana an additional dash ability and bonus movement speed. 
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass – as soon as Diana throws her combo during the late game, she could burst down, so having the ability to be in stasis after she throws her burst ability is excellent.
  • Shadowflame – This new item allows Diana to deal with tank champions.
  • Dark Seal – an optional item that should only be built if Diana has an early lead against their enemies. Having complete stacks will surely snowball Diana to a lead.
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes/Mercury Tread’s 

Best Runes on Diana

  • Conqueror – Being a battle mage that can go on extended fights as a melee champion is great on Diana, and her ultimate can also instantly fully stack conqueror.
  • Triumph – If you manage to kill multiple enemies with your ultimate, the triumph heal gives Diana an instant reset giving her more opportunities to push lanes.
  • Legend: Alacrity – Stacking attack speed greatly synergizes with Diana’s passive.
  • Coup de Grace – Being a burst champion, Diana can deal more damage to champions with her ultimate as this rune adds execute damage to champions. 

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When Should I Pick Diana?

There is no right or wrong time to pick Diana as her kit is all around. She can easily be blind-picked and adjust your runes depending on the enemy you face. She can be built as a tanky battle mage or simply a strong burst champion that builds purely AP items. 

It is pretty fun to pick her; however, if the enemy team is filled with squishy champions that have no way of dashing away from her ultimate. 


The straight answer to the question from the title is that Diana is purely an AP champion with no other stat scaling. She has many item choices because she is a battle mage and excels at melee ranged fights. Her jungle pathing is quite simple; start with the blue buff and abuse your AoE abilities on jungle camps with multiple monsters. 

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