Is Draven AP or AD? – The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide

Draven is an ADC champion with one of the most significant basic attack damage in the game. He has straightforward gameplay but can be challenging to play if you are not familiar with his passive abilities. Draven can improve his basic attack damage by activating his Q, this might sound simple, but there is a huge catch. 

Every time Draven uses his basic attack, it bounces off from his target and leaves a mark on the ground signifying where it will land; Draven can catch this and reset the duration of his Q. Being an ADC that relies on his basic attacks, it is already pretty obvious what his primary stat is.

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Is Draven AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Draven is a pure AD champion that all of his abilities scale with AD; he scales with critical strike damage and chance and a simple high Attack Damage. The higher his attack damage is, the greater his Q deals damage. His Ultimate also deals AD twice and has been recently updated to have an execute damage. His ultimate now instantly kill enemies that have HP lower than his adoration stacks. Draven is easily one of the strongest ADC champions out there, and here are the best items to build on him.

Best Item Built on Draven

  • Infinity Edge – if you are a champion who relies on your basic attacks when killing enemies, increasing your critical strike damage and chance should be your top priority. This item also synergizes with Draven’s Q, which can deal exponentially more significant damage every time he uses it. 
  • Bloodthirster – Having high basic attack damage is cool, but what happens if you have no lifesteal to trade with your enemy? This item can also be built as your first item on Draven because it gives so much passive to him. This item can even be more valuable than Infinity edge and is an excellent gold efficiency item.
  • Immortal Shieldbow – This is a massive boost to Bloodthirster’s effects. 
  • Berserker’s Greaves – The staple item for all ADC champions.
  • The collector – Dealing insane amounts of attack damage is great, but adding execute damage is much better. Draven can quickly kill a squishy champion with one hit in the late game with this item. 
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade – Lethality also synergizes with a critical strike, and the active effect of this item lets Draven get back in lane much faster. 

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When Should You Pick Draven?

He is perfect when there are squishy champions and when you are facing an ADC with no self-peeling abilities. He is also great when the enemy champions have no means of gap closers so Draven can kite them. This means he can kill his enemies without them being able to touch him. However, you should avoid picking Draven if there are champions that can root you primarily supports like Lux and Morgana. 

Champions with suppression like Warwick and Yasuo are also champions to avoid. Yasuo is one of Draven’s weaknesses as he has a suppressed ability and a gap closer; another is that Yasuo can block all of Draven’s abilities with his windwall.

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Draven is purely AD and is only played as an ADC; while some champions find wins in the top lane, the same cannot say the same. Avoid picking Draven if there are armor stacking champions because he does not sit well with a black cleaver or any armor penetration items. 

If squishy champions are present in the opposing team, look to strengthen your AD and critical strikes. Draven can do well on 1v1 and even 1v2 or 1v3, given a lead on the enemy. Even a slight lead can become a snowballing opportunity for Draven, so try to look for early game kills. 

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