Is Hecarim AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Hecarim is one of the few champions that can amplify his damage by increasing his movement speed, his E’s damage is increased the farther he has traveled since he activated it. Some players like to build a one-shot Hecarim where they can charge a squishy champion that their ultimate and E. 

Others prefer a team fighting Hecarim where they build him as a tanky bruiser champion that can take on the vanguard position for his team. Either way, Hecarim is a force to be reckoned with.

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Is Hecarim AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Hecarim is a hybrid of AP and AD; he scales with both attributes. His W and ultimate scale with ability power but his primary damaging abilities, Q and E, are both AD scaling. Nobody really builds AP Hecarim as his damage from his ultimate and W are mediocre, and both of these skills are only used to disrupt enemies during team fights. 

Meanwhile, his E can be used to burst enemy champions,s and his Q has a very low cooldown that he can use to the spa; it doesn’t cancel his attack animation, so you can spam it while trading auto attacks with an enemy. He can both be built like an assassin or a bruiser tank.

Best Items for Hecarim

  • Divine Sunderer – All damage champions with cooldown damaging abilities should have one spellblade item, and Divine, Sunderer is the perfect one for Hecarim. It is an item meant for tanky bruisers as it provides them with further healing.
  • Death’s Dance – This item prevents bursts from assassins Hecarim a boost in armor. Also, it has a passive that converts a portion of the physical damage you receive into a damage over time, so the damage doesn’t get dealt with instantly. This allows Hecarim to mitigate these damage ticks with his W.
  • Deadman’s Plate – Hecarim is one of the best roaming champions in the game, and the damage from his E is increased by the distance he has traveled while it is still up. Not only does this give Hecarim the movement speed bonus, but it also gives him extra tanky stats and bonus HP.
  • Maw of Malmortius – All of the items I have listed above give bonus armor and HP to Hecarim; this item helps him mitigate magic damage from enemy champions as it gives him bonus magi resist and a lifeline passive that activates when his HP gets low. It blocks magic damage whenever it is up.
  • Turbo Chemtank – This is an alternate Mythic item for Divine Sunderer; this one is perfect if you play the jungler role as it helps you swindle lanes more efficiently. This item replaced the righteous glory I; it gives you a boost in movement speed every time you move the enemy champion. Upon reaching the enemy, the item emits a slowing effect. 
  • Plated Steelcaps – This is the best boots item for Hecarim as it allows him to mitigate tower shots with the armor and the passive of the boots.

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Best Runes for Hecarim

  • Conqueror – Hecarim excels at extended fights. Conqueror greatly synergizes with his Q; he can stack it up pretty quickly, and when it reaches full-stack, it also synergizes with Hecarim’s Wheal.
  • Triumph – mostly played as a jungler tank, Hecarim will perform lots of tower dives to survive the final tower shot. Upon exiting the tower dive, Triumph can heal Hecarim if they manage to eliminate the opposing champion.
  • Legend: Alacrity – Hecarim has low attack speed, which can get in the way of his apparent jungle speed; this rune will help him clear camps faster at the start of the game.
  • Coup de Grace – Extended fights need champions that get stronger the longer the fight goes, And when Hecarim’s enemies reach low HP, he gets even more robust with coup de grace as it synergizes with Conqueror.

When Should I Pick Hecarim?

When enemies have a weak laning phase, there are passive champions in the opposing team. Hecarim can abuse the swindles with his E and easily win the early to the mid-game for his team.

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Hecarim is an AD and AP hybrid, and his abilities can scale with both, although it is much better to build AD or Tank items on Hecarim as he is at his most valuable state when he is played as a tank or a bruiser.

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