Is Jarvan IV AP or AD? The Ultimate Season 12 LoL Guide 

Jarvan is one of the best initiating junglers out there; his ultimate can lock multiple enemies down and place them in a pit where there is little to nothing they can do to dodge the spells of Jarvan’s allies. 

His engage combo is also pretty easy to pull off and is a significant closer; if you build the right items on him, he can also burst enemies down with the most straightforward combos. Jarvan is a jungler, and almost all his spells are damaging abilities with AoE effects. 

You can build him like a juggernaut or an assassin, but in this article, we will show you the best items to build on Jarvan that you can buy in any game and still be valuable for your team. 

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Is Jarvan IV AP or AD Champion?

Here is the answer:

Jarvan is purely an AD champion that has a little bit of AP scaling on his E. Building AP items on him is useless as his E doesn’t deal that much damage; your choices are to build him like a juggernaut to tank and initiate during team fights or as an assassin to burst the carries down in one go. Here are the best items you can buy on any game for Jarvan and still come out on top.

Best Items on Jarvan

  • Goredrinker – This is currently Jarvan’s staple item; because of his gap closers and his ability to lock multiple heroes down in one place with his ultimate, this is the best item on him. He will be trapped inside the pit with their enemies, and they will focus their damage on him as he is the closest one. Activating Goredrinker inside the pit will most likely hit all enemies and give Jarvan a many heal.
  • Death’s Dance – Jarvan needs a way to mitigate the physical damage he will suffer when he engages their enemy. Death’s Dance immediately converts the damage Jarvan receives into damage over time which he can mitigate by healing with Goredrinker’s activity.
  • Guardian Angel – Being the first one into the fight means you will most likely be the first one to die. To solve this problem, Jarvan can tank all the shots of the enemy team and be revived with Guardian angel’s passive. This item’s bonus stats will also give Jarvan extra offensive and defensive stats.
  • Thorn mail – Jarvan needs a way to inflict grievous wounds on his enemies. At the same time, he ks them all down with his ultimate, and thorn mail is the best because enemies will have no choice but to hit Jarvan with their basic attacks while they are trapped with him in the pit, which will instantly inflict grievous wounds on them.
  • Sterak’s Gage – Jarvan needs all the survivability he can get when inside the pit; Sterak’s Gage will make him even tankier upon dropping on low health, empowering the active effect of Goredrinker.

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Best Runes for Jarvan

  • Conqueror – Jarvan’s job as an initiator is to lock the enemies down for his allies to finish and tank all their enemies’ hits. He can be built like a juggernaut with a bit of damage, and the conqueror is the best rune for him because he will be trading blows with the enemy for an extended period during the team fight. And fully stacking this rune will also improve the heal of his Goredrinker.
  • Triumph – While you lock enemies down with your ultimate, you will be damaging them all with your AoE abilities, and when your allies kill one of them, you will score a takedown which will lead to a heal with this rune.
  • Legend: Alacrity – Jarvan has mediocre apparent speed because of his weak abilities; the extra attack speed will help him clear camps faster.
  • Coup de grace – if built like an assassin, this rune will give Jarvan more damage when bursting squishy enemy carries.

When Should I Pick Jarvan?

When your team has a possibility of a wombo combo or when the opposing team doesn’t have champions with disengaging abilities like Nidalee’s leap.


Jarvan is an AD champion that has one AP scaling ability. He is an initiator and mostly picked as a jungler because of his ganking potential. His combo is excellent crowd control and gap closer that can lead to his ultimate that can lock multiple enemies down. He is not that tanky, but engagement is one of the best in the game.

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