Jayce Season 13 Top Lane Guide – League of Legends

Jayce Season 13 Top Lane Complete Guide in League of Legends

There are two kinds of top laners; one that hates ranged top laners, and others that embrace the darkness and become the ranged top laners. Then there are in-between players, that just love having the liberty to be both using hybrids like Jayce. 

However, the ability to do both introduces special challenges to the mix, which not only makes it significantly harder compared to an average champion but also makes it confusing for the regular players. 

Therefore, we’ve concocted a Jayce Top Lane guide to ensure you can learn regardless of whether you’re a newbie learning the ropes, or a seasoned veteran getting into Jayce. Read more to find out how he essentially works along with everything else!

Playing Jayce – The Jack of All Trades

It’s been a while since Jayce has lost the spotlight. However, the recent buffs in Season 13 seem to be just the fuel needed to reignite his dominance. With a kit so strong, it’s only natural for players to try to learn/imitate those 11-input combos. 

His Runes and Builds are extremely versatile, he can duke it out with tanks, and he can pretty much do everything you can expect from both ranged and melee champions. 

There’s a leap, a pushback, a slam dunk, a large range projectile shot, movement speed buffer, a slam dunk, some AoE, and…. The list goes on basically. 

In essence, if executed correctly, Jayce can get pretty much any enemy malding at the unfair gameplay. However, he can be incredibly difficult for newbies that have just finished learning champions like Malphite or Master Yi

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Jayce – Ability Rundown

This guide has been designed to offer a linear increase in its complexity, so anyone from a Jayce first-timer to a veteran can gain something to learn. Keeping this spirit in mind, we will be discussing all of Jayce’s abilities. 

So if you’ve already gotten the hang of it, consider skipping ahead.

Passive – Hextech Capacitor

Passive – Hextech Capacitor Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

This passive grants Jayce a burst of movement speed whenever he switches between his Melee and Ranged forms. 

This bonus lasts for a short duration, and can be triggered as many times as Jayce switches his forms – there’s no cooldown for the passive itself. 

Q – To the Skies! / Shock Blast

There are two forms of this ability:

To the Skies! – Melee

Melee Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

Jayce jumps into the air to perform a leap toward the target – slamming them with his hammer to deal physical damage. 

This effect also slows enemies, and is the main portion of Jayce’s damage. 

Shock Blast – Ranged

Shock Blast - Ranged Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

As the name suggests, Jayce shoots a blast of electrical energy that detonates into an orb shape after hitting the target, or by reaching the end of its range. 

This is his main source of poke, and it can – at times – take around 60% of enemy’s HP bar in one hit. 

W – Lightning Field / Hyper Charge

W – Lightning Field Hyper Charge Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

In his melee form, “Lightning Field” is a passive ability that grants Jayce additional mana restoration per attack. When activated, it creates a field of electricity around him, dealing damage to all enemies within the area of effect for a short duration. 

This ability is particularly useful for fighting in melee range, for waveclear, and for punishing enemies who try to engage him. It also provides a great tool for dealing area damage to multiple targets in close-range combat.

W – Lightning Field Hyper Charge Close Range Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

In his ranged form, “Hyper Charge” is an active ability that increases Jayce’s attack speed for a short duration. 

This ability allows Jayce to deal heavy damage in quick succession, making it particularly effective for poking enemies from a distance or bursting down single targets. It’s also great to use it in combination with his Q ability, Shock Blast, to maximize damage output.

E – Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate

E – Thundering Blow Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

In his melee form, “Thundering Blow” is an offensive ability that deals magic damage to an enemy and knocks them back a short distance

This ability is great for disrupting enemies and repositioning them for a follow-up attack, or for creating distance between him and a pursuing enemy. It also allows him to initiate fights by creating space and separating an enemy from his allies.

E – Thundering Blow Acceleration Gate Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

In his ranged form, “Acceleration Gate” is a utility ability that deploys a gate that increases the movement speed of all allied champions who pass through it. Additionally, if Jayce’s Q ability, Shock Blast, is fired through the gate, the missile speed, range, and damage will be increased. 

This ability is great for engaging fights, repositioning himself and his allies, and for increasing the effectiveness of his Q ability.

R – Mercury Cannon / Mercury Hammer

R – Mercury Cannon Mercury Hammer Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

In his Hammer Stance, activating “Mercury Cannon” will transform his hammer into a cannon, granting him new abilities and increased range. The first attack in this form also reduces the target’s Armor and Magic Resist, making him deal more damage to them. 

This form is great for poking enemies from a distance and for dealing heavy damage to single targets.

R – Mercury Hammer Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

In his Cannon Stance, activating “Mercury Hammer” will transform his cannon into a hammer, granting him new abilities and increasing his Armor and Magic Resist. 

The first attack in this form also deals additional magic damage, making him a formidable melee fighter. This form is great for trading and fighting in close-range combat.

What Does Jayce Accomplish In Team Comps?

Team Comps Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

Before getting on with what he can and cannot do, it’s essential to understand what makes Jayce so good, and how you want to be playing him in a team comp. 

For starters, Jayce is pretty good at poking out melee and range champions while sitting in a safe spot. His E + Q combo makes it so that you don’t have to face danger while dealing damage

His melee form functions as an assassin (regardless of the game state). This happens due to the insane amounts of AD scalings given to him by Riot Games. Now, as someone who lanes against him on a regular basis, I can assure you, there’s nothing remotely balanced about this champion

In addition, building Lethality on him means that the turrets will have to say goodbye to their peaceful lifestyle in less than 8 auto attacks. Talk about split-pushing potential!

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Why Is Jayce So Under-The-Radar Then?

This is all due to the simple fact that most Jayce players don’t really know what they are doing, so he’s usually placed in the C tier of every top lane tier list. 

Funnily enough, it only helps to mald the enemy laners even more when they’re screaming their lungs out after getting one shot for face-checking a bush. 

His power spikes are pretty obnoxious as well, to put it into perspective, a 3-item Jayce can quite literally one-shot mid laners, let alone poor AD carries. 

Jayce – Weaknesses 

Now that we’ve got his essential role understood, it’s time to take a look at his shortcomings to understand the numerous amounts of ways through which you can get punished. 

Some of the punishes are obviously going to be pretty mellow, while others can be game-losing, so pay close attention.

Mana Issues

Mana Issues Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

Early game Jayce comes with a bunch of mana issues that limit his oppressive prowess. Rather than calling it consuming mana, it would be fairer to say Jayce burns mana like he has a V8 engine within his hammer

Don’t use your abilities on waves unless it’s needed, and deeply consider whether it’s really worth using them at a specific point or not. 

Now, remember, this is only viable for early-game Jayce, the middle to late games are smooth sailing, so don’t hesitate to take the back wheel for the early bits. 

Waveclear Issues

Waveclear Issues Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

Ban the ability usage, and Jayce only has his auto attacks fending for him against the minion waves. It’s pretty fair to say that his wave clear is not the greatest, and while you could spam your abilities to make the cut, it’s going to make you leak mana. 

Therefore, don’t try to freeze a wave until you have your Tear of the Goddess. Otherwise, the enemy laner will just push it into the tower without issues. 

Tanks are Your Worst Enemies

Enemies Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

You don’t want to play Jayce around tanks. Not only do you deal negligible damage, but the innate CC ensures you don’t get to play the game as well. Whether it be Ornn, or Maokai, you’re not going to have a fun time playing against them

The reason? You’re weak early right? They are too, and when you become decent enough to start winning the lane, they’re already tanky enough to give you a run for your money. Jayce doesn’t have any realistic answers to tanks until he builds Armor Penetration – which sits in the third or fourth item slot. 

If, by some ill stroke of fate, you’ve laned against a tank, consider asking your mid laner to make the switch, as you’re only going to get steamrolled. Focus on farming the early game out until you get your Eclipse and Manamune, then it’s game time!

Don’t Even Try To Change Your Core Items

Core Items Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

It goes without saying, but Jayce, as a unit has little to no choice when it comes to core items. You want to try out something different? Good luck being relevant in the game. 

Therefore, just suck it up, and go the usual path of Dirk => Tear => Eclipse => Muramana => Serylda’s if you don’t want to be banned for inting!

No Comebacks For You

Comeback Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

Jayce is a snowball-oriented champion. Meaning if you fall back once, there’s no coming back unless your enemy laner is actively trying to lose the game. 

There’s no map pressure of a Jayce that’s not 2 levels above their laner. You want to win? Build a lead and don’t lose it, or you won’t be able to do anything. 

Play as braindead as you want, but make sure that lead only increases. This is war with yourself, don’t die a martyr, it’s not fun to play a Jayce that’s behind. 

What Should You Build On Jayce Top?

Top Build Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

With his basics out of the way, it’s time to look at his builds in order to ensure you’re always at the top of your Jayce game. 

Item Choices

Jayce’s itemization is pretty stock-standard, so you can expect to go with one tried and tested build in almost every game. 

Here is how it will pan out:

Starter Items

You will be beginning the game with the following items:

Icons Item Name Description Passive
Tear of the Goddess Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Tear of the Goddess A mana item that grants additional mana and mana regen (upon mana usage, would be more accurate to call it mana refund). Each time you use an ability, your maximum mana will increase (this is dependent on a bunch of factors)
Health Potion Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Health Potion A consumable item that restores health over a time period. None
  • Tear of Goddess: This item ensures you never really run out of mana, and while it does weaken your damage by a bit. It’s currently the best item for newbies. However, if you’re looking for a high-risk high-reward start, then a long sword will be more your style. 
  • Health Potion: These are stock-standards built on almost every champion in League of Legends. No arguing there, you just need to have some sort of sustain in lane to ensure you can make a comeback even after a bad trade. 

If you’re trying to get a feel of the AD, then consider switching Tear of Goddess with something like a Long Sword or Doran’s Blade – depending on your preferences. 

First Powerspike

This is where you start to become dominant in lane. In order to reach this point though, you need to have the following items completed:

Icons Item Name Description
Serrated Dirk Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Serrated Dirk A lethality item that grants flat armor penetration, and attack damage. 
Jayce Tear of the Goddess Item Season 13 League of Legends Tear of the Goddess A mana item that takes care of your mana needs. 

Seeing as we’ve already talked about Tear of the Goddess, your Serrated Dirk will be responsible for providing you the damage needed to trade with your opposing laner. 

You will probably win these very hard unless you’re making micro misplays, or your opponent is a tank. Either way, analyze the matchup before jumping in like there’s no tomorrow. 

Core Items

Here are the standard core items on Jayce that you will be speccing into, no matter the matchup:

Icons Item Name Description
Eclipse Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Eclipse A mythic item that grants bonus physical damage, movement speed, and a shield on hitting an enemy champion with 2 separate attacks or abilities within 1.5 seconds.
Muramana Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Muramana A legendary item that grants bonus attack damage and physical damage based on maximum mana.
Serylda's Grudge Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Serylda’s Grudge A legendary item that slows affected units by 30% for 1 second when damaging abilities or spells are used.
  • Eclipse: This item allows Jayce to not only heal while dealing damage, but to also get a shield whenever he goes in – ensuring every trade he makes is towards his benefit. In addition, the bonus damage is always nice considering Jayce wants to burst his opponents instead of partaking in prolonged fights. Although, considering you have lifesteal and low CD for that, it might not be that big of an issue!
  • Muramana: This is another damage-heavy item that makes use of your early Tear to transform you into someone capable of deleting almost any squishy character from the game. 
  • Serylda’s Grudge: The percentage armor penetration is always nice to have against tanks, but the real star of the show is the slow that ensures enemies can’t escape once you’ve begun your combo. 

Situational Items 

This is the point where Jayce’s Build becomes extremely versatile. Once you’ve gotten the core items down, feel free to choose two items from the following bunch:

Icons Item Name Description
Youmuu's Ghostblade Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Youmuu’s Ghostblade Grants bonus movement speed out-of-combat and an active ability that grants bonus movement speed and ghosting.
The Collector Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends The Collector Grants an execution effect and an additional 25 gold for champion kills.
Serpent's Fang Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Serpent’s Fang Reduces the effectiveness of shields on an enemy champion when dealing damage.
Chempunk Chainsword Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Chempunk Chainsword Applies Grievous Wounds to enemy champions when dealing physical damage to them.
Mortal Reminder Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Mortal Reminder Applies Grievous Wounds to enemy champions when dealing physical damage to them and increases the effect when attacking a champion twice within 2 seconds.
Black Cleaver Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Black Cleaver Reduces an enemy champion’s armor when dealing physical damage to them and grants bonus movement speed.
Death's Dance Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Death’s Dance Stores a portion of post-mitigation physical damage taken, which is taken as damage over time true damage instead, and removes the stored damage and heal upon champion takedowns.
Umbral Glaive Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Umbral Glaive Grants an active ability that disables surrounding stealth wards and deals triple damage to wards.
Guardian Angel Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Guardian Angel Grants an effect that resurrects and restores health and mana upon taking lethal damage.
Ravenous Hydra Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Ravenous Hydra Deals damage to enemies around the target when dealing damage with basic attacks and abilities and grants bonus AD on minion kills.
Spear of Shojin Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends Spear of Shojin Grants extra ability haste on non-auto attack spells and movement speed based on missing health. Triggers on after casting your ultimate. 
  • Youmuu’s Ghostblade: Some movement speed can be very helpful in chasing down opponents, or running away from them in a sidelane. You will be doing that a lot on Jayce, so having some insurance is always nice. 
  • The Collector: This item gives steroids to your burst combo as Jayce’s biggest issue is that his combo might leave an enemy alive at 10% HP, and you’d have nothing left to secure the kill. Not when you have Collector though. Plus, your enemies don’t usually expect the execution, so might as well give them a surprise!
  • Serpent’s Fang: This is only good against champions that possess unfair amounts of shielding. Take Sett as an example; but what if his W’s shield was reduced to almost nothing? Yeah, that would be pretty nice.
  • Chempunk Chainsword: Classic case of enemy team healing too much. Just stomp them with your hammer, and show them whose boss. The Grievious Wounds stay for a small duration, and your ranged toolkit is limited so be sure to finish the kill!
  • Mortal Reminder: Attack speed is definitely something Jayce lacks, but with so much burst, this item is only viable if Chempunk Chainsword feels too expensive to build.
  • Black Cleaver: This item is pretty good if you’re engaging in long fights. But considering you can execute your entire combo in the fraction of a second, Black Cleaver can go long ways in armor reduction. 
  • Death’s Dance: Having some sort of tankiness ensures you’re not the one getting bursted down before you get to burst someone. While the general tank options don’t work well on Jayce, the Death’s Dance is a different story. 
  • Umbral Glaive: Picture this, you want to bush camp, but there’s a ward there. How do you detect it? That’s where this fellow comes in. Clear any pesky ward to ensure your plan goes 100% accordingly!
  • Guardian Angel: There aren’t many back options once you dive in with melee form in teamfights. This item helps ensure you don’t die a needless death, while helping you retain your lead in the sidelanes. 
  • Ravenous Hydra: With more healing comes more survivability. Plus, add the additional damage in the mix, and this might just become Jayce’s core item someday. That day hasn’t come yet though, so you might as well consider it a good all-rounder fourth item. 
  • Spear of Shojin: Jayce switches a lot between his ranged and melee form. Yes, those are counted as ultimate procs, so it’s pretty much Awakened Dragon galore here. 

By choosing the correct item combination, you can outperform your enemy laner in almost every teamfight, as long as you’re not falling behind!


Runes Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

Jayce’s runes are pretty customizable since the champion has almost everything he needs in his kit and items. Therefore, you’re left with a lot of leeway to get creative. 

However, the following runeset seems to have been outperforming the outperformers, so give it a try:

Primary – Precision

For the primary rune page, you will be selecting the following keystones:

Rune Description
Conqueror Grants Jayce bonus damage to enemy champions and healing based on the damage dealt. Additionally, it grants Jayce adaptive force based on the type of damage he deals.
Presence of Mind Grants Jayce increased mana regeneration and increased ability power or attack damage based on the amount of mana he has.
Legend: Alacrity Grants Jayce increased attack speed and additional attack speed for each takedown he gets.
Coup De Grace Grants Jayce increased damage to low-health enemies, allowing him to deal more damage to vulnerable targets.
  • Conqueror: This rune can stack up pretty fast, and will give you that extra adaptive damage and healing needed to hold your own in lane. 
  • Presence of Mind: We’ve already mentioned how Jayce suffers from low mana. This keystone is going to help you stay relevant in the lane. 
  • Legend: Alacrity: Having some attack speed will go long ways in your Ranged form. Plus, you don’t really gain much from tenacity or lifesteal. 
  • Coup De Grace: You’re gonna need all the damage you can get in order to ensure the one-shot is as clean as possible. 

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Secondary – Domination

For the secondary rune page, you will be selecting the following keystones:

Rune Description
Sudden Impact Grants Jayce increased damage after exiting stealth or using an ability that breaks stealth.
Treasure Hunter Grants Jayce increased gold income via bounty hunter stacks. 
  • Sudden Impact: This keystone scales with your melee Q dive. Considering that’s a major part of your combo, this is going to go long way in providing you the damage you need. 
  • Treasure Hunter: You need to create a lead in order to stay relevant in the game. This is going to ensure you get 2 kills’ worth of gold by the time you complete it. 

Rune Stats

You will be picking the following stats as the final addition to your rune page:

Stat Reason
Adaptive Force Helps in boosting AD
Adaptive Force Helps in boosting AD
Armor Introduces some sort of tankiness. 

And with this, you will have completed your build.

Alternate Runes

There is an alternate runeset on Jayce that works equally well or better against bruisers. You will be going the following runes if you want to test it out:

  • Sorcery: Phase Rush => Manaflow Band => Transcendence => Gathering Storm
  • Inspiration: Biscuit Delivery => Time Warp Tonic
  • Stats: Adaptive Force => Adaptive Force => Armor

Jayce’s Mechanics, The High-Skill Version

Jayce’s Mechanics Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

Since we’ve already talked about Jayce’s main abilities, it’s time to take a look at the bits you only learn with experience:

Ability Buffering

Jayce’s Shockblast is bufferable, meaning, you’re able to cast other abilities while it’s still in animation. So, rather than placing the gate first, then Shockblasting, you can Shockblast, then put the gate. 

And if you’re feeling yourself that match, consider flashing and repeating this sequence in a split second to create an impossible-to-dodge Q. 

If the Acceleration gate is too much for you, consider dropping it out of the combo. It’s pretty hard to react to a buffered Q, so your hitrate will most definitely increase!

Now, it can admittedly feel hard at first. So one nifty little trick is to place the cursor over the shooting position before starting the shockblast. When you press the button, instantly drag your mouse to your front, and place the gate.

Consequently, the best use case for this ability buffer is to target the group of minions your enemy laner is standing next to. Talk about hitting two birds with one shockblast, am i right?

Auto Attack Resets

Your Hypercharge resets your auto attack – meaning you can cast 4 auto attacks in a rapid sequence. Don’t believe me? Try the following combo in your next game:

Auto – Hypercharge – Auto – Auto – Auto

In addition, you don’t really have to confine this combo to enemy champions; it can also work on towers, minion waves, and objectives. Considering you would want to be as efficient as possible while taking tower plates, Auto Attack Resets can be your bread and butter!

Animation Skips

You can apparently trigger the animation for your auto-attack in melee form to instantly push the target back. Now, what should happen is that you’d be able to land your auto’s damage then deal the pushback

However, what ends up happening is that the E is triggered first, while your auto attack then happens after the enemy is pushed back, resulting in an auto that is outside of your melee range.

While it doesn’t have much uses aside from it looking like the game is broken once again, it’s a really good way to deal burst damage to an enemy when they’re least expecting it. 

Similarly, you can cancel your melee Q animations by instantly casting emotes. This can make Jayce’s Q feel much harder to dodge for the enemy since the reaction timing becomes steep!

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Hextech Fundamentals – Hextap

Jayce has a really nice interactive combo with Hextech flash that lets him skip a few animations. While its use case is pretty niche and janky, it’s still a useful mechanic to know. 

In order to perform this, you need to get into the melee form and channel Hexflash. During this, press your Q to cancel the channel. Now during your Q animation, you will be able to cast other abilities before the animation ends. 

For example, you could start casting your E while your Q is in motion or use the previously mentioned auto attack + E mechanic to cycle through your entire melee kit in the middle of a single animation. Your enemies won’t be expecting this kind of burst damage. 

To put this in perspective, if pulled off perfectly, you can deal your entire combo in 0.04 seconds, which is enough to make anyone delete the game out of frustration. However, it’s not perfect since hexflash doesn’t work during combat. 

So, become Garen, camp bushes like there’s no tomorrow, and rain hell down on your enemies!

Jayce – Combo List

Combo List Jayce Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

We’ve mentioned a fair number of really broken-esque combos that can ruin the game for others, but there’s more! Here’s every kind of combo in Jayce’s arsenal:

Ranged : QE

The most basic of the bunch, an accelerated shockblast.

Ranged : Auto – W – Auto – Auto – Auto

4 hyperfast auto attacks. 

Melee : Q – W – Auto – E

Burst damage with a knockback. 

Melee : Q – W – Auto – R – W – Auto – Q – E – Auto – Auto

A combo to unload your entire kit on the enemy, only recommended when you’re all inning.

Ranged : Auto – Q – E – W – R – Q – W – Auto – Auto – Auto – E

This combo bursts down squishy targets, best used in a bush.

Ranged : Q – E – R – Flash – Auto

Fastest and hardest combo to pull off, can catch enemies off-guard pretty easily. 

Melee : Q – Flash – E

Used to push down enemies towards your team. Kind of like an insec, but considering you don’t have the agility of Lee Sin. It’s better to not use it.

Ranged : Q – Flash – E

Instant shockblast that is used to guarantee a hit, and catch the enemies off guard. You can also Flash to the right or left and then bring the gate. That mechanic is called Archflash, and it’s a harder version of this base combo. 


In essence, playing Jayce is all about understanding that you’re better than anyone else, and that only your opinions matter. However, once you’ve gotten the hang of this mentality, playing other champions might feel borderline impossible to play. 

Jokes aside, his kit is pretty overpowered, so do give him a shot. For all we know, he might be your ticket to challenger!

Lastly, keep grinding, and best of luck!

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