K’sante Season 13 Ultimate Top Lane Guide – League of Legends

K'sante Season 13 Top Lane Guide in League of Legends

In the ever-evolving landscape of the top lane in League of Legends, champions rise and fall as the meta shifts, and patch updates bring new strategies to the Rift. Despite these fluctuations, K’sante remains a powerful force in the top lane, consistently dominating opponents with a unique combination of abilities and playstyles. However, with an intricate kit that can feel overwhelming, especially for newcomers, mastering K’sante requires dedication and understanding.

In this guide, we will provide a comprehensive top lane guide for K’sante, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to conquer your adversaries and carry your team to victory. Read on to discover the secrets to playing this formidable champion!

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Table of Content

K’sante Top Lane Guide – Explainer

This K’sante Season 13 Top Lane guide has been meticulously crafted to cater to players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned veterans, while delving into the advanced tactics and strategies that distinguish the best K’sante players from the rest.

Recently, K’sante has experienced a surge in pick popularity. Despite this, there remains a scarcity of in-depth K’sante top lane guides that truly explain how to unleash the full potential of this fearsome champion. This guide has been created to fill that void, covering everything from the basics to advanced tactics, making it your ultimate resource for mastering K’sante.

Feel free to skip the sections you are already familiar with, but be sure to explore the entire guide to gain a comprehensive understanding of K’sante’s abilities, combos, laning phase, teamfighting, and much more. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge needed to dominate the top lane and lead your team to victory!

Getting Started: What Makes K’sante a Juggernaut?

K'sante Season 13 Juggernaut Guide in League of Legends

K’sante is a one-champion wrecking crew that loves to party hard in the middle of teamfights. In fact, his whole shtick is diving headfirst into the fray with no intention of backing down. Sure, K’sante can hold their own (and even demolish opponents) in a 1v1, but when surrounded by loyal teammates, this champion truly shines like a supernova.

Now, K’sante’s kit is a beautiful symphony of skillshots and combos. Miss one, and you might find yourself in a world of hurt. But when you manage to pull off that perfect sequence of abilities, it’s like watching a glorious fireworks display of destruction.

Playing K’sante is a fantastic learning experience, too. This champion forces you to level up your game, as you can’t just prance around spamming auto attacks and hoping for the best. K’sante demands precision, timing, and a keen sense of when to go all-in.

So, if you’re looking for a top laner that can make your enemies tremble in fear while teaching you the art of the perfect teamfight, look no further. K’sante is here to help you party like a rockstar on the Rift!

K’sante’s Ability Rundown

To truly unlock K’sante’s full potential, it’s essential to understand their kit and how each ability synergizes with the others. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty and explore K’sante’s abilities and how you, as the pilot, can make the most out of this top lane powerhouse!

Passive – Dauntless Instinct

K’sante’s passive, Dauntless Instinct, is all about turning up the heat in combat. When you hit enemies with your damaging abilities, they get marked for a short duration. Now, here’s where the fun begins: When you attack a marked enemy, the mark is consumed, dealing additional damage based on their max health as physical damage. Talk about turning the tables in your favor!

But wait, there’s more! When you go “All Out,” attacking a marked enemy becomes even more devastating, as it deals not only physical damage but also additional max health true damage. That’s right; your enemies won’t know what hit them, and they’ll definitely feel the burn.

Understanding and maximizing K’sante’s passive is crucial to mastering his playstyle. Make sure you keep an eye on those marks and time your attacks just right to unleash a world of hurt on your opponents!

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Q – Ntofo Strikes

When K’sante unleashes Ntofo Strikes, he slams his weapon down, dealing physical damage to all enemies caught in a small area around him while briefly slowing them down. But it doesn’t stop there!

If K’sante manages to hit an enemy, he gains a stack for a short duration. When he reaches 2 stacks, K’sante transforms Ntofo Strikes into a powerful shockwave that pulls enemies towards him.

In All Out mode, this ability’s cooldown is reduced, and it no longer slows targets hit. This means you can dish out even more damage in a shorter amount of time!

Making the Most of Ntofo Strikes

To truly master K’sante’s Q ability, you need to learn how to effectively use Ntofo Strikes in various situations. Here are some tips to help you excel with this versatile ability:

  • Timing is Key: Aim to land Ntofo Strikes when your enemies are grouped up or when they’re vulnerable. This will ensure maximum damage output and crowd control.
  • Stack Management: Keep an eye on your stacks and plan your engagements accordingly. Remember, when you reach 2 stacks, Ntofo Strikes turns into a potent crowd control tool that can turn the tide of a skirmish.
  • Combos and Synergy: Ntofo Strikes works exceptionally well when combined with the rest of K’sante’s kit. Use it to set up devastating combos, or follow up with it after landing other abilities for optimal damage.
  • All Out Mode: When K’sante is in All Out mode, take advantage of the reduced cooldown on Ntofo Strikes. This allows you to deal even more damage in rapid succession, leaving your opponents reeling.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be a Ntofo Strikes pro in no time, dominating the top lane and making your enemies wish they had never crossed paths with K’sante!

W – Path Maker

K’sante’s W ability, Path Maker, is a fantastic tool for both defense and offense. When you begin charging Path Maker, K’sante raises his weapons, becoming unstoppable and reducing incoming damage for a short duration.

When you release the ability, K’sante charges forward, dealing a percentage of max health physical damage to enemies he passes through while knocking them back and stunning them for a short duration. The stun duration is based on the charge time of the ability.

In All Out mode, Path Maker’s cooldown is refreshed, damage reduction is increased, and it deals additional physical damage based on the charge time. Plus, the charge and dash speeds are doubled, making it even more impactful!

Mastering Path Maker

Here are some tips to help you make the most out of K’sante’s versatile W ability, Path Maker:

  • Balance Defense and Offense: Use Path Maker’s defensive capabilities to mitigate incoming damage during trades or skirmishes, and then unleash its offensive power to disrupt the enemy team and create openings.
  • Charge Time Management: Remember that the longer you charge Path Maker, the more potent its effects. Time your charges to maximize the ability’s crowd control and damage potential.
  • Combo Opportunities: Path Maker can be used in combination with other abilities in K’sante’s kit to create powerful combos and chain crowd control effects.
  • All Out Mode: In All Out mode, take advantage of the enhanced effects of Path Maker, including increased damage reduction and faster charge and dash speeds. 

These steps allow you to be even more aggressive and disruptive in fights.

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E – Footwork

K’sante’s E ability, Footwork, is all about mobility and survivability. When activated, K’sante dashes forward and gains a shield for a short duration. If you choose to dash towards an ally, the dash distance is significantly increased, and both you and your ally receive a shield. Plus, you can cast other spells during this ability, making it even more versatile!

In All Out mode, Footwork’s dash speed is increased, and dashing to a targeted location has an extended range, allowing you to go over walls for some sneaky escapes or surprise engages.

Maximizing Footwork’s Potential

Here are some tips to help you make the most of K’sante’s agile E ability, Footwork:

  • Positioning: Footwork is a fantastic tool for repositioning during fights, whether you’re diving into the fray or making a hasty retreat. Use it wisely to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield.
  • Ally Synergy: Don’t forget that dashing to an ally with Footwork not only increases your dash distance but also shields both you and your ally. Use this to protect teammates in need or to set up powerful combos.
  • Ability Combos: Since you can cast other spells during Footwork, experiment with different combinations of abilities to catch your enemies off guard and maximize your damage output.
  • All Out Mode: In All Out mode, make full use of Footwork’s increased dash speed and range to engage, disengage, or reposition even more effectively. The ability to go over walls opens up new strategic possibilities, so keep an eye out for opportunities to surprise your enemies.

R – All Out

K’sante’s ultimate ability, All Out, is the perfect combination of crowd control, damage, and transformation, making it a true game-changer. When activated, K’sante shatters his ntofos, dealing physical damage and knocking back an enemy champion. If the enemy hits a wall, they’ll take even more damage, be knocked back over the wall, and stunned briefly. After this powerful move, K’sante dashes after the enemy and enters All Out mode for an extended duration.

While in All Out mode, K’sante loses a percentage of max health, bonus armor, and bonus magic resistance, but gains attack damage, omnivamp, and transforms his abilities, making them even more potent.

Unleashing All Out’s Power

Here are some tips to help you maximize the potential of K’sante’s game-changing ultimate ability, All Out:

  • Wall Impact: Aim to use All Out when your enemy is near a wall to maximize its damage and crowd control potential. This can lead to clutch plays and turn the tide of a teamfight in your favor.
  • Timing and Positioning: Carefully time and position your All Out to catch priority targets off guard and separate them from their team, making them more vulnerable to your team’s follow-up.
  • Transformation Benefits: While in All Out mode, make the most of your enhanced attack damage, omnivamp, and transformed abilities to dominate fights and tear through your enemies.
  • Risk Management: Remember that you lose a percentage of max health, bonus armor, and bonus magic resistance in All Out mode. Be mindful of this trade-off and adjust your playstyle accordingly to strike the right balance between aggression and survivability.

By mastering K’sante’s ultimate ability, All Out, you’ll become a fearsome force on the battlefield, capable of disrupting enemy formations, dishing out massive damage, and leading your team to victory!

K’sante’s Game Plan: An Entertaining Odyssey of Top Lane Dominance

K'sante Season 13 Dominance Guide in League of Legends

Willy nilly performance just won’t cut it. You need to bring out your A game in order to find success on K’sante. 

Early Game (0-15 min): K’sante’s Humble Beginnings

K’sante starts his journey as your average top laner, but don’t let that fool you! The key to early success lies in landing those Qs like you’re the star quarterback. Keep in mind that missing a Q at this stage is like dropping your ice cream cone on a hot day—disappointing and unsatisfying. The cooldown is long early on, so if you miss once, you’ll lose your chance to reach that coveted third stack and CC the enemy. Timing is everything!

Make sure you’re keeping the minion wave as close as a group of friends huddled for a selfie. After hitting level 6, curb your enthusiasm for pushing; you’re not the unkillable tank just yet, so tower diving should remain a distant dream. With a treasure trove of CC tools in your arsenal, it’s time to buddy up with your jungler. Freeze the wave near your tower and create the perfect gank setup to catch your enemy off guard.

Mid Game (15-25 min): K’sante’s Roaming Escapades

During the mid-game, K’sante is still your friendly neighborhood top laner, but now with a taste for adventure! Spread your wings and roam the map, using your ultimate like an ancient treasure map leading to picks. Your CC skills are a gift, so share them with your team to secure kills and win their hearts.

Carries in your team? Time to peel for them like you’re prepping for a world-class fruit salad. Absorb damage during team fights, letting your carries unleash a storm of destruction. Your ultimate is your ace in the hole, perfect for isolating and dispatching enemy VIPs.

However, don’t forget your farmer’s hat! Maintaining a zen-like balance between tending to your side lane crops and engaging in team skirmishes is the path to greatness.

Late Game (25+ min): K’sante’s Triumphant Ascent

At last, K’sante evolves into the tanky juggernaut he was destined to be. In team fights, you’re the impenetrable fortress protecting your allies from harm.

Remain vigilant for game-changing picks with your ultimate. Sticking with your team and concentrating on taking down enemy linchpins is essential. United you stand, divided you fall!

Your late-game presence is more important than a superhero’s cape. Abandoning your team is like giving the enemy a free buffet—tempting and disastrous. As the tank, you’re the backbone that holds your team together, so ensure you’re always there to lead them towards glorious victory!

K’sante’s Strengths & Weaknesses: An Epic Tale of Top Lane Heroics and Mishaps

K'sante Season 13 Strength and Weakness Guide in League of Legends

By embracing K’sante’s strengths and learning to navigate his weaknesses, you’ll unlock the full potential of this top lane champion.

Strengths: K’sante’s Glorious Triumphs

K’sante scoffs at burst damage like a seasoned food critic at a mediocre buffet. His ability to reduce incoming damage transforms him into a top lane titan, ready to withstand even the most ferocious burst assaults.

Our beloved K’sante is the master of ceremonies when it comes to crowd control. With his awe-inspiring array of CC abilities, he can layer stuns and slows upon enemy champions like a skilled artist applying layer upon layer of vibrant paint.

K’sante boasts trading potential that rivals the most cunning Wall Street sharks. Empowered by his Q and basic attacks, he can hunt down and annihilate enemies with the relentless determination of a cat chasing a laser pointer. His abundant CC tools make escape near-impossible for his unfortunate foes.

Weaknesses: K’sante’s Hilarious Hiccups

Early game, K’sante must exhibit the patience of a monk in resisting the urge to push excessively. After reaching level 6, overzealous pushing could lead to a comical ult that sends the enemy flying into their tower – a predicament as awkward as realizing you’re at the wrong wedding reception.

K’sante’s ultimate can be as unpredictable as a game of pin the tail on the donkey. It takes practice and keen map awareness to harness its power without accidentally catapulting yourself into a disastrous situation. Just like learning to juggle flaming torches, one must approach with caution and persistence.

The art of flanking is a crucial part of K’sante’s playbook, but a single well-placed ward can turn his sneaky plans into a slapstick comedy. When facing an astute support who treats warding with the same importance as guarding the Crown Jewels, K’sante’s covert operations may be thwarted time and time again.

What Should You Build on K’sante Top? A Shopping List for Top Lane Glory

Why K'sante Season 13 Guide in League of Legends

Now that we’ve covered the basics of our top lane superstar, it’s time to dive into the world of K’sante’s builds, ensuring you’re always ready to rock the Rift in style.

Item Choices: K’sante’s Must-Have Accessories

K’sante’s itemization is as reliable as your favorite pair of socks. You can trust this build to carry you through almost every game, just like those lucky charms you can’t help but wear.

Here’s how your K’sante shopping spree will unfold:

K’sante’s Starter Items: A Top Laner’s Breakfast of Champions

Ah, the sweet smell of the Rift in the morning! Let’s dive into K’sante’s starter items – the fuel he needs to kick off his fabulous top lane adventure.

Doran’s Shield – The Cozy Armor Blanket

Think of Doran’s Shield as K’sante’s cozy armor blanket, providing warmth and comfort during those chilly early game skirmishes. With its UNIQUE FOCUS, K’sante dishes out bonus damage to minions, making last-hitting a breeze. But wait, there’s more! 

The ENDURE passive helps K’sante stay in the lane, regenerating health based on missing health after taking damage from enemy champions or large monsters. Talk about a snuggly companion for those tough early game moments!

Health Potion – K’sante’s Tasty Elixir of Life

What’s a top laner without a trusty Health Potion? This magical elixir is K’sante’s secret weapon to keep him in the fight. When consumed, it gradually restores health over time, ensuring K’sante stays healthy and ready for action. 

Remember, you can have up to 5 of these bad boys in your inventory at once, so stock up and stay refreshed!

K’sante’s Core Items: The Fabulous Foundation of Victory

Remember, the right outfit can make or break your performance on the Rift, so choose wisely and stay fabulous!

Iceborn Gauntlet – The Frosty Fist of Finesse

The Iceborn Gauntlet is K’sante’s go-to accessory for turning the top lane into an icy battlefield. This stylish gauntlet not only grants health, armor, and ability haste but also packs a punch with its SPELLBLADE passive. 

After using an ability, K’sante’s next basic attack creates a frosty field that slows enemies and reduces their damage against him. Talk about a frosty welcome for your foes!

Plated Steelcaps – The Trendy Top Lane Treads

Every top laner needs a sturdy pair of kicks, and K’sante is no exception. Enter the Plated Steelcaps! These fashionable boots not only increase movement speed and armor but also reduce incoming damage from basic attacks. 

You’ll be dancing around the top lane, laughing as your enemies struggle to land a dent on you.

Now that you’re armed with knowledge about K’sante’s starter and core items, you’ll be ready to strut down the top lane runway like a pro! 

K’sante’s Superstar Late Game Ensemble

As the game progresses, K’sante needs to step up his wardrobe game to keep up with the rising stakes. Let’s dive into the rest of his fabulous build that’ll make enemies tremble in fear and allies swoon with admiration!

Gargoyle Stoneplate – The Runway-Ready Rockstar Armor

Gargoyle Stoneplate turns K’sante into a runway-ready rockstar, a fashion icon that’s equal parts stylish and tanky. This fabulous piece grants ability haste, armor, and magic resistance. 

Its MONOLITH active transforms K’sante into a hulking behemoth, granting him a hybrid resistance shield and an increase in size, perfect for absorbing damage and owning the spotlight! 

The FORTIFY passive adds a touch of flair, increasing bonus armor and magic resistance as champions damage him, stacking up to a maximum of 25%. Enemies beware, K’sante’s looking fabulous and feeling indestructible!

Thornmail – The Spiky Suit of Sweet Revenge

K’sante’s Thornmail is the ultimate statement piece, a spiky suit that says, “Hit me, and you’ll regret it!” Not only does it grant health and armor, but it also dishes out sweet revenge with its THORNS passive. 

Enemies who dare to strike K’sante with basic attacks will be met with magic damage and Grievous Wounds. It’s the perfect accessory for a top laner looking to make a prickly impression!

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Randuin’s Omen – The Showstopper Shield of Slowing

Last but not least, we have Randuin’s Omen, K’sante’s showstopper shield that’ll make enemies think twice before engaging. This fabulous piece grants health and armor while providing an array of passive and active effects. 

The HUMILITY active lets K’sante unleash a shockwave that slows nearby enemies, giving him the upper hand in engagements. The ROCK SOLID passive reduces incoming basic attack damage, making K’sante an immovable force on the battlefield. 

Finally, the CRITICAL RESILIENCE passive adds a touch of elegance by reducing critical strike damage from basic attacks. With Randuin’s Omen, K’sante is ready to steal the show and secure victory!

With this glamorous late-game ensemble, K’sante is all set to dominate the Rift and turn heads while doing so. Remember, the key to victory lies not just in your skills, but also in your style. So strut your stuff, and let the world know that K’sante is here to slay!

K’sante’s Situational Couture Collection

K'sante Season 13 Collection Guide in League of Legends

Sometimes, K’sante needs to switch things up to adapt to the ever-changing fashion trends on the Rift. That’s when he turns to his Situational Couture Collection, a selection of chic items that provide that extra oomph to his ensemble when the situation demands it.

Force of Nature – The Magical Windbreaker

The Force of Nature is perfect for those windy days on the Rift when enemy mages are throwing magical spells left and right. This fabulous windbreaker grants health, magic resistance, and movement speed. 

The ABSORB and DISSIPATE passives provide a nice touch, helping K’sante shrug off magical damage while speeding up his strut. It’s a must-have against magical powerhouses like Syndra, Brand, and LeBlanc.

Frozen Heart – The Ice-Cold Armor of Apathy

K’sante dons the Frozen Heart when he wants to give his enemies the cold shoulder. This frosty armor provides ability haste, mana, and a hefty dose of armor. 

The ROCK SOLID and WINTER’S CARESS passives ensure that enemies in close proximity have their attack speed crippled. It’s perfect against pesky basic-attacking champions like Jinx, Tristana, and Vayne, or ability-spamming foes like Yasuo, Riven, and Zed.

Anathema’s Chains – The Dramatic Accessory of Vendetta

When K’sante needs a touch of drama, he turns to Anathema’s Chains. This statement piece grants ability haste and health, with an active VOW and passives VENDETTA and VENGEANCE that focus on targeting a high-priority nemesis.

 It’s perfect for dealing with assassins, burst mages, and hyper-carries who need to be taught a lesson in fashion.

Spirit Visage – The Haute Couture Hat of Healing

Spirit Visage is the epitome of chic headwear, perfect for amplifying K’sante’s innate sustain. This elegant hat provides ability haste, health, base health regeneration, and magic resistance. 

The BOUNDLESS VITALITY passive enhances all healing, shielding, and health regeneration. It’s ideal against magic damage champions with sustained damage or burst mages.

Titanic Hydra – The Bold Necklace of Brawling

The Titanic Hydra is the statement necklace that turns heads and crushes foes. It grants attack damage and health, with the COLOSSUS and CLEAVE passives adding even more damage based on K’sante’s bonus health.

It’s perfect for those who love to get up close and personal in skirmishes.

Dead Man’s Plate – The Runway-Ready Chestplate of Momentum

For those times when K’sante needs to make a dramatic entrance (or exit), the Dead Man’s Plate is the perfect chestplate. It offers health, armor, and movement speed, with the SHIPWRECKER passive building up Momentum stacks as K’sante moves. 

The result? A powerful on-hit effect and slow at maximum stacks. It’s perfect for chasing down enemies or making a grand escape.

Runes for K’sante: The Fabulous Fashionista’s Guide to Runes

K'sante Season 13 Runes Guide in League of Legends

K’sante’s build is not complete without the right runes to accentuate his already fabulous style. 

Let’s take a look at his runway-ready rune choices and see how they complement his enchanting ensemble.

Primary Tree – Resolve: The Bouncer’s Path

Resolve generally works well with tanky champions, and in an isolated lane – it begins to work its magic!

Grasp of the Undying: K’sante’s Personal Trainer

This rune is all about getting swole. With each grasp proc, K’sante stacks up his health and trades even better, thanks to his Q. Now he’s ready for the paparazzi and their pesky poke attacks.

Demolish: K’sante’s Wrecking Ball

K’sante’s waveclear is already top-notch, but Demolish makes him an unstoppable tower-crushing force. With this rune, K’sante can snowball faster than a Yeti on the slopes of the Freljord.

Conditioning: The Late Bloomer’s Secret

K’sante may take a while to get going, but when he does, he’s a force to be reckoned with. Conditioning provides the extra defenses he needs to stay fabulous through the mid to late game.

Overgrowth: K’sante’s Growth Spurt

The more health K’sante has, the more damage he deals during his ult. It’s like a fabulous feedback loop that just keeps on giving.

Secondary Tree – Inspiration: The Creative Path

This path enables K’sante to shed his weaknesses, and truly embrace his inner superstar!

Biscuit Delivery: K’sante’s Snack Attack

K’sante can be a bit of a mana-hog, especially when he’s stuck in the top lane. These tasty biscuits not only satisfy his cravings but also help mitigate his mana woes.

Approach Velocity: The Speedy Stiletto

K’sante loves to chase down his enemies in style. Approach Velocity ensures he can strut his stuff and catch up to foes, delivering his fashionable beatdown without breaking a sweat.

Stat Stones: The Finishing Touches

K’sante is plenty happy without any Adaptive stats!

Attack Speed: The Swiftness of Style

More attack speed means more damage, and K’sante is all about dishing out the hurt while looking fabulous.

Armor x2: The Double-Duty Defenses

Extra resistances mean more tankiness and more damage. It’s like adding two layers of armor to an already stunning outfit.

With these runes, K’sante becomes a true fashion icon on the Rift, turning heads and taking names as he struts down the top lane. So pick up your Grasp, Demolish those towers, and make a splash with K’sante’s fabulous rune choices!

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K’sante’s Laning Phase: A Guide to Strutting Your Stuff in Style

K'sante Season 13 Laning Phase Guide in League of Legends

Ladies and gentlemen, we now present K’sante’s fabulous guide to the laning phase! This is your chance to shine, sparkle, and dominate your opponents while looking absolutely stunning doing it. So, grab your designer boots and strut your way to victory with these fantastic tips for laning with K’sante.

  • Fabulous Farming: K’sante is all about that gold, honey. Make sure you’re getting those last hits and stacking that passive health from Grasp of the Undying. Remember, a well-farmed K’sante is a happy K’sante.
  • Q-tastic Trading: You’ve got your Q and your basic attacks, so don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with your enemy laner. Show them who’s the boss on the catwalk of the top lane. And with Grasp of the Undying, you’ll be trading in style.
  • The Art of the Roam: When the opportunity arises, roam like the fabulous jet-setter you are. Help your teammates and spread your fabulous influence across the Rift. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work!
  • Demolish and Conquer: With your Demolish rune, you’ll be knocking down towers like they’re going out of style. Take advantage of your wave control and deal that bonus tower damage to accelerate your team’s lead.
  • Patience is a Virtue: K’sante might not be the early-game star, but that’s okay! He’s a late bloomer, and once you’ve got your Conditioning and Overgrowth kicking in, you’ll be the life of the party. So take your time, farm up, and prepare to dazzle in the mid to late game.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction Prevention: Make sure to ward and keep an eye out for enemy junglers. A well-warded K’sante is a safe K’sante, and nobody likes an unexpected party crasher ruining your fabulous laning phase.


And there you have it! The ultimate, fabulous, and oh-so-informative guide to playing K’sante like a true top-lane superstar. Keep in mind the importance of mastering his abilities, selecting the perfect build, and embracing his runway-ready rune choices. Remember, patience is key, and soon enough, you’ll be the talk of the Rift.

So, put on your best game face, dazzle your opponents with your inimitable style, and make K’sante the envy of Summoner’s Rift. Now go out there and show them what it means to be the epitome of top-lane chic. Good luck, and may your victories be as fabulous as you are!

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