League of Legends Ranked Reset – How Does It Work?

Besides classic games in the League of Legends franchise, it is a big challenge to play ranked games. Ranked matches are seemingly ordinary matches, but on the other hand, they are an opportunity to prove your gaming skill.

In the ranked system, you can climb up on the ladder of the best but also fall into the weaker divisions. This article will briefly repeat what a ranked system looks like and why you should play it today and show other players what kind of player you are.

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What is Ranking System in League of Legends?

The ranking system is all about proving who is the best and who is the noob. Who deserves to be a Challenger, and who will never move out of the bronze division. Who knows how to play, and who does not know the difference between the Jungler champion and ADC champion. That’s why Riot has been trying for years to rank players according to their gaming skill and success. League of Legends players are ranked into tiers and divisions based on their playing abilities.

We will briefly explain how the League of Legends ranking system works: there are nine tiers (Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger) that are still divided into four divisions. The fourth division is the worst, and the first division is the best, and if you are a careful and good player from the first division, you can move on to a better tier. Easy to remember, right?

Wondering how the ranking system actually knows you’re worth becoming a Challenger? Well, for every win you make with your team, you get an LP or League Points. The League Points you will win are predetermined by MMR (Matchmaking Rating), an unknown algorithm that determines whether you will get more or less League Points based on your stats. Basically, if you beat a team with a higher MMR than yours, you will get more LPs. 

That’s all you need to know about MMR if you’re interested in how MMR works, do a little bit of a research on the web. Also, if you are a short-tempered player and quickly lose your control, watch out because if you go out in the middle of a match, you will lose a certain number of LPs. Also make sure your team wins because you lose the LP with every match you lose.

The League of Legends ranked season lasts about a year and is divided into three splits, each split lasting three months. At the end of each season, your achieved tier and division will be official, and you will no longer be able to change them. Riot didn’t forget to praise your success (or failure) and prepared rewards at the end of each ranked season. 

If you have been successful, you can win special skins or other nice rewards, depending on which tier and division you finished when the season came to an end. The last League of Legends ranked season ended on November 22, 2021, and the next one started on January 7, 2022.

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What is a Ranked Reset in the League of Legends?

You finished last season in the Silver or Gold tier, and you are not satisfied? Don’t despair, Riot tried again to give you a chance to get out of the weaker tier and set off on the path to the best League of Legends players. Two magic words allow you to do this: ranked reset. But first, we will clarify what splits are within the League of Legends ranked season to clarify when a ranked reset is happening.

Each League of Legends ranked season is divided into three splits. Each split lasts for three months, during which you can win Split Points if you win matches. With enough Split Points, you can win prizes before the end of the ranked season, so it’s worth the effort. 

Split Points are reset at the end of each split, so you have to be consistent in winning to deserve these split rewards. Split Points are awarded in the following order: 30 split points if you are auto-filled, 25 split points if you are playing Fill voluntarily, and 20 points if you are playing Primary or Secondary preferred position.

As for split rewards, if you have 750 points, you will win Eternals Capsule, which includes Eternal shards for two random champions, for 500 points, you will get Champion Permanent, related to the current split, for 250 points – Split Emote, he can Upgrade or downgrade related to your current rank, and locks at the end of the split. And finally, for only 150 split points, you will get the Split Icon which is related to the current split. Start collecting split points today!

As you can see, split points are reset at the end of each split, but when we talk about a ranked reset, it happens at the end of the SEASON, not a split. Riot Games enabled a reset at the beginning of the new season; more precisely, the rank you had at the end of the previous season was locked, and you start the new season in that rank. 

There’s the thing called soft reset; by soft reset, it is thought that Riot lowers your rank by several divisions, but if you string together victories in placement matches, you will have a better chance of returning to your previous best tier as soon as possible. In conclusion, Riot thus makes it much easier for you to return to your old rank for the League of Legends season of 2022, which has just begun, a quick reminder. 

Riot Games has announced what players can expect in this new ranked season. All ranked players will have a soft reset of 5 tiers for their initial games – for example, and Gold II players will be placed in Silver III. This is roughly how a ranked reset works.


In this article, we are reminded of the ranking system and why you should start your journey towards the Challenger tier today. The ranking system consists of nine tiers, each of which is divided into four divisions, a place in the first division allows you to move to a better tier, and a place in the fourth division can easily lower you to a worse tier. 

During ranked matches, you have to try to win because every victory brings you League Points that allow you to move up the ranked ladder. Each League of Legends ranked season lasts almost a year and is divided into splits. Each split lasts for three months, and during it, you collect split points; with enough split points, you automatically get special prizes. But be careful because split points reset at the end of each split; you have to stick to the winning streak if you want to win prizes.

At the end of each season, Riot Games does a soft reset in which your ranked tier is reset. You have to show enviable gaming skills during placement games to get back to your rank as quickly as possible. So, you know everything. Prepare to play well in the 12th season of the League of Legends and return to the game as one of the best. Good luck and have fun!

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