Why Does Your Loading Screen Take forever in League of Legends?

Why Does Your Loading Screen Take forever in League of Legends?

If you are having a problem with long or infinite loading screens in League of Legends, you are not alone. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing that angers us more than staring at a loading screen when we are just trying to have a quick game. Riot has this problem with their other games as well, like Valorant. Let’s dive in and find out why you are having this problem and how you can save yourself the pain of an infinite loading screen.

The reason you are experiencing long loading times could be because there might be a problem with the riot client or your graphic drivers or operating system might be outdated or there is some mismatch within the game files.

There are a number of reasons why you might be experiencing long loading times in your League of Legends launcher, we have explained them all in detail and have also included the steps you need to troubleshoot them.

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Common Issues That Lead to Long Loading Screens

Common Issues That Lead to Long Loading Screens
  • Players often face the loading screen issue after a new update or patch is released, the patch might contain some contents that are buggy and cause some players to have huge loading screen times, Riot generally releases a new patch soon if a problem like this arises.
  • Outdated Windows or the operating system that you are using might also cause this problem, so keep in mind to search for any OS updates.
  • If too many background apps are operating simultaneously they can consume a lot of RAM storage and leave little room for our beloved League of Legends.
  • Hardware issues can be related to a low-performing system, maybe your PC or Laptop doesn’t have enough RAM or the graphics card isn’t too powerful or your system overheats while loading the game (which is unlikely).

Updating Graphics Drivers and OS

Updating windows is a pretty common problem that most players ignore, not having your windows updated can cause a discrepancy between the game files and your version of windows when you launch the game. If you want to manually check for the updates, simply go to the Start Menu and open settings, in the settings app you’ll have to go to Update and Security where you will see the option of ‘Check for updates’.

Updating Graphics Drivers and OS

Graphics drivers are what our games rely on for running, you probably won’t need to update windows drivers if your windows is updated, but you’ll have to update your graphics card drivers manually. Use the app of the graphic card that you are using to update the drivers or you can also find them online and update them from the website.

A Problem with the Riot Client

As we discussed earlier, long loading screens are often due to a buggy game update. If the files are not authentic the system has trouble reading them and takes forever to analyze them. Riot Games has provided an in-built client repair tool that can help you with this problem so you don’t face infinite or long loading screen problems.

This repair tool is located in the game’s settings under the general tab, it can take a few minutes to complete this fix depending on your internet connection but once the fix is completed your problem would probably have gone away, if it doesn’t help you should restart you PC once it’s finished. If that also fails you it is recommended to reinstall the game entirely, but it takes a long time and you should only opt for it when all the other fixes have failed.

A long loading screen in League of Legends is a common problem and you are not the only one experiencing it. If you follow these simple instructions that we have mentioned you fix your problem in no time.

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