10 Hottest Male Skins in League of Legends

 It’s no secret that League of Legends has an abundance of attractive skins for its various champions. As the game is based around heroes, you might expect there to be a fair amount of skimpiness involved in rendering their look on screen. However, the majority of the female character designs leave enough to the imagination so as not to alienate more modest fans while still maintaining a sense of sensuality and sex appeal. This is why it’s all the more surprising when you see some of these male characters dressed up in attractive outfits.

While certainly, not all men would find themselves attracted to another man (and vice versa), there are still many people across the spectrum who appreciate good-looking guys without them having to be scantily clad. Some of the male LCS players seem to agree, as they’ve been seen cosplaying frequently.

10. TPA Ezreal

Do you want to shoot some skill shots? This skin is definitely aiming for the heart as Ezreal portrays himself as an adorable anime character! The colors are vibrant and the clothing is so nice and clean-cut. Not only does it look good, but also sounds like something fresh out of Japan! It’s true what they say: shooting stars really do fall for virgins.

9. Spirit Guard Udyr

Udyr has come out of his shell for this skin – or should I say turtle shell? He looks much more intimidating but also has a certain elegance to him. He’s certainly not like other turtles and this new look will surely make him stand out. He may not be the cutest turtle we’ve ever seen but he’s definitely one sexy beast.

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8. Lunar Guardian Nasus

Nasus has always been a swole bro, but this time it looks like his workout routine consisted mainly of sunbathing because that skin is glistening! The “barely-armor” just makes it seem regal while also showing off that finely toned body of his. I’m surprised people are still playing defense against the God of Sands when all they really need to do is stare at him in wonderment!

7. Dreadknight Garen

This skin pays homage to the classic video game character, Batman. This skin is also quite popular in China with many players dressing up as this skin for Halloween because of its overall effectiveness when playing Garen in-game due to its black/purple colors being strongly themed after the color ‘Gotham.’ 

The model itself is edited so that his cape no longer flows behind him but instead fans out when he uses his ultimate ability making it much more majestic looking when used compared to other skins. There are even bats flying around him during certain animations in-game including his idle animation.

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6. Traditional Lee Sin

Lee Sin may look a little dusty but his traditional skin is anything but tired and old! He might be going back to the basics, but that’s what makes him so special. When you think of traditional samurai, Lee Sin will instantly come to mind after seeing this sharp outfit. If he can pull off such a classy new getup then I’m definitely not worried about how good he’ll fight!

5. Surgeon Shen

Surgeon Shen has finally been released from the hospital and is making rounds on Summoner’s Rift in his new skin! All jokes aside, he looks incredibly clean-cut and polished while wearing a lab coat and making the appropriate hand gestures in his new recall animation. He’s not only an excellent doctor but also an attractive specimen! I know I’m trying to win my games through teamwork, but if you play against this guy then your team might just collapse due to pure distraction.

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4. Tyrant Swain

This skin is definitely not for the faint of heart! The colors are dark and intense while also showing off that he has no problem dominating the battlefield. He’s certainly one bird you don’t want to mess with as he can burn your team down faster than a debutante on prom night! Will you succumb to his charms or will you be turned into ashes? It’s best to just admire this majestic man from afar because he’ll only make your heart feel flustered and out of control.

3. Headhunter Master Yi

What’s the best way to catch a predator? Dress up as his prey! This skin was designed to provide hunters with their next target and it certainly does just that! He looks like he’ll slice you into pieces without any remorse but also has enough charisma to make you think of him as an interesting individual who you don’t want to mess with. 

He’s like a lion-tamer of heartbreakers and has more than just his bare claws on him. You might be wondering what the skin actually looks like under that mask, but we’ll never know for sure as he wears it on his face and cuts off heads faster than you can take yours off.

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2. Surfer Singed

Singed has been slithering across Summoner’s Rift for quite some time now but his latest skin definitely makes him look like a true snake charmer! He might be the only champion that can pull off playing with a beach ball without looking completely ridiculous. All jokes aside, there are so many good things to say about this skin – it’s comfy, simplistic, and most importantly…VACATION READY! If you want to seize control of the map then all you’ll have to do is show your enemies this cool yet composed serpentine man.

1. Special Forces Gangplank

Gangplank never ceases to amaze us with his awesome skins and even better personality! You might think that he disappeared into the depths of Bilgewater after his pool party ended, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He’s been spotted in multiple locations sporting a very different look from when we first met him in the league – this time he’s covered from to toe! 

His golden gun is the only thing that he’s still wearing from his previous outfit – everything else is brand new and designed to make him look badass wherever he goes! This captain has a very specific crew though, so it’s best you don’t try and join them.

Final Words

In conclusion, League of Legends has so many different champions and skins that it might be hard to pick out the best one! It’s hard to argue with any of these though, as they’re all designed specifically with making men more attractive in mind. Whether you want to play as a classy gentleman or just an overall bad boy then there’s something here for you! Let us know which skin we forgot to mention and we’ll make sure to include it in our future articles.

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