How to Change League of Legends Resolution Without Being In-Game?

League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the world, and as with many others, it allows players to customize their game interface. One of the things that can be customized is the resolution of the game, i.e., the size of the game window and the distance of the camera from the character, graphics, etc.

If you are someone, who enjoys gaming, you probably know that resolution is a very important thing. The higher it is, the clearer picture and better quality for the game you’ll have. 

Maybe you want to change the resolution of your game, but you can’t find a way. Don’t worry, we will offer some ways for you. This article will help you increase or decrease your League of Legends resolution without even being in the game.

Follow these ways below if you want to increase or decrease the in-game resolution: The first thing you should do is to choose how you want to do it. As we said in-game resolution. This points that you can do it in the game, but our article is how to do it without opening even the client. We point out both ways, mainly paying attention to “how to change LOL resolution” with the game closed.

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Changing the Game Resolution

When it comes to this, the orthodox and most common way to change League of Legends resolution is from the Settings resolution menu. To access the menu, you must be in-game. Press Options, and then move to Video. Once you are there, you’ll see Resolution. Click on it with the mouse and choose the one you want, then simply press OK. 

When we talk about a more uncommon way, it will be the one where you do it manually when the game is shut-down. In this case, you are not even required to be in it.

To do it that way, you must go to your League of Legends installation folder, check where you have installed the game, and accordingly, open it and find the Config folder.

The path will look similar to this: D: Riot Games League of Legends (LoL)Config.

Once you have found the Config folder, open it, and there you will see “game.cfg.” From here, we will change the resolution of the game. Now the next step is to right-click on it and open the file with Notepad. In this way, you will be able to write on it and change the data and the settings from there.

Now do not be hasty, as it sounds easy, but it is actually not, and you can mess things up right on the final. When it comes to editing files this way, the first thing you have to do is to find what you plan to change. In your case, it will be the height and width. Once you find them, you’ll see numbers that are equal to the in-game resolution you are using at the moment. 

For example, it may look like this: “width = 1600” and “height = 900”. You can change it to “width = 1920” and “height = 1080.” as we did. Keep in mind that you should change it based on your monitor specifications.

After you are done with changing the numbers, you simply save the file. When you do this, it will automatically make the game resolution change upon the next launch. You can confirm it by starting a game and seeing if it works. If it doesn’t work, you made a mistake along the way and have to check and fix it.

As we said, it is important to be careful when you are editing files like that. You need to have a copy of the file in a different location because it’s possible to make serious mistakes. Anyone can forget what they edited or just delete something by mistake. This is why it is very important to have a copy of the file somewhere else. Either that or you have to remember what changes you made. This will save you time and prevent headaches.

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Why Play in High Resolution, And is it Worth it?

Playing League of Legends in high or low resolution can be a better option for your gameplay, but it’s not all about the graphics. As League of Legends players, we can agree or disagree with the saying: “good graphics don’t make a good game, but the gameplay does.” While the gameplay is essential, graphics also play a big role in your gaming experience. Playing in high resolution is more than just a preference it’s a choice.

 While playing in 1080p resolution may be a preference for some, it is a requirement for others. It all depends on your computer’s specs and your internet speed. If you get the chance to play in higher resolution and have the PC to do it, do it! You’ll be glad you did.

Some people genuinely worry about the resolution simply because they want to play with a higher FPS. Well, we have to tell you that League of Legends has very- low system requirements and will not overburden your machine. Lowering the resolution will likely not increase your FPS unless your computer is an archaic machine. Aside from that, those of you who have such problems should pay more attention to the internet speed in order to gain more FPS and solve lag problems.

With this, we hope everyone will play the game at the highest graphic settings and at the best possible resolution. The experience you will gain will be pleasing to the eye, and you’ll have more fun playing and enjoying the game at a higher quality.

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We talked about resolution, why you should change it, and why it’s better to keep it high if your PC specs permit it. The traditional way of changing League Resolution is by far the easiest, and we suggest you use that one. If you want to use the second way with the configuration folder and the game file, make sure to follow our instructions. In the rare case, you make a mistake, you will have to edit it back or just use the spare copy of the file, which we advised you to make just in case.

Although this way seems a bit harder, it is the only possible way to change League of Legends’ resolution while not being in the game. We hope the article was of help and that you enjoy the game in the highest possible graphic settings. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and until next time.

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