Can You Get Banned For Using Macros In League Of Legends?

Can You Get Banned For Using Macros In League Of Legends? Explained

League of Legends is a very fast-paced game. Things happen quickly and there is a lot to be done in the span of a few seconds. As you get better at the game, your Actions Per Minute (APM) will increase and you will be able to achieve more in less time.

While Riot Games has not allowed any form of macros, keep in mind that macros come with all sorts of functionalities. Simply using a macro to send a text message in chat or flash an emote is unlikely to get you banned. However, macros that provide you advantages in the game or cause disruptive behavior are prone to get you banned.

Macros exist to help you execute a set of commands in the smallest time window. They are essentially shortcuts that can cover up for your lack of APM. To understand more about Riot Games’ stance on this matter, we must first look at what Macros are and what they can achieve.

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What Are Macros


Macros are a string of commands that are assigned to a single button (or button combination). Each time you press the button(s), it perfectly executes the assigned commands in a minuscule window of time.

Macros act as shortcuts in a way, by allowing you to perform various actions in quick succession that you otherwise would not be able to execute manually. This places macros in a grey area and their applications can vary from simple text commands to game-breaking combos.


It is worth mentioning that, unlike Macros which execute multiple commands using a keybind, Hotkeys are allowed and completely fair to use. Hotkeys and rebinding normal keyboard buttons to mouse buttons, or simply changing keys for whatever action you want to perform, do not provide you with an unfair advantage, unlike Macros.


Hotkeys and keybinding something to a separate button (whether mouse or keyboard), does not pose any risk. It might even make the game easier to play because of improved comfort with the keys bound to your mouse.

Macros, on the other hand, are very easy to detect. Players that you play against can report you for executing perfect combos or simply actions that are too difficult to pull off using your mechanics. With enough reports, your account will be reviewed manually. If any use of a third-party application is detected, including macros, you will be banned.

For this specific reason, we recommend that you avoid using Macros at all. Investing time into the game will improve your mechanics and your APM and will allow you to execute difficult tasks with much more ease without putting yourself at any risk of getting banned.

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Types of Macros

Macros can be used to achieve a variety of functions that would otherwise be mechanically difficult to perform. But not all macros are the same; Some provide you with game-breaking advantages while others are just there for some harmless fun.

Text Chat Macros

If you have played League of Legends for long enough, you have probably come across players that rapidly type messages in the chat. Macros can be programmed to input any string of messages and can be used with the press of a button.

The most common example would be the messages some players send at the end. It usually involves a simple GG followed by a complete sentence. As you can guess, using this macro sparingly does not affect the game in any negative way. These only serve the purpose of saving time.

Macros For Mechanics

The other type of macros involves actions that a player should either not be able to perform normally, or should not be able to perform with ease. These include Macros that help you with mechanics, such as combos, multiple key ability presses, etc.

As you can guess, this is the riskier type of macro usage and is used to gain an unfair advantage over the opponent or simply to perform a string of actions with a single button that would otherwise require multiple keystrokes.

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Bannable Macros For Mechanics League of Legends

What Kind Of Macros Are Bannable

Every single type of Macro is bannable as far as the rules are concerned. Riot Games has not explicitly allowed any macros and stands in a grey area when it comes to banning players using macros. Although any macro can be bannable in theory, when it comes to practice, certain macros pose a greater risk than others.

Any third-party application that can provide you with an unfair advantage over your opponent can get you banned. These kinds of applications can be detected directly by the game and you will be banned for third part application usage.

As you might have guessed already, this includes macros that are used for combos and ability/item usage. If you are using a macro to perform actions ranging from difficult Riven combos to simpler ones such as ward jumping as Lee Sin, you are putting your account at risk of getting banned. If your actions are seen as cheating, a few reports are all it will take to get you banned.

With everything else out of the way, we can now start talking about macros used for chat and text-based commands. Using macros to type a “GG” message, or simply using it to full mute your team is highly unlikely to get you banned. In fact, every macro that is used to perform harmless minor actions like typing certain sentences has practically been shown to be relatively safe. However, keep in mind that if you use these macros to spam the chat or cause any form of disruption, then you will get reported and the chances of you getting banned will rise significantly.

Bannable Macros League of Legends Guide

Scripts Vs Macros

Some players tend to interchange the use of the terms ‘Scripts’ and ‘Macros’. While they are similar in some aspects, their differences set them apart from each other. A macro, as we described earlier, is a chain of keystrokes that can be executed by pressing a single button. These are shortcuts that can be used to perform normal tasks in rapid succession.

Scripts, however, usually tend to perform a much more complex role. Scripts can range from simply landing skill shots, to dodging every skill shot with perfect accuracy. It would not be an understatement to say that scripts are the more extreme version of macros. Scripts allow you to cheat the system and achieve actions that would otherwise not be possible, even with great mechanical skills.

Just as macros can get you banned, scripts can and will get you banned. In fact, Scripts take the lead when it comes to blatant cheating, and will get you reported more often than macros ever will. Scripts are completely illegal when it comes to Riot Games’ Terms of Service and Usage Policy. Accounts that use scripts are manually reviewed and banned frequently. So please avoid using such unfair applications to be on the safe side.

Scripts Vs Macros League of Legends Guide


Macros can perform a variety of functions, we talked about the different kinds of macros and what risk they pose of getting you banned. While the observations are based on practical examples, a disclaimer is still due. Use macros only at your own risk, and if possible, avoid using them altogether and focus on improving your APM and mechanics instead.

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