10 Most Broken Champions in League of Legends

We can no longer follow Riot Games, which has started announcing new champions in the League of Legends very often. Seriously, there are so many that there are certainly some champions we forgot, and there are certainly new ones we haven’t had time to try yet. 

On the other hand, there are champions who appear in almost every match or League of Legends tournament, to the extent that we are already bored when we see that the players have chosen them AGAIN. In this article, we will explain what the term “broken champion” means, and below that show a list of the top 10 most broken champions in the League of Legends. So, let’s not waste time. Let’s go.

What is a Broken Champion?

The gaming community likes to use the term “broken” to describe something or someone that makes a game unplayable. For example, when we say that a certain champion is broken, we mean that he simply became too strong, which is why the match will not be played in fair conditions. 

The only one who will benefit from that match is the player who deliberately chose the broken champion to play. However, Riot Games strives to maintain a balance between champions and items, so players would be equal and have the same chances of winning.

Even though Riot Games tries to maintain balance in the League of Legends community, sometimes he announce a few buffs or updates where some champions become stronger overnight. Champions can become broken by a new update, rework, or a buff that has spiraled out of control.

In the following list, we have singled out the ten most broken League of Legends champions; some have been broken since the beginning while some have received an update; all in all, they are considered broken in the League of Legends community. So let’s start with the list.


10. Xin Zhao

This “The Perfect Fighter” comes as an overskilled champion who is almost impossible to kill. Besides being invincible, when he reaches level 6 and gets the ult, he becomes the master of the rift. Enemy champions most often can do nothing but retreat when his Three Talon Strike CC them in the middle of the fight. 

Team fights are his specialty; during team fights, he takes control if the opposing champions fail to overcome him right at the beginning of the team fight. The only way you can fight Xin Zhao is to avoid him and hope he doesn’t catch you 1v1 because you probably won’t have a chance against him.

9. Skarner

Scarner became the broken champion with the Juggernaut Update, with more than a 73% win rate. We must mention that he is the only champion with such a high win rate. Stunning, isn’t it? Skarner can easily clear minion waves and be the main one during teamfights. As a tanky champion, he won’t think much before he attacks your champion and becomes a threat to your entire team.

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8. Zoe

Zoe is one of the champions you never know when and how she will attack you, which makes her ideal for the list of most broken champions. She has the ability to kill her enemies but also to escape at the same time if she is in potential danger. Catch her if you can!

7. Akali

Akali is well deserved on this list, and Riot did his best to pretty much break her. In addition, she is an unstable champion because she constantly gets buffs and nerfs, but at no time is she weakened and is a threat to anyone who gets in her way. 

This Ninja can dive turrets from her “Smoke Protection,” which means she will be impossible to target and get injured. Also, her strength grows as the game progresses, so in the late game, she becomes unstoppable—good luck playing against her.

6. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate got broken in Beta Season 1, and he was even stronger and more capable than he is now, trust us. This champion has the power of teleport, which means he can appear unannounced in any corner of the map and surprise the enemy champion. 

Back then, his teleport was on E, and he could recall and get back on the lane with teleport in a few seconds. The only salvation is to stand under the turret and wait for him to weaken enough that you can attack him. Or you can wait for him to disappear because he does it all the time.

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5. Darius

Darius is next on this list, one of the most broken champions at the moment, ladies and gentlemen. He has many characteristics that make him an undesirable enemy, and with new buffs, he becomes a killing machine. Serious damage, defense, a passive skill that makes 300% damage to jungle monsters … We can list until tomorrow why Darius is a strong enemy.

4. Irelia

Irelia is such a broken champion that it is intended for beginners as it is easy to play and, and at the same time she is a serious threat to enemy champions. You will find Irelia in mid-lane, as with her high attack power, she easily cleans the lane and destroys enemies. Furthermore, Irelia has high mobility, which means she can very easily escape from an enemy trap and save her life.

3. Ryze

Ryze is something like Frankenstein bred by the Riot Games factory. From the beginning, he is such a strong champion that Riot himself does not know how to adapt to other champions. Soon after his release, he became one of the strongest champions in the history of the League of Legends. Riot tried reworks but failed to make him weaker. 

In addition, Ryze is so strong that with the proper build, he is simply invincible and can kill an entire enemy team on his own. After many nerfs, Riot decided to make his Q a skillshot and thus made him a little weaker, or to say more balanced champion.

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2. Aphelios

This mysterious ADC champion got broken immediately upon his release into the League of Legends gameplay. No one expected that he would be broken, considering that ADC champions are associated with the high skills of a player, he must have a certain level of gaming skill in order to know how to play the right strategy with ADC champions. Aphelios, with his highest attack power, becomes a serial killer who kills the entire enemy team. Also, with the right items, it becomes unstoppable, just like a real ADC champion should look like.

1. Nidalee

Nidalee, a warrior who got pre-nerf in 2016 and had the ability of serious damage scaling and a wide hitbox, shot her enemies from a distance with incredible precision. Today, Nidalee is a tough champion to play, and her spears are no longer as accurate.

Her abilities combined with the right items allowed her to survive teamfights, escape danger, or attack an enemy champion and tear him apart in a second. Riot realized that this savage warrior would become too strong and that playing with and against her would be impossible, and yet, figuratively, he trimmed her claws a little.

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Final Thoughts

These ten champions proudly stand on the list of the most broken champions the League of Legends community has ever seen. Apart from them, on this list can be found champions like Galio or Qiyana and many others that players will say are considered broken champions. So, let’s repeat, broken champions are the ones who got a lot more power through new updates, buffs, or reworks and thus became extremely strong during the game. 

That way, the game is not fair because these champions can alone, without a lot of gaming skill of the player, destroy the whole team and pick up all the credit for winning. However, Riot is trying to balance with the champions, so don’t think that you will win easier with broken champions. But a few games with broken champions shouldn’t harm anyone. Riot will come again with a new update, anyway.

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