Best Waveclear Top Lane Champions in LoL

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Hello, summoners! How are you today? Do you play League of Legends regularly and develop your gaming skill? I hope you are ready for another guide in which we will give you various tips on how to improve your strategy in League of Legends matches. 

In League of Legends, there are 5 different roles for players to choose from – top lane, bot lane, mid lane, support and jungler role.  Today’s main topic is wave clearing. Wave clearing is a term you’ve probably heard of, especially if you’re a longtime player. 

And if you don’t know what this term means, we’ll clarify it in this article, no worries. In today’s list we will present you 5 best wave clear champions who play on top lane. Top lane is one of the toughest lanes on Summoner’s Rift, and you need to choose a quality champion in order for players to dominate the lane.

As we have already said, last year is one of the most demanding roles in the League of Legends. Players who choose to play top lane usually like to play on their own, without expecting other teammates to be able to help them quickly. 

For top lane players must choose Teleport because only with Teleport can they quickly get to their lane and defend it from enemy players. 

Players who play top lanes sometimes find it difficult to get to where the team fight takes place but if they manage to clear their lane quickly they can go hunting for enemy champions.

Players who play in the top lane can quickly determine the course of the game if they know how to control minion waves well. 

Because wave management is a term that all players should adopt in order to increase their team’s chances of winning.

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What is Wave Clearing in League of Legends?

Wave clearing is part of a much more complex concept called ´wave management´. We associate wave management with controlling lanes. Each champion plays a lane that is intended for a specific role, and his task is to kill the minions and get to the enemy turret as soon as possible. 

Clearing minion waves is the job of every champion. The creep score is very significant in the later game, by killing the minions, champions win gold with which they can buy items and thus expand their build. 

By expanding the build, the strength of all champions is strengthened, and they thus become an additional threat to the enemy team.

There should be at least one champion in each team who has the ability to clean lanes quickly. Champions who can quickly clear lanes place dominance over enemy top lanes, and can also go help their teammates on other lanes. 

Especially in the top lane that is the hardest to dominate, players who play in the top lane know how difficult it is to choose a champion with whom they will be able to come one step closer to victory.

In the continuation of the article, we will present you the 5 best wave clear champions who play on the top lane in the League of Legends.

5. Singed

For many players, Signed is the first choice when they decide to play in the top lane. Signed, also called Mad Chemist, he is known for his green trail that he leaves behind when he casts his Poison Trail. 

Players who know what the ability kit of Signed is, know that it is good to combine the Poison Trail with an item called Rylai´s Scepter. This combination will clear the entire minion wave per second and Signed will dominate the enemy champion. 

His advantage is in the early game when Signed needs to use his strength and clean the lane of enemy minions from the start.

4. Graves

Graves is a champion that we could watch in various parts of the map, so for a while he was playing as a jungler, then as a mid laner, and now he has reached the top lane. He is ranged champion, so his abilities can do miracles in the top lane. 

He can simultaneously defend his turret, poke his enemy in top lane and clear lane of enemy minions. 

Of course, due to his special abilities, Graves can always be careful when it comes to ganking – rarely can a champion surprise him. Graves just need to use the wards and light up the map, that’s half the job already.

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3. Gangplank

This dangerous pirate likes to use his powers to harm people, he doesn’t even hide how much it gives him pleasure. With his Powder Keg is able to clear the minion wave that is within range of this gunpowder barrel in one second. 

Gangplank takes effect when the game reaches its later stage, as soon as he increases the number of items. His opponents can hardly defend themselves once the game reaches its peak and Gangplank embarks on a bombing raid. 

Also, this champion will heal themself with an orange, he will literally eat an orange that will remove all his buffs or CC, if it can be found on him. He should also take advantage at the very beginning of the game and clear the lane of minions as soon as possible.

2. Jayce

Jayce, or we should call him Dethe Defender of Tomorrow, is the ideal champion for wave clearing. Specifically, we can say that his entire ability kit is designed specifically for this mission. Each of his abilities is capable of killing the new wave of enemy minions that is coming. 

Jayce is special in that it appears in two forms, ranged form or melee form. Melee form is much more successful in wave clearing only due to the fact that Jayce in this form deals extra damage. His Shock Blast and Lighting Field can deal a lot of damage to enemy minions (and champions, of course) with the regeneration of mana every time Jayce auto-attacks his enemies. 

His ranged form is used for poking his enemies, which is very good, depending on how you want to start the match. Jayce can push the minion wave very quickly and win the enemy turret at the very beginning, he just has to play a little more aggressively.

1. Irelia

When we talk about champions with the best farming statistics, Irelia deservedly came first. Irelia is almost perfect in farming because in a few seconds she can clean the entire top lane of enemy minions, and at the same time push the wave to destroy the enemy turret. 

In this way, Irelia establishes dominance over the lanes and can very quickly leave the gank of other lanes, thus helping her teammates. Irelia is special for her Q ability during which she cooldown resets, making Irelia capable of using it again right away. 

With Irelia, farming is completely natural, Irelia will be the one to have the most gold because she will kill the most enemy minions. At the same time, she will show dominance over the entire Summoner’s Rift, which will disrupt the focus of her enemies.

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Final Thoughts

Now you see why the ability of champions to successfully clear waves is one of the key abilities that players need to consider when choosing the champion they want to play with in the top lane. 

Top lane is not intended for players who have to be dependent on their teammates, top lane is quite independent and self-sufficient, so players need to make sure that their champion is able to defend himself and save turrets. 

On this list, we have singled out only five champions with excellent wave clearing skills, but many more champions can fall into this category. If some champions we haven’t mentioned come to your mind, feel free to comment this article. And don’t forget to have fun while playing League of Legends!

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