Most Broken Supports in League of Legends

The support role has been criticized for being overpowered over the past few seasons. The amount of utility they bring does not seem proportional to the resources they require to properly function in their role. 

Here we list some of the champions we think are extremely strong in the support role; our top seven (7) most broken supports in League of Legends.

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7. Senna

Senna is a support champion just like Pyke who is capable of dealing significant amounts of damage.

What makes Senna broken is that she scales damage infinitely regardless of what playstyle she uses. She has about three variations of playstyle in the lane: as an Attack Damage Carry (ADC), Support Senna, and Fasting Senna.

With Fasting Senna, she will be played like regular support in the first half and then switch to a more ADC role in the latter half. This allows Senna to quickly farm up Mists than if she plays like a regular ADC from the start, and provides better early gold for her support. 

It must also be noted that she must be paired with a tank champion that can walk up and take damage like Tahm Kench or Swain.

With Support Senna, she plays off her poking just like a Xerath or Pyke but can heal her teammate as well.

The different playstyle allows for more creative team compositions and game scaling. Senna also secures her late-game scaling which makes her an absolute monster capable of dealing percent health damage from afar.

6. Seraphine

A champion that makes her teammate near unkillable is Seraphine. This champion supports her carry by healing, shielding, and crowd controlling.

While Seraphine has taken a bit of a nerf from her healing and shielding ratios in her ability E – Surround Sound, she still possesses great mana cost and cooldown to deal significant amounts of utility for her teammates.

The durability patch also helped enchanters keep their allies alive since they are all tougher now. 

Having her allies be more durable allows them to make use of the continuous heals and shields they receive, and the increased durability on Seraphine allows her to give more heals and shields.

She is also capable of poking enemies with both damaging and crowd-controlling abilities from her Q – Stage Presence and W – High Note. In addition, her ultimate Encore is a great escape tool and initiating tool in whichever situation it is needed to be used.

5. Sona

Sona is basically the original version of Seraphine. They both function similarly aiming to provide heals and buffs to their allies, as well as poking down enemies. 

Her ultimate works similarly to Seraphine allowing her to use it as an escape or initiation tool.

What makes Seraphine overpowered is the same as what makes Sona just as broken.

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4. Yuumi

Arguably the most annoying support in League of Legends right now is Yuumi.

Yuumi has a kit that allows her to bring another supporting summoner spell such as Exhaust, Heal, or Ignite instead of the usual Flash to help her carry in the lane. 

This is because Yuumi attaches herself to her ADC and makes herself untargetable in this state. This also makes it so she does not need to move around the lane, and freeing an item slot instead of buying boots. From the start, there is already an advantage in lane. 

Aside from the spell and item advantage this game mechanic brings, her kit allows her to provide healing to her teammate and crowd controls to enemies. 

Unlike other champions like Kayle or Tryndamere that sacrifice durability to balance out the strength of their abilities, Yuumi has great abilities that perfectly complement her team.

Yuumi provides significant amounts of healing, inflicts slow to single-target enemies, and snares to enemies hit by her ultimate. 

While the healing only targets the champion she is attached to, she can switch champions to attach to which effectively opens up her healing to other teammates and reposition her slowing and snaring abilities.

There have been games in the professional competitive scene that has utilized Yuumi for creative tactics like the Garen and Yuumi combo by Fnatic or the Talon and Yuumi combo by Talon. This also shows that Yuumi can match any champion properly unlike other supports that have suboptimal pairings.

3. Soraka

A champion who rises above other support champions in healing her teammates is Soraka. Her kit is based on healing teammates and providing necessary crowd control.

Soraka can both heal her teammates while poking enemies when played right. Her W – Astral Infusion heals her teammate in exchange for her health but her Q – Starcall allows her to regain that health while damaging enemies. 

She can also apply crowd control using Q – Starcall’s slow and E – Equinox’s snare.

Diving Soraka is also a problem due to her E – Equinox allowing her to silence enemies in an area she casts it on and her ultimate – Wish that heals everyone in the team including her.

Aside from her abilities and the durable update, her itemization also supplements her toughness since her maximum health also increases due to the support items she builds. Additionally, she most often builds items like Warmog’s Armor or Spirit Visage for more durability and healing.

While Seraphine, Sona, and Yuumi can grant huge amounts of healing, Soraka makes them pale in comparison. Soraka’s healing is so strong that it makes her a moving ambulance or healing well.

2. Taric

Another champion that excels in keeping allies alive is Taric.

Much like the previous supports, Taric applies healing and shielding to his teammates. The healing and shielding may not be on par with other enchanter supports, Taric complements this with an area stun from his E – Dazzle.

The ability W – Bastion does not only provide a small amount of shield, but it also grants him and his ally bonus armor. More importantly, an ally cast with Bastion allows Taric’s skills to extend the casting range of his other skills. 

The healing from ability Q – Starlight’s Touch will apply to both him and his ally, while the stun ability E – Dazzle is also gets cast from his buffed ally.

His ultimate Cosmic Radiance also makes nearby allies invulnerable for a certain amount of time. 

The extended casting range buff from Bastion also applies to Cosmic Radiance, making it a reliable tool even from a certain distance.

Taric efficiently stops diving compositions or further strengthens his own team’s diving capabilities. Dubious team fights also become safer to take when all or some of his allies become invulnerable. 

Taric’s kit is powerful enough not because of how broken he becomes, but with how his teammates become broken from his abilities.

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1. Zilean

Finally, a champion that can also prevent death is Zilean.

While Zilean’s abilities may not seem threatening when looked at from a surface level. His cooldowns, damage output, and buffing capability is actually a very strong tool in the game.

Before the durability patch, Zilean had problems staying in lane due to his squishiness. Making everyone tougher made him more viable as a support.

His cooldowns on abilities make him formidable with the number of bombs able to be spammed in the lane, it makes moving around the lane hard for enemies. 

Enemies hit by his bomb twice in quick succession also get stunned, giving him a good setup for team fights, skirmishes, or escape plans.

The movement speed buff from Zilean’s E – Time Warp also allows allies to either chase down champions or run away from them. Conversely, Zilean can also target enemies using this to slow them down for a short moment.

Zilean may also grant allies near leveling up some experience to let them gain a level advantage. With the durability update, each level advantage has much more weight with the amount of resistances gained per level.

Finally, Zilean can give allies in a revive using his ultimate Chronoshift. However, Chronoshift is only active for a certain duration of time and the allied champion must have this active before dying for it to activate.

The low cooldowns on Zilean’s basic abilities grant him great oppressiveness for laning, skirmishing, and team fighting. Additionally, Zilean’s ultimate ability provides a great safety net for carries when they are in danger of taking lethal damage. A well-placed ultimate and stun can turn around team fights. 


Most support champions have a fairly low skill floor to properly make use of them. Therefore, almost anyone can play support in the game when needed.

Most of the battle becomes a matter of synergizing with their partner in the bot lane, and whether the support player can bring out the most of their champion’s potential. 

While support champions have a low skill floor, the room for skill expression is immensely wide in their role.

A player with a good support can easily be distinguished from a player with a bad support. Polishing your mechanics is the first key to being a good player, and this certainly is important for being a support. 

Next is information in the game, understanding important ward placements, roaming timers, and lane management are the most important aspects of great support players.

While these champions may be the best at addressing the duties a support champion must do, picking the right support champion with the right team composition and making the right decisions in the right moments can make any champion you play seem broken in your hands.

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