Overheal vs. Triumph – Which One is Better?

Most of the time when players choose to go with Precision, they struggle to pick one from Overheal and Triumph. They are both good for your health points, but both differ regarding the regeneration of your HP. 

This is why we wrote a guide that will explain the difference between these two runes, how they work and which champions would benefit the most from it. 

At last, we’ll compare them head-to-head and talk about the overall impact that they have on the game. Stick with us until the end and find out which Precision rune will fit your champion better.

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The first choice is Overheal. It’s a rune that converts a percentage of the healing in excess of your maximum health into a shield for an amount of up to 10 +9% of maximum health. 

The percentage of conversion varies from 20 to 100% depending on what level your champion is. After 6 seconds, the shield decays by 2.5% of its maximum value each second. If you receive or deal damage, or receive healing, the shield duration will reset to 6 seconds.

However, a few notes should be noted when you pick Overheal. One important thing is that health regeneration and health regeneration abilities will not apply Overheal to your champion. 

On the other hand, Life Steal, Omnivamp, and Physical Vamp will apply this rune. If you want to understand how Overheal works, just look at Bloodthirster’s passive “Blood Barrier”. 

One free piece of advice that we could give to you is to use this item if you have Overheal, as you’ll end up receiving a double shielding. 

Overheal is a good choice for ADC, just like Triumph. If you watch pro-streamers, you’ll note that the rate of picking Overheal over Triumph is much higher. Also, multiple factors should influence your choice regarding choosing between these two. 

Defensive-minded ADCs who mostly “prey” for opportunities, and ADCs that receive healing from their supports mostly opt-out to Overheal. 


On the other hand, you have Triumph. It’s a rune from the same category, with the difference that Triumph will grant you healing for 10% of your missing health when you score a takedown. 

Additionally, you’ll receive 20 gold after a short delay of one second. Triumph is the first choice for ADCs that like to be aggressive and push themselves to the limit, such as Lucian. Also, ADCs with low range tend to pick Triumph due to the high possibilities of dealing burst damage and receiving the kill in a quicker manner. 

The main difference between Triumph and Overheal is that Triumph grants your champion extra gold. 20 gold per kill may seem like a silly amount of money, but if your champion gets fed easily, then the bonus could easily stack up to a couple of hundred gold without a problem. So, which champions can benefit the most from these two?

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As we mentioned above, ADCs are the ones that benefit the most from these choices. The first one is providing them with safety and increasing their poke potential due to the safety of the shield. 

Triumph allows ADCs to be more aggressive and striking, as they are encouraged to make more offensive-orientated plays that will grant them the healing and the extra gold from the kill. 

Before you choose either one of them on your ADC, make sure that you know in which category your ADC belongs. For example, Caitlyn would make perfect use of Overheal because of her long-range and the ability of her to play safely, enabling her to maintain full HP and the effects of Overheal with it. 

Champions like Lucian are lower ranged compared to Cait, and Triumph would make a better suit on him as he could deliver aggressive plays and always push himself to the limit.

Assassins and Bruisers

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that champions like Yone and Darius can make good use of Overheal or Triumph. The first one, Yone, deals a better amount of sustained damage due to the constantly refreshing ability of Overheal. 

Also, it makes the laning phase of this champion very easy, and with Kraken Slayer, Yone just masters this rune. 

However, if Yone manages to get multiple kills in a teamfight, having Triumph would suit him more and the extra gold would help him have a full build in much earlier stages of the game.

Darius has shown great potential with using the Triumph rune. He is a champion that can kill you easily and granting that extra HP will help him a lot, especially with the reset of his Ultimate. 

Darius also has a “healing” ability in his Q which should help him sustain his HP, therefore enabling him a longer tenacity in teamfights. If he manages to “dunk” on people and kill them in the process of doing so, Triumph will benefit him nicely as he’ll be able to keep a stellar amount of HP even when focused on these fights.

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Head-to-Head Comparison

By now it should be easier for you to make the comparison by yourself. But we’ll do it for you if you’re still having difficulties understanding these runes. 

Overheal only works if you are on full health, which is good for defensive plays and for games that you know you’ll have low chances of killing your laners. This goes for Champions like Caitlyn, a long-ranged ADC that can maintain high HP points throughout teamfights without a problem. 

Triumph is a more aggressive and offensive choice, and it allows your champion to heal when you kill a champion. 

This enables you to also endure teamfights, but only if you score a takedown, something that can be utilized by offensive ADCs and assassins/bruisers like Yone and Darius.

The impact of both these runes is different in late-game. For tenacity, you might want to go with Overheal because of the fact that you can also stack it with Bloodthirster, an item that provides a barrier to your champion too! 

This is like having an extra HP, meaning that you don’t have to buy items that will enhance this stat, as both of the shields will do the work. 

However, make sure that you don’t forget the extra gold that Triumph provides with a takedown, a feature that could enable your champion to finish the wished build much earlier than anticipated.


In the end, it depends on what kind of gameplay you want. If you are a defensive-minded ADC that will wait for opportunities provided by your teammates, Overheal should help you sustain your lane and your HP. 

If you are an aggressive player, however, who is ready to “dive” into teamfights and build an itemization towards this gameplay, then Triumph is the right choice for you. 

Both are regenerating your health but in different manners, and we hope that this guide has helped you in choosing the best fit for your champion. 

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