What’s the Most LP You Can Get Per Win in League of Legends?

What’s the Most LP You Can Get Per Win in League of Legends?

LP or League Points are the basis for climbing through the League of Legends ranks. The more League Points you accumulate, the higher you will climb. On the other hand, if you manage to lose more points than you gain, you will fall down in the League rankings.

League Points are accumulated by winning ranked games in League of Legends. Similarly, you lose points when you lose games. Your MMR or matchmaking rating determines the number of points you gain and lose.

Speaking in broad terms, the matchmaking rating is an estimate of a player’s skill level. The higher the rating one has, the better a player he is considered to be. All games are matched in a way that the combined MMR of both teams is equal to one another so that the game remains a fair contest.

So how do you maximize your League Points gain, and what is the maximum value of League Points that a player can obtain in one game? These are the common questions that players ask when they wish to improve their rank.

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Maximum LP Per Win in League of Legends

The maximum amount of LP you can get from a single win is 100 points. This is an uncommon thing as it only occurs when your matchmade rating is significantly higher than your current division. This is also referred to as a “division skip” because you are instantly promoted to the next division. However, you can not continuously get these types of LP gains.

The maximum amount of LP you can gain from continuous games in varies on different factors. First and foremost, it depends on your MMR. The higher MMR you have, the higher your LP gains will be.

LP gains also depend on your rank. Players of different ranks are awarded different amounts of points upon winning a game. For example, someone in gold is not making the same amount of points as a person who has the rank of diamond.

For the most part, the LP awarded on a win is between 12-25 points. In rare cases of mismatched MMR, the points may be outside of this parameter. All in all, League Points are heavily dependent on your MMR. Therefore, it will be discussed in further detail.

Division Skip

Division Skip in League of legends

As previously mentioned, the most LP you can get on a single win is called a Division Skip. This only happens in very specific cases. More often than not a division skip is only given to the accounts that have just finished their provisional games.

Provisional games are the first ten rank games of the season that you play. These games decide which rank you will be placed into. If you consistently win games at this rank, your matchmaking rating increases exponentially.

The high matchmaking rating allows you to skip a division and be promoted instantly. This is done to cover the skill gap between your current rank and the rank you are placed into. The MMR system is constantly looking to place you into the rank that matches your skill.

The reason for this is that you enjoy more competitive games rather than getting bored by dominating players that are below your skill level.

How to Maximize Your LP Gains Per Win

How to Maximize Your LP Gains Per Win

The way to maximize your LP gains is quite simple. You just have to win games. When you win games, you increase your MMR. When your MMR increases, you will get more LP per win than you did previously when your MMR was lower.

This process of winning games and increasing your MMR to then increasing your LP gains will ultimately result in you climbing up the ranks. Winning games continuously increases your MMR rating at an even faster rate.

This is why it is often said not to quit playing when you are on a winning streak. You should make the most of your good form and try to climb as quickly as possible. Similarly, when you are losing games you should try to take a break as it will have a lasting negative effect on your LP gains.

LP Gains According to the MMR System

LP Gains According to the MMR System

Of course, the matchmaking rating is not without flaws. There are some drawbacks faced by League players that become frustrating to deal with. We know that the matchmaking rating is a way to judge a player’s skill level and place him in an appropriate division.

The amount of LP you gain per win is also decided by your MMR. If your matchmaking rating is higher than the average matchmaking rating of your division, you will get more points. Similarly, you get lower points if your rating is lower than the average of your rank division.

Furthermore, players are often placed in divisions lower than their matchmaking rating. When this happens, the system allows you to get good points per win and move up the ranks quickly. Players should make the most of this situation and try to win as many games as possible to keep getting the high LP.

On the other hand, there are also scenarios where your matchmaking rating is lower than the average for your division. In this case, the amount of LP you gain per win will be lower. You will be losing more points than you gain. It will be extremely hard to climb up the ranks in this case. You will need to win a lot of games to increase your MMR before you get any meaningful LP per win.

Negative Effect of MMR System on LP Gains

Negative Effect of MMR System on LP Gains

Although the matchmaking rating allows players to quickly be placed into their suitable ranks. The problem for the players comes afterward. Once you have played a high number of games, it becomes increasingly difficult to raise your MMR.

This is because, more often than not, you will end up with a 50 percent win rate once you have played a lot of games. It will take a very high number of wins to increase this win rate substantially enough from the 50 percent mark to effectively raise your MMR.

This is the reason why we see a lot of accounts become stuck in their respective elo once they have played 300 or more games. Winning one or even a couple of games has a very diminutive effect on the win percentage when the overall number of games is so high.

How Does the MMR System Balance Games

How Does the MMR System Balance Games

The matchmaking system of League of Legends works to provide each team with an equal chance of winning the game. Essentially this means both teams have a 50 percent chance of winning the game. The MMR system does this in a very unique way.

It makes sure that the overall rating of both teams is similar. The combined matchmade rating of both teams will be identical to each other. This is irrespective of the individual ratings of players and there are often discrepancies between the ratings of players.

This can mean that one team has a player who is in a higher division than the other players in the game. This is offset by some of the other players in his team being lower rated than the average rating of the enemy team. Moreover, the enemy team’s players will be higher rated on average to balance the combined rating of either team.

This is easier to understand with an example. One team has a diamond player a gold player and three platinum players in their team. The other team will have five platinum players. This makes sure the MMR remains in such a way that both teams are evenly matched in skill.

Final Thoughts

Maximum LP Per Win in League of LegendsNow that we understand what the highest LP we can get per win is as well as how to get it, it becomes easier to try to climb up the ranks. The more points you get, the quicker you will get to the all-important 100-point mark to be promoted to the next division.

The matchmaking system is a very important part of the League of Legends ranking system. It ultimately determines where your account will be placed as well as what your skill level is. Not to mention, it also determines the number of points you get per win.

Your MMR is why you get lower or higher points per win than your peers who are in the same rank. Moreover, once you grasp its concepts and functioning, you can start working towards getting more points per win. Eventually leading you to also be climbing in ranks much more efficiently than before.

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