Night Harvester vs. Luden’s Tempest: Which One Is Better?

League of Legends is one of the most competitive games in the Moba genre. The game has various classes and many champions from which you can pick. In this article, we will discuss two of the most popular mythical items for mages. One is Luden’s Tempest, and the other is Night Harvester. Some will say: “mages and their items; why can’t they just pick one?” 

Well, it’s simple. Different items mean different stats and passives, which means they are appropriate only for certain situations or specific playstyles. Many factors can determine which item is best suited for your current build. Some of them are: the champion you pick-this is the most important one. Next is team composition, both friendly and enemy. Lastly, it greatly depends on how a game is going. You can buy your mythical item right from the start, but you have to collect the gold for your lol account, and this takes time.

Many things can go wrong and derail your plans, forcing you to change your strategy and build in an entirely different way than you planned. Given all these details, picking the right item can vary, and it always raises different opinions. In general, many people argue about which is better, Luden’s or Night Harvest. In our opinion, both have their pros and cons. Depending on the circumstances one can be better than the other, but that depends on way too many factors.

Short Item Description 

 Let’s start by discussing Luden’s Tempest (LT) and Night Harvester (NH). Both of these items are ranked as “mythical.” To build them, you need 3200, which makes them equal in this aspect.

The path to building Luden’s Tempest is Lost Chapter + Blasting Wand.

The path to building the Night Harvester is Hextech Alternator + Blasting Wand + Amplifying Tome.

Although the gold you have to spend to build them is the same, the two items have very different core stats and passives. For example, NH offers you +90 ability power, +15 ability haste, and +300 health. On the other hand, Luden’s gives you +80 ability power, +20 ability haste, +600 mana, and +6 magic penetration. As you can see, the stats they offer you are different. This hints that they are items that should be picked specifically based on their champion and playstyle.

Now that we compared the stats, it’s time to compare the passives of both mythical items. Let’s start with NH and its Soulrend. The passive ability deals magic damage to the enemy and all enemies in the range of the attack, so it can work on multiple targets. The damage deals with is 125+15% of your AP. At the same time, Soulrend grants you a 25% movement speed bonus for 1.5 seconds, with the duration extending on subsequent triggers (40 (per champion) second cooldown).

Luden’s Tempest passive is called Echo. This one also deals ability damage to your enemy (100 + 10% of your ability power) and launches orbs at up to three other enemies, impacting after 0.528 seconds to deal the same damage to each. It also grants you a 15% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds. Dealing ability damage against champions reduces the cooldown of Echo by 0.5 seconds per champion, up to a maximum of 3 seconds per cast (10-second cooldown).

In terms of their mythical item passive, the bonuses they get again are different. Luden’s gets 5 magic penetration per legendary item, while Night Harvester grants 5 haste on the same condition.

Which One is Better?

And we are back on it. Simply put, both Lyden’s and Night Harvester have their moments to shine. Night Harvester is an item that is more suitable for champions who prioritize burst damage and cooldown reduction and bonus HP, making it better for those who need better survivability. You need to choose this item if you play Shyvana-probably her best option. Nidalee and Evelyn are also champions who work better with this item. 

Looking at Luden’s Tempest, we can conclude that it is more suited to a mage who require mana, cooldown reduction, and magical penetration. This item is great for people who prefer to play Ahri, LeBlanc, Annie, Karthus, Lissandra, Ryze, Lux, and many others.

Some will say that champions like Lux or LeBlanc, are champions who deal good burst damage. Then why pick Luden’s for them? Well, in such cases, we again urge you to focus on the details. For example, both of them have good bursts, and NH will help them push this advantage even further, but at the same time, they need mana. Here is the problem with some of the mages. 

They may be great and have a good synergy with Night Harvester, but the 600 extra mana from LT makes it easier for them to spam their abilities and is perfect for those who need good wave clear. Of course, for champions who do not need mana Night Harvester is a better option. the best example is Shyvana which can be built as Assasins on AP. She doesn’t need mana, and the NH stats and abilities are perfect for her.

 Another difference between both mythical items is that one is more suitable for assassins and the other for crowd control mages. We can point out that champions like Diana or Fizz, who are assassins, are perfect for Night Harvester. The reason for that is their performance, which is dependent on their skill cooldowns. Although both items offer ability boosts, in the case of NH, the mythical passive greatly aids the needs of the assassin characters.

 Now let’s share some pros of Luden’s. The first one is that this item has better effects from both for the early to mid-game. This is because his mythical passive adds magic damage penetration to the mages’ attack. Looking at it, it is a great addition to your stats, especially until mid-game, when it outperforms NH’s ability haste bonus. 

Luden’s Tempest is especially good if the enemy target is a squishy character that you can constantly pressure. The extra mana provided by the item comes into play here. If you have more mana, it’s natural to be able to cast more of your abilities without returning to the base to refill it.


Compared to both items, we can say that each is perfect in its way. We compare them by stats and effectiveness, but this is not enough to just come up with a clear decision. Everything depends on what laner you pick and your build, as well as who you are playing against. Different situations create different circumstances. In the article, we compared the stats of both Mythical Items, and it is clear that they are favorable for some champions and not for others.

 If you play an Assasin AP character like Diana or Fizz, the Night Harvester, it will be good for you mainly because of its ability to haste bonuses, both basic and passive. On the other hand, champions who pick NH will get extra HP but will miss the mana bonus that Luden’s offered. While some don’t have this issue (again, Shyvana), others, such as Lux or LB, will undoubtedly face difficulties due to a lack of it. This is why people who don’t play assassins focus on champions who have crowd control and are dependent on their mana. They need Luden’s Tempest.

 In short, in our opinion, both items are of equal standing. You may agree or disagree with that, but given the details of the game and the way it is built, this is the only true answer. Many can discuss some details or situations we didn’t point out, but in the end, how useful or good an item depends entirely on the player and the current match.

 The game itself is made in a way where it can balance itself and get rebalanced with every patch. It is made in a way where one item can prevail over the other and be called “better,” but at the same time, there is another item that can do the same, and this whole thing repeats again and again. 

In final words, we’d like to note that you should take into consideration the details from the lobby, like team compositions and what champion you pick. Then focus on runes and already plan for your build. Otherwise, you will most likely pick the wrong one. Both items are good; it’s just that they are more suitable for different types of celebrations and different situations. We hope our article was helpful and thank you for staying with us through it. condition.

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