How to Reduce or Increase the Size of the League Client?

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game. Like many other similar titles out there. The game is accessed via the launcher. Which, in its turn, leads you to the game client.

To reduce or increase the size of the League of Legends client. You can resize the window by clicking in the corner and dragging it up or down. That will eventually increase or decrease the size.

In this article, you will be able to read about what League Client is. Do you need the client? How you can increase or decrease the client size and some other details related to it.

What Exactly is the League of Legends Client?

The League of Legends Client is the first thing you see once you open the Launcher for the game. From the client, you are able to navigate to the different menus in the game. 

You can access the in-game store and buy the things you need. Such are champions, Riot Points, Skins, Emotes, and many others. 

You can also access your loot by going over to that menu. From it, you are able to see your capsules, hextech boxes, orbs, skins, champion shards, and many more things. 

The most important function of the client, though. Is to give you access to the game modes. These modes are Ranked Summoners Rift, Aram, and Normal Summoners Rift. Another thing you can gain access to via the client is the Clash tournament from its menu. The team fight Tactics game, its modes, battle pass rewards, and others.

In general, the client is the way for you to get access to anything related to League of Legends as a game. Without it, you will not be able to update the game or even play it.

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Do you Need the Riot Clients?

Well, as I said and above, the client is related to the game and gives you access to a bunch of things. It will be for the best if you use it. It will make things easier for you.

The client keeps things organized, and you will not make a mess while trying to figure out things by yourself.

Riot clients allow you to easily patch and update your games.

You can check the settings and set up specific keyboard settings. Check if the game is working right. Report bugs to the Riot support team. You can also initiate a full repair of the game, which sometimes is game-changing.

To put it simply, yes, you need the client. Without it, things will be a pain to deal with.

How to Increase or Decrease the Client Size?

There are numerous considerations to make when changing the client size.

For example, the easiest possible way to change the size is by simply pressing on the right bottom corner of the window. Then simply bring it inwards or outwards. Depending on what your goal is. If you want to increase the size, you will have to pull the corner of the client outwards. That will expand the window. Making it smaller works the exact same way, with the only difference being that you have to pull it inwards.

That may cause some issues. But in most cases, people won’t have one or will not see them. The most common thing is that the menus seem a bit weird when you make them too small, for example.

When it comes to expanding or decreasing the size. There are a few more options you can take. For example, one of the most famous ones is going to the settings menu. They are in the upper right corner of the client. 

From there, you will go to options. Once you press on it, you will see the options to change the client size. They are located where it says “windowed.” Clicking on it, you will see a few falling options. They will allow you to decrease or increase the size.

Another option is if you are in a game and you want to play with the screen seized. Access options again, and you will see windowed, borderless, and fullscreen options. You can also play with the resolution.

You have to keep in mind that this will only change the size of the in-game client. Not the one you see before starting the game. From where you can access all the League features.

While we are on the topic I have to note. That when you are in the game playing with the resolutions, It is best to use the optimal one related to your monitor. Nowadays, most players play it on 1920×1080. That is by far the best option you can pick. It guarantees the best in-game experience and looks the best anyway.

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What to do if None of the Options Work for me?

If none of the options work for you. Both in and out of the game match it is best to initiate a full repair of the game. This is because if these options aren’t working, The problem is most likely with the game and client and not with you or your machine.

Accessing and starting the full repair is easy. All you have to do is go to the settings menu in the client version. From there, click on General, and you will see the “Initiate Full Repair” button. Click on it and wait. Your game will be checked. That is in order to see if there is any problem. If a problem is found, the game will automatically fix it. From then on, all you have to do is wait for it to complete the process and try again to change the size. That is most likely the best way to solve the problem.

In case it doesn’t work. Or do you prefer to do it yourself? League can be uninstalled manually.

To do so, you have to go to the control panel. Find the League of Legends icon. Uninstall it and then go to the folder in which the game was. If there are any files left, Delete them all. Proceed with installing the game from 0 and see if you have the same problems as before. If there is still a problem like this, Proceed with contacting Riot support and asking them for a solution.

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In the end, changing League of Legends’ client size is something that everyone can try. Most of you will do it easily, and those of you who can’t most likely face a problem with the game. Following the steps in the article will help you solve most of the issues that may arise.

Keep in mind that changing the client or game size randomly is not recommended. It is best to either use the default ones. Or know the perfect ones for your monitor?

Set the resolution to the optimal setting for your display. Put the game on fullscreen for the best gaming experience. And when it comes to the client, you better keep it windowed and small. It is more convenient and more appealing from an aesthetic standpoint.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope it was of help. 

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