How Long Does it Take Riot to Respond to a Ticket?

Today we will talk about League of Legends and tickets.

As a start, let us explain what a ticket is, and then we will proceed with how long it takes for Riot to reply to them and why.

“Support Ticket” is a widely accepted term used by people to describe the communication between player/user requests and the support team for a game or any other software problem. 

When it comes to League of Legends, submitting a ticket usually means that you have an in-game problem, feel wronged, or just want to report something. The moment you submit one, you can be sure that it will be checked, as tickets by themselves are a form of personal request, which gets their own unique number in their support system, which in a way guarantees you that the Riot support team will definitely check it.

When it comes to Riot and, in particular, LOL tickets, you can send them one for anything. When we say anything, we really mean it. The reasons you submit a ticket can vary anywhere from a technical issue, bug, payments, account management, or just reporting a troll, cheater, or extremely toxic player.

Riot has this function as it is probably the best way to solve any problems of that sort. They are easy to deal with as the support team can isolate the problem from the user. Communication can happen easily and faster, as they don’t have to look for a particular player and just need to reply to their ticket.

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How To Write One?

To write a support tick in League of Legends, the first thing you have to do is open Google, go to Riot, and then to the League website. Once you do that, just move the cursor to “MORE” and from there point and click on “Support.”

Once you press on Support, the website will lead you to their page, from where you can look at how to resolve your problem. It can happen by typing the “problem” in the search bar or just by pressing the general categories below it.

If nothing from this works for you, then the next step is to write a ticket. This happens when you scroll further down on the same support page till you see the “submit a ticket” button. It is red and quite easy to spot. Now, as we assume you have clicked on it, you’ll have to choose the category of your problem. Once you do this, the next step is to log into your account if you haven’t already. If you have already logged in, just follow the steps the site shows you and complete filling out your support ticket. After finishing with the details, just submit it and wait for a reply from their customer support team.

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How Long Does it Take Riot Games To Reply to a Ticket?

At this step, we believe you have already submitted your ticket. We bet that now you wonder how long it will take to get a reply and where to check if you have already got one.

To check your tickets, active or closed, you have to do the following. First, go to the League of Legends website and log in to your account by pressing the login button in the upper right corner of the screen. After logging in, look for “My Tickets.” It shall be in the second menu on the top. Open it, and there you will see all the tickets you have submitted so far. 

It will all be there, whether it is old and already solved or new and active and waiting for a solution to your problem. To check if they have answered and what they replied, just go to the ticket you want to check and click on it. By doing so, you’ll see everything related to it, including what you wrote and what they replied.

If you have submitted one and still haven’t gotten a reply, well, it may take time sometimes. The support team replies anywhere from one or two hours to a few days. It is based on what the ticket is about and how hard the problem is. Sometimes, if the reason you wrote the ticket is easily solvable, it takes even less than an hour to resolve your problem. On the other hand, sometimes it takes much longer due to the difficulty of the problem. Again, reply time is based on the complexity of the reason, you wrote them the ticket, but they always reply.

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Is it Even Helpful?

Most of the time, users are satisfied with the customer support, but even though it is almost perfect, some people have difficulties resolving their problems, and even the support team does not always give great solutions to those.

It honestly depends on the situation, but sometimes the reason you submit a ticket is not solvable by the Riot support team. Some people write weird tickets requesting things that don’t even make sense from Riot, like deleting a specific champion, modifying another, or just implementing things they thought about. 

We are not saying that your ideas and opinions are unimportant, but writing tickets to support will not change any of the following because their primary goal is to solve your problems, not to relay your ideas to other departments.

When we talk about the tickets and if they help, well, as we said, most of the time they do. When it comes to cheaters or toxic players, the game is very serious about rooting them out. It is clear that the game and the general community do not approve of such behavior and that the company and in-game systems do everything possible to limit the influence of such individuals.

In a simple example, we will point that out. When players see a very verbally aggressive person in-game, They tend to take a screenshot of the chat as proof and address the support. That happens by writing a ticket and submitting it. In the majority of these cases, this triggers a check-up on that specific player. Once this happens, it will most likely be followed by a penalty.

When it comes to the technical parts, the tickets work at 100%. The support team does their best to aid in this aspect as this is their main area of action. Anything from account problems to in-game bugs is up to them, and they do a really good job of solving these problems.

When we talk about tickets asking about bans or requesting unbans for accounts, we can say that they rarely work. To put it simply, the company policy is like this: if the system judges that you are breaking any rules, you get a permanent ban, be it an instant one or after a few punishments. This can not be undone unless there is a mistake on their side, but this rarely happens. Of all the types of support tickets, these cases seldom get resolved.

Final Thoughts

We informed you about what a ticket is, how it works, how to submit one, and how long it takes for Riot to reply and solve your problem. Pointing out the steps and the effectiveness of the support team and the great efforts they put forth to solve player problems.

 In our opinion, given all the tickets and the complexity of some of them. The time they take to reply is justified. Everyone can agree that waiting for an hour or two is fine, but if your problem is more serious, well, you most likely will wait even up to two days if you want it solved. 

In conclusion, we can say that the riot support team does its best to help all players resolve their problems. They reply with solutions based on your ticket and, in most cases, resolve it fast. We hope the article was helpful, and till the next one!

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