How to get S Rank on Support in League of Legends?

S Rank Support S Rank Support LoL Guide in League of Legends

In League of Legends, your performance for every single match is graded with ranks from D- all the way up to an S+. It depends on your overall kill participation, your creep score, and your death count. If you have high kill participation, a good creep score, and your death count is low for the length of the game. You are likely to receive an S. This not only benefits your champion mastery score but it rewards you with a feeling of achievement after seeing an S in the post-game lobby.

What are Supports in League of Legends?

S Rank Support S Rank Support LoL Guide in League of Legends

Support is one of the five roles in League of Legends that brings utility in the form of crowd control and enchanted buffs and debuffs to the rift. Their job is to make sure their ADCs have a smoother game.

Supports play alongside ADCs in the Bot Lane. They have a unique playstyle in comparison to other roles. They offer buffs, debuffs, healing, and utility such as crowd control. Getting an S rank on Supports may differ from getting an S on another role.

How to Get an S on Support?

The key to getting an S rank on Support is having a good vision score, having high kill participation, and keeping safe.

1. Low Death Count

As a Support, the less you die the better it is for your post-game rank. Keeping safe means keeping your death count to a minimum. Your death count generally means the number of mistakes that you made which got you killed, and if you try to play safer, this means that you are decreasing the chances of you dying.

In fact, not dying may be the best thing that you could do as a Support to get an S rank. This also means that the enemies are getting less gold and you are on the Summoner’s Rift for longer, doing things such as helping your team by warding or healing them. Whenever you die in League of Legends, you are spawned at your base. Having to walk all the way back to the lane can waste precious time which you could be utilized better in the lane. Dying as less as possible can play a major part in achieving an S rank as a Support.

2. High Vision Score

What is a High Vision Score:

For Support, a good vision score is the minutes played in a match multiplied by 2. For example, if your game was 30 minutes long, a good vision score would be 60 or higher.

Benefits of High Vision Score:

S Rank Support High Vision Score Guide in League of Legends

It is said that vision wins games. Vision is earned by warding which helps you gain control of an area, get sight in bushes, deny enemy roams or waste their time, and avoid ganks from the enemy Jungler. Vision is vital information for Support, it can be the difference between winning and losing a game.

How to Get a High Vision Score?

Vision score is gained by warding, one of the essential concepts of playing the Support role. You get up to four wards stored in your support item as the game progresses. You can use those wards to set up vision for your team and gain information about the enemy’s whereabouts and capitalize on it. Doing so will increase your vision score. If four stealth wards are not enough for you, you can buy the item called Viligant Wardstone which allows you to further store up to 3 control wards in one inventory slot. It also provides other vital stats that benefit you as a champion.

3. Having High Kill Participation

S Rank Support High Kill Participation Guide in League of Legends

High kill participation means being involved in a high number of kills from your team. Supports can easily get a ton of assists and even kills by being active around the map. Since you are a support, something as little as shielding your ally once in a fight will get you an assist as long as your ally kills them. This makes it very easy for you to have high kill participation in your games and work your way up to an S rank.

Supports play a big part in team fights and skirmishes where you can take advantage of this, racking up assists and kills by healing, shielding, buffing, and providing crowd control for your team.

Other Variables that Affect Your Rank

Crowd Control Score

S Rank Support Crowd Control Score Guide in League of Legends

Having a high crowd control score can help get an S rank as well. The crowd control score calculates the amount of time you have impaired the enemy champions. This score is affected by the kind of crowd control ability you have used. Strong CC such as a stun increases it but one while weaker CC such as a slow contributes a smaller amount.

Gold Income over Time

Believe it or not, the amount of gold you can get over time makes a difference to your post-match rank. The amount of gold that you gain and how quick you are to gain that gold directly affects your grade after the match so be sure to keep your gold income high by participating in kills and earning gold through your support item as much as possible.

Combat Score

This is the last tip to getting an S rank as a Support is having high combat scores. These scores include KDA ratio, kill participation, damage to enemy champions, and damage to enemy towers. All of these scores combined make up for your combat performance in your match which also directly affects your grade. You don’t need to do anything out of the ordinary to gain high combat scores, all you need to do is be active around the map and do your job.

How Does Grading System Work in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, you receive a grade for every match you play. It is determined by several factors for each role separately. The grading system in LoL is as follows from the lowest to the highest:

D, C, B, A, S (with three levels to each i.e S-, S, S+)

A D rank usually means you played very poorly while an S reflects your great performance in your match.

What Does an S Rank Do?

Getting an S rank in a match can mean something different to everyone. Here are some of the benefits of getting an S rank in a match:

Bragging Rights

Getting an S gives you bragging rights whether it’s to your friends or in the post-game lobby. You can show off your grade to your friends and brag about it.

Free Hextech Chests

S Rank Support Free Hextech Chests Guide in League of Legends

Whenever you are playing a champion that you own and either you or your friend gets an S, you receive a free Hextech chest. You can only get one chest per champion and only a certain number of chests per week.

Mastery Tokens

S Rank Support Mastery Tokens Guide in League of Legends

After achieving Mastery 5, you can earn Mastery Tokens to upgrade your champion mastery from 5 to 6 and then further from 6 to 7. The tokens are earned from getting S ranks.

Mastery Emote

S Rank Support Mastery Emote Guide in League of Legends

After achieving Mastery 4, you unlock a new emote which you can use by pressing Ctrl + 6. This is the Mastery Emote. Your Mastery Emote upgrades as your champion mastery does, therefore getting an S upgrades your Mastery Emote as you upgrade your champion mastery.

Best Support Champions for getting an S Rank

S Rank Support Champions Guide in League of Legends

Some of the best champions to get an S rank are as follows:

  • Lux
  • Rakan
  • Alistar
  • Leona
  • Lulu

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Final Thoughts

Getting an S rank in a game is exciting. It comes with several benefits such as getting mastery tokens and free chests. It is kind of a reward for playing well in your games. Bragging about getting an S rank, or complaining about not getting an S rank that you might have deserved always adds to the experience of playing League of Legends.

What tip did you find most useful? What Support would you like to get Mastery 7 with and which Support do you have Mastery 7 on? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? We love hearing your feedback, so hit us with it in the comment section below!

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