5 Best Supports for Senna in League of Legends

Being a long-range scaling marksman, Senna excels in early game trades because she can beat most of the ranges of other ADC’s. Her Q is an excellent trading ability because of its heal and damage at the same time. If you are trading basic attacks with an enemy ADC, you can end the trade by using your Q to heal and then damage the enemy as you disengage. 

She also has one CC ability that has a slow missile speed, so it means support champions with vertical CC abilities or any CC ability at all are significant synergies for her as she can land her skills shots easier with them. Here are 5 of the best support champions you can pair with Senna.

5. Morgana

Morgana support is one of the most feared support champions you can face at the bot lane. Her Q lasts so long that when she has an Everfrost, she can keep an enemy locked for more than 5-6 seconds. Her late game is also excellent because she can build towards a mage build path that one-shot squishy carries.

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Best Item For Morgana


With Morgana’s long-lasting CC ability, she has the luxury to walk up to the enemy and cast every frost when the root of her Q ends. She can extend the CC even further by casting another Q on the enemy and finally finishing it with a stun using her ultimate. This is great as Senna needs enemies to be locked down to hit her abilities, especially W and ultimate.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

You can poke enemies in the bot lane with your W and stack your frost fang. Make sure you have either presence of mind or a Mana flow band to mitigate your mana loss. You can also chain CC with Senna as soon as she learns her W. Catching one enemy with your Q has a high chance of turning into a takedown.

Mid Game Playstyle

As Senna builds through her passive through souls, you are scaling and making the two of you a snowballing duo if you manage to secure a lead in the early game. After Morgana roots an enemy with her Q, Senna can immediately cast her ultimate, so they both have shields to fight with the enemy. This is also significant burst damage as Senna’s ult also deals heavy damage.

Late Game Playstyle

Late game Morgana and Senna are monsters; they both have insane damage in the late game, and once they catch enemies with any of their CC abilities, it t’s pretty much game over for that champion. Abuse your long-range basic attacks and abilities by poking your enemies every time it’s up. 

4. Nautilus

Being a frontline champion that engages enemies and facing them makes it hard for you to survive the ordeal. But with Senna as the ADC, she can help peel Nautilus when he engages with her ultimate. She can even heal Nautilus while he is face to face with the enemy team and damage the enemies in front of him all at the same time.

Best Item For Nautilus

Gargoyle’s stone plate

This item increases the defensive stats it gives the caster for every enemy around the champion. This will help Nautilus survive longer and help Senna secure kills more. Nautilus can also be used as a peel-focused champion when Senna engages.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Naut is a melee engage champion that doesn’t have that much value in the early game. Take note that almost all melee support champions are like melee minions when the game starts, so try to play safe until you reach your level 3 power spike. Once Naut reaches level 3 and looks like he can start a fight, Engage the enemy and go all-in with Senna which will quickly lead to a kill if played correctly.

Mid Game Playstyle

The mid-game makes Nautilus tanky and would open possibilities for tower dives and better engages. Once Nautilus initiates a tower dive on a half HP enemy, Senna can immediately use her ultimate to shield Naut and damage the enemy simultaneously. Naut can quickly disengage because of his tankiness and shield from his W. 

Late Game Playstyle

Nautilus is a late-game frontline champion who can also tank five enemies and knock them all up. He has one of the best CC gap closer that can be used to initiate a 5-man knock-up. Once he catches one enemy with his Q and roots them with his passive, Senna can immediately root that champion as a follow-up that can lead to an easy pick making it easier for them to win teamfights.

3. Pyke

Both Pyke and Senna can burst enemies very fast, making them an assassin duo. They can both turn invisible or untargetable for better roaming. Once Pyke catches an enemy with his hook, both of them can quickly burst that enemy down and end it with a Pyke ultimate. Most enemies won’t even last 3 seconds on this duo’s monstrous engage.

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Best Item For Pyke

Deadman’s Plate/Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Any of these two gives Pyke bonus movement speed for better roaming or engaging enemies. These items also synergize with his W, which boosts movement speed. Build these items depending on the enemy team comp or the needs of your team.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Once Pyke has control of the bot lane bushes, they can both zone enemies away from minion range and take all the exp and gold for themselves. Pyke can quickly hook and all-in if enemies try to break the freeze, making it an easy kill and making your lead even further.

Mid Game Playstyle

If Pyke already has his movement speedcore items, he can run around the map and look for kills to help other laners. It would also be a great tactic as enemies won’t expect a Pyke to swindle their lane.

Late Game Playstyle

Pyke’s late-game makes him a cleaner because he can finish enemies off quickly, right after a team fight. Don’t stay at the frontline, and make sure you always have a dewarding item. Stay beside the lane in the bushes and engage or hook enemies from there to surprise them. Once you hook an enemy, Senna can easily burst them down, and you, as Pyke, can quickly finish them off with your ultimate.

2. Zyra

The combo of this duo is powerful, and it all revolves around Zyra’s crowd control abilities. Her ultimate and root ability greatly synergizes with Senna’s W and ultimate. Once enemies get caught by Zyra’s root and ultimate, Senna can quickly follow it up with her combo, and this will be enough for enemies to be left with 2 or 3 hits from Senna killing them.

Best Item For Zyra


 The trick in bursting enemies down prevents them from receiving vast amounts of heals either from their summoner spells or from their supports. This item is excellent on Zyra as she can easily proc it with her plants and cast it on multiple enemies with her ultimate.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Easily poke enemies with your plants, and they can even proc your frosting to farm for gold fast. Zyra is an annoying champion who can even 1v1 enemies or even 1v5 enemies if she correctly lands her spells. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Try to set kills for Senna to build her snowballing lead, and she doesn’t fall off in value. Your combo alone will be enough for Senna to burst the enemies down.

Late Game Playstyle

Stay at the frontline so you can be a lingering threat for the enemy team. The threat of your root and ultimate will mess with their minds making them afraid to initiate a team fight with your team. Senna can also initiate a pick if she uses her W to root one enemy.

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1. Nami

Engaging and initiating fights with Nami is powerful, thanks to her ultimate. Once she engages with her ultimate, Senna can quickly follow it up with her W and ultimate to CC and burst enemies down. Their engagement is also safe because of Senna’s shield from her ultimate.

Best Item For Nami


Nami has incredible heals, and this item will give her more heals to keep Senna healthy while she bursts enemies. It also synergizes with Senna’s Q heal making this duo a very safe and aggressive lane.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Poke enemies with Nami’s heal and play aggressively, abuse the fact that both you and Senna have healed to bring your HP’s back up after a trade.

Mid Game Playstyle

Be hyper-aggressive with your ultimate engages and Q; landing one of your CC abilities will start a cascade of abilities that can burst carries down easily.

Late Game Playstyle

Stay at the backline and support your allies from behind; your heals and ultimate has a long range, so you don’t have to get close to enemies when fight’s erupt.

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