Should You Buy Masterwork Chests?

Many questions may come up about the Masterwork Chests in LoL. Some of them are related to what this chest is and is it worth it?

Because of them, we have decided to write this article and inform you about everything essential to the Masterwork chests.

Below you will find out what they are, how they take part in the League of Legends looting system, whether you need them, and whether it is worth spending cash on these goods. To find out more, read on!

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What is The Looting System in League of Legends?

Many of you, especially the experienced League of Legends players, probably know about this system. Furthermore, we know that many new friends join us on a daily basis. Therefore, we should explain the basics of this looting system briefly but informally.

To keep it like that, we have to say that the looting system in LoL allows every player to craft keys, open chests, and capsules. From them, you will receive various cosmetics and in-game items. 

Examples of what you can receive are:

  • Skin shards are normal and rare; some are unavailable to buy from the in-game store!
  • Champion shards
  • Orange and Blue Essence
  • Ward skin shards
  • Emotes and Icons 

All of this may sound good, and it actually is, but it has some limitations. You can not receive them nonstop or whenever you want. In fact, to obtain any loot, you must get a capsule – mostly from leveling up, chest – mainly from excellent performance after a game or third-party platform bonuses ( Twitch, Amazon, etc.).

There are also some rare parts of the Looting system. The best example for them is the Gemstones and the event Orbs. Usually, you can get Gemstones from Chests or Orbs, which are used to unlock specific super good skins, emotes, and so on. 

The other options are the orbs, which in our opinion, give some tremendous in-game items! They appear with quests and usually when there are in-game events. You can get them by completing missions or using the earned from these missions tokens to buy some.

As you can see, there are various elements to the looting system. It is vast to take a detailed look at everything. Because of that, we will focus mainly on the main star of our article – Masterwork Chests.

Introduction to the Masterwork Chests

Masterwork Chests are one of the essential parts of the loot system in League of Legends. According to the lore, they are the product of the efforts Orn put into making them! 

The chest itself offers a wide variety of in-game cosmetics rewards. For example, you can get skin shards, ward skin shards, emote, orange essence, etc. These rewards are one of the best, and the drop rates are pretty good. Especially for the skin shards, which are the main aim of many players!

How the chest works is something you are probably asking. Well, the truth is that they work like the standard Hextech ones. So all you need is to get one from another loot item or the in-game store if you are lucky. Then you have to get a hextech key and use it to open the Masterwork chest.

After you finish it, you will get rewards from the box. If you are lucky, they will be the ones you need. If not well, you can try again. The best thing is that with the latest updates and changes in the game. 

So even if you do not get the items you want from the chest, the number of opened ones will accumulate. When this happens, you will unlock specific fixed rewards from the loot menu in the game, which is by far a great new addition to the game!

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Are they Worth it, and Should You Spend Money on Them?

That is one of the most straightforward questions we are going to answer today! So YES, it is worth it to get and open a Masterwork chest.

As you have seen above, they give many rewards, even if you do not get your desired ones. So, for example, you will still get a bonus for the number of chests you open.

There is ground for a discussion here, as some LoL players who have numerous hours and years in the game may disagree and say that the Masterwork chests are not worth it. 

They indeed would have a point but only from their perspective if you look at someone who has played for a long time. Furthermore, you will see that they already have all champions, many skins, icons, emotes, and other cosmetics. 

Given that fact, they will not need any Masterwork chest rewards. That is why making the hustle and tussle about earning or buying the chests is needless.

On the contrary, the new players would think they are worth it. That is mainly because they lack cosmetic items, and these chests will be the best and most efficient way of getting such. 

Masterwork chests are the best way to get skin shards because of their wide variety in the roaster. 

Now it is all about luck, but there are some that you can not even buy nowadays! So if you have a four-leaf clover in hand and open a chest, you may get the one you have always wanted!

If you have decided on getting some, we ought to say that they are not even pricey, compared to how much skin would be worth! At the current prices, a Masterwork chest would cost you about 165 Riot Points. 

That is far less than any regular skin in the game. In fact, that is about 1.5 USD or a cup of cheap coffee in dollars. So if you believe in your luck, it is for the best to buy a Masterwork chest than a skin. 

Given the information above, you can see whether the shiny box is worth it. Of course, some other variables are more up to the different people. But overall, those are the two main camps when it comes to discussions on whether it is worth it to get one or not.

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Masterwork Chests Alternatives

Good point; we told you everything significant about the Masterwork chest. Now it is time to focus on the possible alternatives and their counterparts.

When we talk about this, the first thing that comes to mind is the Hexteceh chests. They are the standard game chest that came out long ago in League of Legends PBE servers. 

These chests have the same functions and work the same way as the Masterwork ones. The main difference between both is that the loot is slightly different. For example, Hextech ones can drop a champion shard while Masterwork does not offer such fragments. 

Aside from that, the main differences are in the drop rates – for example, the Skin shards drop rate is reduced from 70% (Masterwork chests) to 50% in the Hextech ones.

Another significant difference is that with the new updates in the game. Masterwork chests stack and give you rewards. The Hextech ones, even as a good alternative, do not do that. 

We already talked about the differences because some of you may see them as negatives. Therefore, it is only fair to mention a few pluses of the Hextech chests!

As we already said, they offer champion shards. That makes them perfect for League of Legends’ new players who want to gather more champions. At worst, you will not get one but a new cool skin!

Another major plus is the price! While a Masterwork chest is worth about 1.5 $, a Hextech one reduces the cost to 1 dollar per chest! That means you will have better chances of obtaining the goods you need at a lower price!

Bottom Line

Assume you have read everything in this article. You are now better informed about Masterwork chests. Are they worth it, how much do they cost, what they can provide you, and what are their best alternatives!

Whether you decide to earn some, buy some, or simply not, it will now be based on trustful information. That allows you to make an educated decision that will be right for you and your in-game situation. 

Once again, we thank you for staying with us and reading this piece. If you have any questions, leave them down below!

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