How to Show Auto Attack Range in LoL?


There are a lot of mechanics in League of Legends that most players are not aware of. Speaking of “hidden” mechanics, there is a way in which you can see your auto attack range. This is quite useful since it will allow you to know exactly how far your champion can attack.

Once you get used to your champion’s range, you can use it to your advantage and attack the enemy. When they are about to attack you, start moving back. This mechanic is mostly useful if you have a ranged champion like an ADC.

To see your auto attack range in League of Legends, you must press and hold the C button (default key). Alternatively, you can also press the A key to show your attack range as well.

If you are curious to know why there are two ways of seeing your auto attack range and what advantage it gives you, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at how you can see your auto attack range in LoL.

Press the A Button

League of Legends range circle

The easiest way to see your auto-attack range is to press the A key. This will bring up your range and an attack cursor as well. If you press the left click while this cursor is toggled, your champion will attack the nearest target.

This is useful when you want to farm the wave and are not currently familiar with your champions’ range. Once you are familiar with the range, you can stop relying on this method and easily know how far you have to be to attack.

You might be wondering why this is important since your champion will automatically attack targets when they come near them. However, if you want to become a better player (especially while playing the ADC role), you need to know this mechanic.

This will allow you to space yourself properly and know how much of an advantage you have over the enemy. For example, if you are playing as Caitlyn and the enemy has a Vayne, you can use your range advantage and attack her while she has to move forward to hit you.

If you are not aware of how much range you have and how much you outrange her, you will lose that advantage and she will hit you with her auto attacks as well. A good ADC will properly space themselves and force the enemy to play safe if they have less range.

Open Your Character Information

League of Legends Range with info

While pressing the A key will bring up your attack range until you either press left click to attack or right click to move, there is another method that you can use. Pressing and holding the C button will not only show your attack range but also bring up your character’s info.

This panel allows you to see a lot of useful things such as your exact attack range in numbers, tenacity, lifesteal, armor/magic penetration, and HP/mana regeneration. This will allow you to be more familiar with what each stat does and how it is useful.

Plus, unless you let go of the C key, you will continuously see your attack range. However, this is not recommended since you have to press other buttons to use your abilities as well. So, you can keep holding this button while farming but let go of it if you want to use a spell.

How to Increase Your Attack Range

League of Legends Increase Your Attack Range

Now that we know how you can see your auto attack range, let’s talk a bit about how you can increase it. Keep in mind that there are a lot of methods that you can use but the majority of them are only for ranged champions.

As aforementioned, your auto attack range mostly matters for ranged champions and not melee ones. If you are a melee champion, you cannot increase your attack range (unless you are playing a champion that has the ability to do so).

So, if you want to increase your range, you can build an item called Rapidfire Cannon. It gives you more attack speed, critical strike chance, and attack range. However, this range isn’t permanent. Once you get the item to 100 stacks, you will have a red circle around your champion.

That circle determines what your range will be for your next auto attack. Once you hit something with it, the stacks will go down to 0 and you will have to either attack or move around to get them back to 100.

On the other hand, certain champions have the ability to increase their range. For example, Tristana can increase her range as she levels up. This means that you will start with a lower range but as you level up, you can start attacking from much further away.

The same is the case with Senna. She can pick up souls called “Mist Wraths” which will give her enhanced stats. One such stat is her range. If she picks up enough of these souls, she can have a lot of range and attack from a long distance.

Finally, there are some champions that have an ability that they can use to either go into melee form or ranged form. Champions like Jayce and Elise are prime examples of this. They can use their ultimate to convert either into a ranged champion or a melee one; both with their own separate abilities.

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