5 Best Supports for Tristana in  League of Legends

Tristana is one of those ADC champions that relies on her long-range and elemental attacks. But her kit makes her an aggressive ADC that can go in and out of fights. Her rocket jump is an excellent, engaging skill and, at the same time, a disengage ability. Tristana has an extreme early game kill pressure thanks to her E and rocket jump. 

With the aggressive nature of Tristana, she needs support that can help her survive as she dives into the middle of a fight. Enchanters and AOE crowd control support champions usually work great on her, so let us take a look at 5 of these champions. Here are the top 5 best support you can pair with Tristana

5. Leona

Tristana engages enemies with her rocket jump, meaning she will get up close and personal with her enemy ADC in the bot lane. That’s where Leona comes in; she can follow Tristana’s engagement with her E to root and stun an enemy. Her ultimate is also one of the best engage tools in the game that synergizes with Tristana’s kit.

Best Item for Leona

Deadman’s Plate

The movement speed this item provides is incredible as it gives Leona so much roaming potential, and she engages strongly. This item also procs a slow on the first enemy hit by Leona after being 100% fully charged, so you can instead use this slow as the initiation before following it up with your stun.

Best Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Avoid fights, especially when the game begins; Leona doesn’t have that much to offer for Tristana as a level one support. However, when she reaches her power spike, this duo laner becomes aggressive because of their long-range engagement potential. Leona also has many CC abilities that Tristana can abuse and harass the enemy ADC.

Mid game playstyle

This duo becomes even more aggressive in the mid-game thanks to Leona’s ultimate; its long casting range is just perfect for initiating a pick for Tristana. Enemies won’t retaliate because Tristana is well known for her burst capabilities. It would help if you abused your mid-game domination as Tristana doesn’t do well in the late game, especially when facing ADC champions like Vayne or Kaisa.

Late game playstyle

If the game went on long enough to reach the mid-game, change your playstyle to playing defensively and only committing to kills when you are with your team. Leona should always be at the front line and prevent any champions from getting near Tristana.

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4. Nami

Nami is another excellent support for Tristana simply because of her enchantments and engagement. Her E works great on Tristana’s basic attacks and E; it lets her deal even more damage when trying to proc her E ability. Nami’s Ultimate is another great engagement ability for Tristana’s kit. 

Best Item for Nami

Ardent Censer

The amount of attack speed this item can give Tristana is just tremendous. This opens up a wide variety of damage items for Tristana, making her ignore attack speed items. It also has a passive that increases heal strength for Nami’s ebb and flow. The bonus magic damage can also synergize with Tristana’s high attack speed and Nami’s E.

Best Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Nami can use her W to heal Tristana and poke enemies simultaneously, making her a great laner and excellent at early game trades. Her Q can set a kill for Tristana, who can follow it up with her rocket jump and E + Q combo. Nami can also cast her Eon herself to poke enemies harder in the laning phase.

Mid Game Playstyle

You can engage enemies even better now, thanks to your ultimate. Its long-range and crowd control passives are great for chases or initiations. Play aggressively and let Tristana gain a considerable lead so you can end the game just before it reaches the late game.

Late Game Playstyle

Team fights are the game’s name for the late game, and Nami is just one of the best champions in the league to initiate a late-game team fight. Her ultimate works great for objective fights, and her Q can be used to peel for Tristana.

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3. Taric

Tristana loves to rocket jump very close to enemies and use it as the initiating factor for a kill; needless to say, Taric is one of the best champions that synergizes with this type of play from Tristana. His Q can also be cast by Tristana significantly when she rocket jumps towards the enemy. Taric’s ultimate is also a great way to peel for Tristana as she hits everyone in the late game.

Best Item for Taric

Ardent Censer

Taric heals a lot; that is why Ardent is simply the best item for him.

Best Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Please do not start fights unless you reach level 3; once you reach your power spike, have Tristana engage the squishiest of the two enemies in the bot lane and simply follow it up with your stun. This type of engagement is easy enough to guarantee a kill, so abuse it and play aggressively as soon as you reach level 3. Be careful, though, as some champions can quickly mitigate this and turn the easy takedown on you.

Mid Game Playstyle

The mid-game opens up the tower dive potential of this duo, thanks to Taric’s ultimate. His heals become more robust as mid-game arrives, letting the duo perform more aggressive stunts.

Late Game Playstyle

Drop your aggressive playstyle during the late game as both of your values fall off in the late game. Instead, play with your team and protect Tristana as much as you can. Letting Tristana utilize her long-range instead of the rocket jump engages is the way to go in the late game.

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2. Thresh

Another champion whose spells extensively synergize with Tristana’s abilities. Thresh’s hook is an easy setup for a Tristana rocket jump engagement. Thanks to his hook and flay combo, his early game is also quite strong. 

Best Item for Thresh

Deadman’s plate / Turbo Chemtank 

These two-movement speed-increasing items remain the best items for Thresh. High movement speed enables Thresh to engage enemies with his high mobility and flay before following it up with a hook and ultimate. This item also allows him to survive tower shots even better, and it also stacks up with his passive that increases his armor for each soul he collects. 

Best Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

You can immediately score a takedown with this duo, but only if you hit your hook at the start of the game with Thresh. Tristana can start with her E to quickly burst the opposing champion down. This might not lead to a takedown, but it surely will make your enemy base early or burn their summoner spells.

Mid Game Playstyle

You can let Tristana engage enemies on her own, or you can support her with your hooks. Tristan dominates most ADC champions until the mid-game, so you can play aggressively as much as you want; just be ready to throw your lantern every time Tristana gets in trouble.

Late Game Playstyle

Be a vanguard champion and stand in front of everybody else. Your hook would win team fights; picking one champion off is always a great way to start a team fight, especially their jungler, before starting an objective fight.

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1. Morgana

Morgana’s long-range root is another great engagement ability for Tristana; her black shield can also be used to make Tristana unstoppable. Morgana’s late game is quite strong as well, so it can make up for Tristana’s falling late game value.

Best Item for Morgana

Liandry’s Anguish

This item leads to a DPS mage build path for Morgana, and for a good reason. She already has excellent value as support from her abilities alone; adding more damage makes her a better champion making her play for the late game. This build would also allow her to one-shot squishy enemies she catches with her bind.

Best Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Poke enemies using your Q and W to bring their hp down, do this first before committing to an all-out engagement with Tristana. Use your black shield often to mitigate the poke abilities of your enemies in the bot lane.

Mid Game Playstyle

Play defensively but once you catch enemies with your bind, go for an all-in aggressive engagement with Tristana. You can also use your ult to peel for her every time champion slips through your defenses.

Late Game Playstyle

Pick off squishy carries in the late game with your combo, do not let Tristana engage enemies alone; instead, stay with your team and rely on your Q to achieve takedowns.

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