What Does KS Mean in League of Legends?

Most of the time, when you hear or see the phrase KS in League of Legends, it is most likely referring to a fight with an enemy.

However, this is not simply any regular encounter or engagement with them – it is a matter of lives and death. In addition, it pertains to kills that include at least two players of the same team.

But what exactly does KS stand for in League of Legends?

KS is an abbreviation for ‘kill steal’ in League of Legends. It is the act of snatching a potential kill from a teammate’s champion.

This occurs the majority of the time when an enemy champion with low or near-death health that was first harmed by a teammate is killed and finished off by another teammate.

Furthermore, the person who stole the kill would receive all of the gold from the enemy champion’s death in addition to being the person who was credited with achieving the kill.

Some people believe that participating in a KS is unsportsmanlike behavior. Although this may occur on a case-by-case basis since it may be planned, it is more likely to occur if a certain teammate needs more gold in order to purchase an item more quickly.

You may also come across the word in other games, particularly in the MOBA genre, where the health of your opponents can be seen up close and personal.

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4 Best Champions in For KS-ing

So, with that being stated, here are the top four kill steal champions:

4. Teemo

Teemo, everyone’s favorite Yordle, is the first hero on our list of four. Remember, my favorite, I mean that the vast majority of people loathe him with a vengeance, that around 10% of the population idolizes him, and that a very small minority tolerates him. What is it about Teemo that folks despise? Well…

Despite what anybody would have you believe, he is a plug-and-play type of character. The four different builds are hybrid, attack damage, ability power, and attack speed, and he performs more or less the same in each of the four combinations.

The four different builds are hybrid, attack damage, ability power, and attack speed, and he performs more or less the same in each of the four combinations.

As previously said, he is a simple character to build. Teemo, on the other hand, is stupid, which makes this very irritating. His E is a passive that increases the poison damage dealt by his basic attacks. 

His Q effectively neutralizes carriers who rely on basic assaults since it ensures that they will fail on every attempt. His W causes him to accelerate, making it impossible for you to escape or catch him. 

As a whole, his power-to-effort ratio is absurd. With Teemo, even a total newcomer may achieve dominance provided they are careful not to overextend themselves too much. 

Although there are considerably superior options for higher levels of Elo in terms of power/effort ratio, this hub is all about KSing!

Why is Teemo Considered Best for KS?

As a result, Teemo obtains the unfortunate distinction of becoming one of the top five KS champions in the world. Why? It’s the letter E once more. 

In fact, any damage over time champions (Brand, Cassiopeia, and Zilean, to mention a few) are eligible to be classified as such if they so choose. 

There’s nothing quite like taking someone down to 5 percent of their health and then having Teemo drop in and send a dart straight between the enemy’s eyes. If the target does not immediately succumb to the basic assault, the poison will take care of the situation. 

It doesn’t help that the majority of the Teemos with whom I’ve interacted have been jerks. Teemo, my dear readers, is a troll enabler and a KSer from the bottom of his heart!

3. Darius

Mr. Noxus himself, there he is. Riot Games had to boost Garen when he was released since the poor Demacian was far worse than he was. Because he is almost obnoxiously simple to shut down, Darius isn’t in every professional’s lineup, but that is the only reason (no escapes or haste in his kit). 

However, he possesses tremendous potential in confrontations in which his opponent is compelled to commit. His passive causes the enemy to bleed out, allowing him to do additional damage. 

His Q affects everyone in his immediate vicinity, with champions being hit much harder if they are on the outer part of the radius. His W disables the opponent, causing them to move more slowly and making Darius’ work more difficult. 

His E draws the victim in (come over here! ), while also granting passive Armor Penetration to the party members.

However, Darius’ final achievement both takes the cake and serves as the primary cause for Darius’ reputation as a vicious KSer. As you can see, the Noxian Guillotine’s cooldown is reset after Darius deals the final blow with it. I’ll say it again: if Darius’ ult is the final strike dealt with an opponent, it will automatically cool down.

Why is Darius Considered Best for KS?

As Graves, you’re currently on cooldown after using your ultimate to soften up a pair of enemies. In the meantime, as your E is soon to be ready, you’re going to use it to obtain a nice double. Fair? Not while Darius is around, at any rate! 

Darius rushes in and Guillotines one of the targets (the one nearest to you, for greatest grief), and then Guillotines the other victim the following second after that. After putting in the majority of the effort, you now have a double assist.

Because I have personally experienced and witnessed this on several occasions, I find it delightfully ridiculous that some Dariuses scream wolf when they get ksed. Are you serious? You’re one of the finest champions for KSing and you’re whining because others are taking advantage of you?

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2. Olaf

Olaf, the Berserker in League of Legends, is a particularly heinous example of this since he is everyone’s definitely Viking (but not quite, as League of Legends does not take place on Earth) hero. 

Olaf is one of my favorite champions because of his ability to persist with an opponent until that opponent is defeated or incapacitated.

The Q is where it all begins. Undertow gives Olaf the ability to hurl one of his axes at an opponent in order to slow him down. 

Because it affects all enemies it runs through, unlike abilities like Caitlyn’s or Varus’ Q, this ability is extremely damaging. It also suffers no damage mitigation, which makes it more dangerous.

Why is Olaf Considered Best for KS?

Because of Olaf’s W, he may punch harder while also gaining temporary life steal and spell vamp. It’s referred to be a steroid among League of Legends players. It is always a good idea to use steroids in League of Legends.

The E is essentially a light version of the Noxian Guillotine. Rather, it serves as an early-game ownage mechanism, as well as a late-game capacity to compete with those who have triple-digit Armor and not be defeated in every battle (especially to nasty counters like Malphite).

Finally, Ult. Ragnarok provides passive Armor Penetration, prevents Olaf from being deactivated while used, and grants Armor and Magic Resist for the duration of the spell duration. So, Morgana, you were successful in capturing Olaf? No, you didn’t do that. Lulu is sluggish? Denied!

To be honest, there’s a reason why Olaf is so frequently used as a single top in the professional field. Of all, for KS trolls, there’s nothing quite like a nice Undertow to the face of a defeated opponent. 

I’ve had fights that I’d worked hard for be KSed right in front of my eyes by an Undertow that came in just as I was about to land my next ability. The undertow travels at a breakneck pace. Trolls are really swift. Undertow is a favorite of trolls.

Fortunately, I haven’t come across too many Olaf KSers in recent months. Just keep in mind that they are out there somewhere!

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1. Karthus

You may either love him or loathe him, but boy, does he know how to win the game. Let’s have a look:

Karthus may very well have one of the most venomous passives in the whole League, if not the entire world. 

Having the ability to endure for seven seconds after dying (while possessing limitless mana) allows you to remain a force in a key team fight, provided that your team can keep the fight centered on the position of your body throughout that time.

He possesses a Q that is easily spammable. It’s true that it doesn’t hit as hard against several troops and that you have to time it well, but in the hands of a skilled player, it may be lethal.

His W gives you the ability to slow down victims who are attempting to flee from your E. Alternatively, it prevents them from coming to you and is just stunning when it comes to meddling with opponent placement during team battles.

Why is Karthus Considered Best for KS?

To be quite honest, Defile is the vilest aura I’ve ever encountered in this game, and maybe in other games of a similar nature as well. 

Essentially, at an absurdly high mana cost every second, you can make everything in late-game melt around your feet. It makes engaging a late-game Karthus a time-consuming endeavor, to put it mildly.

Finally, there is the Requiem. It has sparked the creation of spoof videos on YouTube, such as “Press R to Win!” Tragically, this is a statement that is true far more frequently than not. 

The very presence of a Karthus compels humans to accept the truth by altering their construction methods. What, you don’t want to put up a counter-building against Karthus? Don’t forget that he has two other sources of damage in addition to his Ult.

Requiem is a blessing in disguise for KSers and trolls. What does it matter if you don’t acquire any kills as long as you can keep your buddies from getting killed themselves? To go to KS, simply press R.

Note: To be fair, a well-fed Karthus is lethal, so it may be in your team’s best interests to allow you to obtain a little more food. It’s still a little irritating to intentionally KS in such a discourteous manner.

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