Does Yasuo’s Wind Wall Block Lux’s Ultimate?

Does Yasuo’s Wind Wall Block Lux’s Ultimate in League of Legends?

League of Legends is quite a complex game. It has over 160 champions and each and every part of this game work so well in synergy with one another that we forget League used to be an indie game with only a handful of employees.

In addition, most of the champions in League have abilities that intertwine with one another. A great example of this would be Yasuo’s Wind Wall because it has to interrelate with every other ability in the game.

As previously stated, Yasuo’s Wind Wall is an ability that has to interact with most of the champions in the game. Almost every other champion has some sort of projectile ability in their kit that the Wind Wall can block. But, Lux’s ultimate is not blocked by Yasuo’s Wind Wall. 

This article is written to explain why Lux’s ultimate isn’t affected by Yasuo’s Wind Wall.

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Yasuo – Wind Wall (W)

Yasuo - Wind Wall (W) League of Legends Guide

Yasuo erects a wall made of wind that blocks any incoming projectiles. This includes ranged auto-attacks, targeted ranged attacks, etc. This wall becomes wider as you level up and put points in your “W”.

Almost all of the ranged attacks in the game are blocked by Yasuo’s Wind Wall. Lux’s ultimate is one of the only exceptions in the game that isn’t affected by it.

A lot of people overlook this ability when learning to play Yasuo. However, this is the most important ability in Yasuo’s kit because it can literally be the deciding factor of your lane, let me explain;

Most of the midlaners in League are ranged. This includes mages, and assassins like Zed (ranged abilities). So, it is very crucial that you learn to correctly time your Wind Wall in order to get the best possible outcome out of your trade in the laning phase.

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Lux – Final Spark (R)

Lux - Final Spark (R) League of Legends Guide

Lux fires a huge laser in a straight line, damaging every unit in its path. It takes one second to cast this ability and it has a range of 3400 units. It is one of the best abilities that can be used to snipe low-health enemies in League of Legends

It can also be used to clear out minion waves to prevent the enemy midlaner from roaming or re-calling. However, you should only use it this way if you’re sure that you won’t need this ability any time soon because the cooldown on this ability is quite long.

A long cooldown is the only downside of this ability. So use this ability wisely because it is one of the key differences between a good Lux player versus a bad one.

How Do These Abilities Intertwine With Each Other

Yasuo Wind Wall Lux Ultimate League of Legends Guide

As we’ve previously stated, Yasuo’s Wind Wall does not stop Lux’s ultimate. The reason for that is the fact that Yasuo’s Wind Wall can only block projectiles. Lux’s ultimate is an Area Of Effect ability and not a projectile, hence it can’t be blocked by the Wind Wall.As you can see in the image above, Final Spark (Lux’s R) goes right through Yasuo’s Wind Wall.


In simple words, the reason Lux’s R is not blocked by the Wind Wall is that Lux’s R is an Area of Effect ability that spans out to 3400 units. So in order to stop it, the Wind Wall would have to reduce the range of Lux’s R, which it cannot do. This is the simplest explanation as to why it works the way it does.

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