Zombie Ward vs. Eyeball Collection vs. Ghost Poro (2022 Update)

Domination has three choices when it comes to the tracking part, and they are divided between Zombie Ward, Eyeball Collection, and Ghost Poro. You have to choose one of them, and all of them are helping you in gaining knowledge about where your enemies are along with some extra AD/AP bonus. 

However, their principle of working is not the same, which is why we’ve written a guide that will compare all three of them and then will go into a direct head-to-head comparison between each other. So, stay with us until the end to find out which one is the best for you!

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Zombie Ward

The first choice is Zombie Ward. Basically, Zombie Ward grants you a vision when you score a takedown on the enemy ward within the first 10 seconds of damaging it. Along with that, it grants you a bonus of 1.2 attack damage or 2 ability power on every Zombie Ward spawned, with this bonus stacking up to 10. 

This means that you’ll have 12 bonus AD or 20 bonus AP when you’ll reach the stack up to 10, and you’ll receive yet another 6 bonus AD or 10 AP as a reward for reaching the maximum stack. 

Zombie Ward grants sight over the surrounding 900 units and is untargetable to your team. They have 1 HP, last for 120 seconds, and do not inflict with your total ward limit. So, they do get destroyed easily, but they grant vision in places such as the tri-bushes and they will motivate you to clean more enemy wards in the area. 

Eyeball Collection

Eyeball Collection is the next on the list, as it grants bonus AD and AP when you score a takedown on an enemy champion. One Eyeball is collected whenever you score a takedown against an enemy champion, as the maximum stack is 10. 

The bonus is the same as with Zombie Ward, as you’ll receive 1.2 bonus AD or 2 AP per Eyeball collected. When you complete the 10 stacks, you’ll receive an additional 6 bonus AD or 10 AP.

So basically, the same bonuses apply just like with Zombie Ward, with the difference that you have to kill champions in order to receive these bonuses and not wards. 

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Ghost Poro

The last choice is Ghost Poro, and it basically spawns a creature called Ghost Poro when wards expire. These creatures are untargetable and grand sight over the surrounding 450 units for 90 seconds. 

If the ward is destroyed by the enemies, they do not spawn Ghost Poros. Also, they are stackable, meaning that you can have multiple Ghost Poros at once.

What’s interesting about this choice is that if an enemy champion comes nearby a Ghost Poro, it will get scared and will cause it to alert its team. This will be done by revealing a 150 radius around the triggering champion for 6 seconds.

The bonus AD and AP are the same as the previous two, as you’ll gain 1.2 bonus AD or 2 bonus AP for every Ghost Poro spawned and when your Ghost Poro spots an enemy champion. 

The maximum amount of stacks is 10, and the maximum you can receive is 12 bonus AD and 20 bonus AP. After reaching the maximum stack, as a bonus, you’ll receive an additional 6 AD or 10 AP. 

Ghost Poro will get scared even though it doesn’t have a vision of the nearby champion. 

For example, if the champion is hiding in a brush or is in stealth mode, but is still too close to the Poro, it will get scared no matter what. When the Poro is scared, it will ping the danger alert to the team it was summoned by at its location.

Head-to-Head Comparison

For you to know how to properly utilize these runes, it really depends on the situation that you’re in. For example, if wards aren’t really necessary in the game, or you have a jungler that is constantly cleaning up wards and making sure your enemies don’t have a vision of you or him, then Zombie Ward would be useless to you. 

Also, if you play a champion that doesn’t really rely on cleaning wards, such as the Top or Mid laner, then Eyeball Collection would be the better choice. Of course, these lanes clear wards, but it’s not their prime goal. 

They could clean like 4 wards until 15 minutes of the game and have 9 kills. This would mean that the bonus would be completed for half the time with Eyeball Collection than Zombie Ward.

As for assassin and bruiser Junglers, Zombie Ward makes the perfect choice between these two. Eyeball Collection wouldn’t be as good because that way you’ll be solely reliant on kills, which may not be the best tactic for a jungler. Zombie Ward will allow you to spawn wards whenever you clear vision, and also gain bonus AD or AP in the process. As a matter of fact, even Ghost Poro would suit junglers better, as they would be able to learn where is the enemy jungler when an ally ward would expire in the jungle. This information would help his teammates in engaging in skirmishes if they know that the enemy jungler is far away from the place.

If you compare Zombie Ward with Ghost Poro, the advantage of vision goes to Zombie Ward because it covers 900 units of space, unlike Ghost Poro which covers 450 units. 

That is double the units covered by Ghost Poro, but the latter one warns you when an enemy is close, and you don’t have to have a vision of the enemy to get warned that he is close. 

This would be amazing for Junglers, or maybe even ADCs that use the Domination Keystone, as this will help them when the support is out of wards or the jungler doesn’t have intel on where is the enemy jungler or other laners.

So basically, when we compare all of the three choices, we will understand a couple of things about each one of them. The Zombie Ward allows you to have vision all over the place. 

900 units of vision are more than enough for a 1 HP ward, and it’s very frequently used in LCK by junglers. However, you need to be ready to lose some damage, and building items that reveal enemy wards such as Duskblade will help you in reaching the maximum stacks on it.

The Eyeball Collection is used in champions that rely on kills to level up their gameplay. Apart from the jungler, they can be used on the mid/top laner who goes with Domination. 

If the early game allows you to snowball the whole situation out of control, then Eyeball Collection will surely help you as the bonus will mount with every kill. This way, you won’t rely as much on wards to gather the bonus AD or AP, but solely on kills.

As for Ghost Poro, it is very similar to the Eyeball Collection but the vision it grants is small, with 450. However, for mid and early game, the vision it grants on enemy junglers that are “growling” around your lane for a gank is very precious. 

This way, it is very well utilized by mid-laners who always want to control both sides of the river, as well as by the jungler who knows how to place a proper ward that will not be destroyed and it will turn into a ghost poor.

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All in all, the three choices grant you vision and bonus AD/AP stats to your champion. But because they do not stack the same, you need to know how to use them properly in the game. This is why we hope that our guide has helped you in choosing the right utility from these three for your next game. 

We hope that you enjoyed our guide and moreover, we hope that you’ll implement some of our tips and tricks to help you boost your gameplay! Until our next guide, stay safe! 

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