Riot Games Reveal Exciting New 2v2 Mode for Project L

In an exciting new Twitter showcase, Riot Games developers Tom Cannon and Shaun Rivera have shed light on their upcoming fighting game Project L. In the development diary, they explained that their brand new title will embrace both solo and team players. Whether you want to play alone or with friends, Riot’s got you covered. 

The 2v2 game mode is reminiscent of the traditional ‘tag’ game modes often seen in other fighting games. However, Riot Games devs call their Project L ‘a 2v2 team-based fighting game.’ 

Also Coming To Evo 2023

Riot Games first revealed information on their League of Legends fighting game at the Evo 2022 Convention. Whereas that was a simple showcase, fans attending this year’s Evo 2023 Convention will have an opportunity of testing the game themselves. 

In line with their latest shared information, the in-person test will have something for both solo and team players. It will offer a 1v1, a 2v2, and a 1v2 game mode–plenty for anyone to get their fill of Riot’s brawler. 

The hype around Project L has been growing since 2019 when the first rumors started circling about. Even so, the hype is only now kicking off despite the game having no precise release date. 

Those lucky enough to attend Evo 2023 will get to play Project L on Aug. 4th and 5th. With rising interest among Riot Games fans of all backgrounds, we hope to see a release date announced soon. 

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