What Happened To SivHD?

What Happened To SivHD

Robbert van Eijndhoven, better known as SivHD, is a Dutch YouTuber and Twitch streamer. He was born on May 18, 1991, in the Netherlands. He is most famous for his jukes on LeBlanc and his AP Nunu mid. He was one of the most famous names in the League community from 2013-2015. 

Even though he was such a big name in the League community back in the day, SivHD quit playing League of Legends in 2018. He made a Reddit post explaining the issue and why he doesn’t enjoy League anymore.

A lot of players have been exhibiting their resentment towards League of Legends and Riot Games recently. League is on a continuous decline in popularity as time goes on. One of the main reasons for this backlash is the amount of power creep that’s been added to the game.

The era of good champion design in League is now over. Riot cannot design a champion without giving them a thousand dashes and hidden passives. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, look no further than Riot’s latest champion Bel’Veth.

Bel’Veth is the pinnacle of “bad game design”. However, Riot seems to surpass that limit every year with a new champion. For example, just a year ago, Samira was the pinnacle of “bad game design”, and before that it was Akali.

With that out of the way, Let’s talk about why League is dying and why SivHD quit League of Legends.

Why did SivHD quit League of Legends?

Why did SivHD quit League of Legends?

Siv stated in his Reddit post that he does not enjoy League of Legends anymore. One of the reasons for it was the fact that he feels like League has turned into a more action-focused game rather than a strategy game. What used to be a 5v5 Chess game is now just a mesh of “whoever gets caught first will end up losing”.

Other YouTubers such as VideoGameDunkey also shared the same experiences as to why they quit League. However, its not just the YouTubers, but the player base in general is slowly quitting the game, and if Riot doesen’t do anything, it might not be long before the game is dead.

Although SivHD has started to play League again recently, he does not play it as often as he used to, and his popularity has gone downhill along with League.

Why is League Dying?

Power creep has been destroying League for a while now. Riot Games has been releasing more and more broken champions each year to the point that even they don’t know how to balance the game anymore. Fans critique that these people at Riot’s balance team are paid to balance the game, but if they can’t do it, then what’s the point of paying them?

The League client is buggy and the game itself is not balanced. The only department doing its job correctly is the “Art Design Team”. They continue to put out amazing skins for the champions we enjoy, aside from that, it’s a dead game that will lose its popularity sooner or later.

Note: These are opinions of fans and streamers, not me.

How to fix League of Legends

How to fix League of Legends

Riot needs to seriously stop making new champions and game mechanics. They need to look at their current game design and how it correlates to one another. The problem is that they keep implementing new changes while the previous ones remain broken. They need to slow down and give the players what they want. “A balanced game”.

Riot also purposefully buffs champions to make them broken if a new skin is coming out for said champion. It’s understandable that Riot is a company that needs to make money, but it doesen’t take away from the fact that it has a player base that is frustrated and will quit soon if these things keep going on.

Just look at the Google Trends chart if you don’t believe me.

Look at the Google Trends chart


This article is not written to disrespect League of Legends or Riot Games in any way. As a League of Legends player myself, I want this game to live on and be the best game on earth. But I do think that Riot should put aside their ego and listen to feedback from its player base.


I genuinely believe that the fans of Riot do not want to quit League of Legends, but if Riot cannot balance the game, sooner or later there are going to be more people like SivHD who can’t take it anymore. After all Riot is a high-budget company and it shouldn’t be that hard for them to balance the game.

If you don’t agree with us or think that we’ve missed anything, make sure to give us your feedback in the comment section below. Also, tell us how you feel about the current game balance of League.

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