AP Miss Fortune – The Ultimate Build Guide (Season 12)

AP Miss Fortune has been a classic build even before season 12. It is an excellent poke build or even a late-game DPS build that can destroy enemies during team fights. It is also a great wave straightforward build if you want to play weakside bottom lane. 

In this article, we will show you how you can build Miss Fortune with AP items and still come out on top; we will discuss the different items and runes and the playstyle you need to do to win games with this build. Take note that this build can only be played when you are playing the support role.

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The Best Item Build for AP Miss Fortune

  • Shard of actual ice – This is MF’s premier support item when she is playing AP as she can proc its passive each time she pokes enemies with her E. This is also her central ward storing item and gives her tons of bonus stats.
  • Luden’s Tempest – Is the mythic item for MF as an AP support because it allows her to deal bonus magic AoE damage every time she tries to poke enemies with her E. Take note that your E will be your primary damage source, so try to avoid trading basic attacks with enemies. This item also allows MF to spam her abilities as it gives her bonus mana and has a component that lets her restore mana every time she levels up.
  • Seraph’s Embrace – Just like Luden’s storm, this item will give MF her much-needed bonus mana poll because she will be spamming her E quite often. This item will also allow MF to deal bonus magic damage the higher her mana pool is. 
  • Horizon Focus – You will be poking enemies from afar, and Horizon Focus lets the user deal bonus damage depending on how far they are from the casting location. It will also give her a bonus of 15 ability haste and a tremendous amount of 85 ability power, one of the highest bonus AP in the game.
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap – You will be focusing on raising your ability power, and what better way than to have Rabadon’s deathcap increase your ability power by a certain percentage. 

The Best Runes For AP Miss Fortune

  • Arcane comet – MF will be using her E most often, which has a slow effect that can easily allow an arcane comet to hit. This ability also deals AoE damage and is excellent at early game poking.
  • Mana flow band – You can stack this rune even at the early game.
  • Transcendence – This rune will give MF bonus ability haste as she progresses through her levels. 
  • Gathering Storm – This is the best late-game rune in the game as it infinitely increases your offensive stats every ten minutes.

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AP Miss Fortune Playstyle Guide

Early Game Playstyle

During the early game, you might want to use your poke as often as possible this will be your only damage source if you want to maintain the HP advantage over your enemies. Just focus on stacking your support item and increasing your mana pool for the late game. 

Mid Game Playstyle 

During the mid-game, you will be expected to initiate fights with your E most of the time, and during team fights, you can use your ultimate, and the damage will break the ranks of your enemies and make them scatter during the fight.

Late Game Playstyle

During the late game, it will feel like you have the support that also has offensive damage that can destroy the enemy team during team fights. You will be like artillery support for your team as you will be staying in the back lines most of the time. 

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Final Thoughts 

MF is an unconventional build, but it is an excellent build if you want to play poke support that has crazy wave clears in the late game.

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