5 Best Supports for Ashe in League of Legends

Like most ADC in the game, Ashe is very immobile and relies on her support and long-range skills to protect herself. She is a consequential damage champion in the late game, so she needs the best peels in the early game before she can reach her power spike. 

She can also be paired with aggressive supports with extraordinary poke abilities to score takedowns in the laning phase. If Ashe manages to secure a lead in the laning phase, she can be a good lane bully that can snowball her lead. 

5. Soraka

Soraka is a great enchanter for Ashe if she builds the right items. She can also be an annoying opponent, especially during extended team fights. She is excellent for Ashe simply because she can bring Ashe’s HP back to a full bar. However, she can help Ashe poke enemies with her Q and E during early game fights. 

Best item for Soraka

Ardent Censer

This item has always been the core item for Soraka as it increases her healing power. It also enchanted Ashe’s basic attack with bonus magic damage and increased speed. It is a precious laning phase item that comes at a meager price. 

Different Playstyle for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Try to poke enemies to stack your Mana flow band but stay at a safe range all the time. Do not initiate fights yet as Ashe is not strong in the early game. Your best bet is to keep Ashe healthy so she can farm effectively and wait for her core items. Get one level of your heal so you can use it during emergencies. Overall, play defensively and avoid fights at all costs. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Ashe might try to find takedowns, so try to peel for her the best you can. Your silence and your Q slow are good enough to keep enemies away from Ashe as she pokes them. If she decides to go all-in during Mid-game, prepare all of your heals before she gets burst down. 

Late Game Playstyle

Ashe has her core items by now and can stand her ground when fighting enemies. She excels at kiting enemies with her long-range and slow effect, so all you have to do is silence enemies whenever they get close to her or heal her whenever she needs it. You can also enchant her with your different items. 

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4. Alistar

Not only an excellent frontline champion but also an excellent CC chain champion. Alistar’s classic Q + E combo is excellent for picking up the enemy team. Ashe can also easily follow up on Alistar’s engage combo with her ult and her W. With the addition of Chemtech soul, Alistar can easily engage enemies for Ashe and not worry about dying very fast. He can continue to protect Ashe as Chemtech soul can revive a champion once it falls. 

Best item for Alistar

Turbo Chemtank

An excellent engage item that can be used to chase enemies. Sometimes, Alistar needs more blinks or dashes to have a better combo. With this item, he can walk up to enemies and pulverize headbutt them for a simple insec mechanic. This item also adds to the slow effect coming from Ashe’s basic attacks and abilities.

Different Playstyle for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

You can play very aggressively even at the laning phase of the game once you acquire three of your skills. Your CC and engage potential are powerful once you reach your lever three power spike. Ashe can also follow up on this with her long-range, and enemies won’t even reach her as you have a follow-up stun. The only way to lose this early game fight is if the enemy ADC beats her in range. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Ashe can quickly get an early game lead with Alistar as support, meaning she will have an advantage over the enemy ADC. If this is the case, try to find takedowns by using your ultimate as an engage. Alistar can follow it up with his Pulverize + headbutt combo or a simple insec move. Continue doing this until you become unstoppable.

Late Game Playstyle

The late-game sees through Ashe’s 2v5 potential as Alistar can be like a massive wall in front of her while she takes every enemy down fast like a machine gun. You’re only option is to play aggressively if you still want to have late-game value as Ashe and Alistar. If you don’t get a lead, try to let Ashe have solo exp and gold until she builds her core items. An Ashe and an Alistar who falls behind loses value in the late game, so try to find a lead for the both of you. 

3. Karma

Karma has all the spells to support Ashe in every aspect. She can speed Ashe up to help her chase or run away from enemies. Karma also has a great poke that she can abuse in the early game that can synergize with Ashe’s W. She also has crowd control and shield for Ashe’s benefit. Another great thing about Karma is she can do a mage build path, so her late-game value does not fall off. 

Best item for Karma

Luden’s Tempest

This item doesn’t only improve Karma’s mana pool, but it also empowers her AOE poke damage. Once she uses her ult and Q combined with Luden’s passive effect, she can deal massive damage and bring a squishy enemy’s HP down to a half bar or even lesser. Strong poke abilities help Ashe secure kills much faster.

Different Playstyle for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Start slow and poke enemies when you get the chance. Play defensively until you reach your level 2 power spike. Upon reaching level 2, you can engage the enemy bot-lane duo by initiating an early fight. Karma can open up a fight with her W to root an enemy. She can also help Ashe poke enemies just before engaging in a fight so they can both secure the kill. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Upon reaching mid-game and building Luden’s tempest, Karma should play more aggressively and secure kills for Ashe. She can use her shield and speed boost in Ashe as an initiating ability, followed by her W root. A quick burst from Q and Luden’s can bring an enemy’s hp down to a half, to which Ashe can follow up by stunning the enemy with her ult. It is easy to chase enemies with this duo as both have means of slowing the movement speed of enemy champions.

Late Game Playstyle

If Karma built items like a mage, she could join the frontline by throwing her pokes at enemies. She has a low cooldown to poke enemies quite often; the same goes for Ashe, who also has low cooldowns and very long range. Both champions can engage enemies with their skills, so try to communicate who will be the one to initiate the late-game pick. 

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2. Senna

Matching Ashe’s long-range abilities and basic attacks, Senna can be a terrifying support/late game ADC. Senna has one of the strongest pokes in all of the support champions, and she scales hard even though she is supported. She can even beat Ashe’s late-game damage and kill most champions solo. 

Best item for Senna

Umbral Glaive

Senna excels on lethality damage, so it only makes sense that a cheap lethality item is a great rush item. This is also a great item to help Ashe because Senna can prevent ganks with this item as it can clear award in one shot and even disables them whenever she gets near it. She can also use this item to roam other lanes and prevent detection by destroying the ward.

Different Playstyle for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Senna has two choices for a rune to pick; it’s either Glacial augment or the Grasp of the Undying. Either way, both of these runes empower Senna’s poking potential. A quick hit followed by a q cast can be an excellent laning phase poke combo. You can also play defensively and only use your Q on Ashe to heal her every time she gets poked; make sure you cast this while she is aligned with an enemy so you can get value on both. Enemy damage and heal on Ashe.

Mid Game Playstyle

Senna scales well as a support to take kills for Ashe or set up kills for her. Her ult is also an incredible initiating ability to shield Ashe and damage allies. You can also surprise engage enemies with your E and hide your jungler and Ashe within your circle for a surprise swindle. 

Late Game Playstyle

You become a burst ADC in the late game that can 1v1 any champion even if they are assassins. New mythic items allow you to survive burst damage. You can continue beside Ashe and provide massive pokes with her to ensure easier kills. Or you can do a split push with Senna and help Ashe if she gets caught by an enemy with your ultimate as it has a global range. 

1. Braum

Ashe is a great ADC, only if she can survive long enough to kite enemies with her basic attacks. With Braum’s support, she doesn’t have to worry about getting burst by a projectile as Braum can quickly negate them with his shield. Braum can also help Ashe by stacking his slow-inducing abilities with Ashe’s similar effects. He can also follow up on Ashe’s ult engage with his ult. 

Best item for Braum

Zeke’s Convergence

This is a great item to help Ashe both offensively and defensively. The bonus damage coming from this item lets Ashe deal more damage to the enemies as Braum can slow enemies even further with the frost effect of the item. 

Different Playstyle for Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Braum has a simple poke ability that can be used as an early game initiation to lead to a kill. Other than that, he should play defensively as Ashe farms for her core items. 

Mid Game Playstyle

Play aggressively and be the initiating champion that Ashe needs. Both of you can initiate fights with your spells, but it’s best if you’re the one starting fights while being in the front line. Let Ashe reserve her ult to peel for herself. 

Late Game Playstyle

Try to reward as many sidewards as you can so you can surprise enemies from the shadows as you hide in the bushes with Ashe. If you manage to do this, enemies who will try to face check will be surprised and won’t be able to react to your crowd control abilities along with Ashe’s late-game damage. 

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Final Thoughts

Ashe is an ADC that is very dependent on her support champions. She needs all the peels and enchants to be a great ADC. Her kit is just really outdated, and she is not great for the meta and the current pre-season changes, so she is dependent on her team composition. 

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