5 Best Supports for Sivir in League of Legends

Sivir’s Q is a devastating skillshot ability that can bring an enemy’s HP down to half with just a single cast of it. Sivir can build towards a lethality-centered ADC depending on the enemy, making her one-shot enemies with her Q alone. 

However, if the enemy has tanks, she can also build towards crit or on-hit as it greatly synergizes with her W and ultimately makes her a kiting goddess. Support will depend upon Sivir’s build path so try to pick supports wisely while in the pick and ban phase of the game. But today, we will give you an idea of 5 supports that are generally great with Sivir. 

5. Morgana

Morgana’s Q opens great plays for Sivir, whatever build she aims at. Her long-lasting Q makes enemies very vulnerable to Sivir’s Q or elemental attacks, whatever her build is. Morgana’s ultimate also sets enemies up for a Pentakill on Sivir. Once all enemies are stunned by Morgana, Sivir can hit them with her Q or her basic bouncing attack.

Best Item for Morgana


Landing a five-person ult on Morgana will maximize the value of this item as Sivir can easily hit them all with her W or Q. This item will make the enemies receive 10 percent more damage from any damage source of Sivir.

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

The early game will depend on Morgana’s Q; if she lands one root on an enemy, it can easily lead to a kill for Sivir because of her Q’s burst damage. Once this happens, they can both fast push the lane with Sivir’s great wave clear, and they can both poke enemies from far away with their long-range poke abilities.

Mid Game Playstyle

Thanks to her Q and W combo, Morgana is one of the strongest laners. They should abuse their poke abilities and push lanes up to the second tier. Once they do this, they can easily roam all other lanes and help their teammates push and give room for better objective secures.

Late Game Playstyle

Morgana can land a five-person stun on her ultimate during team fights by combining it with a flash and a Zhonya’s proc. If she manages to stun five enemies, then Sivir can clean up for the team, guaranteeing an easy win.

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4. Leona

Sivir also benefits from aggressive engage support champions that can tank tons of damage for her. Leona’s engagement makes sure that Sivir hits both the procs of her Q’s damage on enemies. 

Leona also has a low cooldown on her crowd control abilities, making it easy for Sivir to hit enemies with her Q multiple times. Leona can also focus on staying on the front line, as Sivir can self-peel with her ultimate and spell shield.

Best Item for Leona


Leona has a significant damage mitigating ability. It comes from the damage reduction of her W. Warmog gives Leona very high HP; it also gives her the ability to heal without going back to base.

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Leona should be careful in the early game as she doesn’t value her starting abilities. But if Sivir recalls and acquires her first item, Leona can commit to an engagement and finish it off with her W, so she doesn’t receive that much damage in return.

Mid Game Playstyle

Leona’s engagement and Chain CC will work great on Sivir as a hyper-aggressive engage. Both of them can effortlessly chase enemies because of Sivir’s ultimate, and they can also use it to disengage from enemies they can’t take on.

Late Game Playstyle

Be a frontline tank and the initiating factor for your team’s team fight. Once you hit a five-man ultimate, it also passively on all enemies, adding more damage to Sivir’s Q damage. 

3. Alistar

Yet another aggressive tank support that can tank tons of damage and even tank tower shots for a tower dive. Alistar’s engagement is much better than Leona’s because his abilities can displace enemies. He can use it to perform a simple insec move or a peeling factor for Sivir.

Best Item for Alistar

Deadman’s plate

This item gives Alistar constant fast movement speed making it easier for him to close the gap between him and an enemy.

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Start by simply using your relic passive on minions and only try to engage enemies when you reach level 3. Once you engage enemies, Sivir can easily follow it up with her long-range Q. Alistar can also stun enemies after the quick engage with his E increasing the chances for a takedown in the laning phase even further.

Mid Game Playstyle

Alistar can quickly deal with a scam from a jungler as he can headbutt them away from Sivir. He can also start a tower dive every time his ultimate is up, and it’s so much better with Sivir’s ultimate as they can effortlessly chase enemies with it.

Late Game Playstyle

Focus on peeling Sivir as enemies would be coming for her in the late game.ADC champions are the backbone of a team’s damage source, especially in the late game. Alistar’s CC abilities are great ways to keep enemies away from Sivir, even from assassin champions.

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2. Seraphine

Seraphine’s ultimate is one of the best spell synergies for Sivir’s Q; once it hits multiple enemy champions, Seraphine can follow it up with an additional root from her E and even extend it even further with an ever frost. 

Suppose Seraphine succeeds at hitting multiple enemies with this. In that case, Sivir can cast her Q and activate her W to burst all champions at once, mainly when she builds towards a lethality poke build.

Best Item for Seraphine


Like I mentioned above, every frost is excellent at extending crowd control durations on enemies because of its passive effect. Its mythic passive also allows Seraphine to damage even more enemies thanks to its additional AP for every legendary item.

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Seraphine can easily zone enemies away from minion range or be hyper-aggressive with her pokes. Sera’s Q and W have decent damage and low mana cost, making her a great laner. Continue poking enemies until they go down half of their HP and communicate with your Sivir to go all-in once this happens. If you catch an enemy with your E’s root, then that’s the initiation.

Mid Game Playstyle

Sivir’s ultimate synergizes with Seraphine’s spells; they can both use their ults to initiate team fights, and once Sera hits multiple enemies with her ult and SIvir’s Q gets them as well, it will be easy for your team to clean up after that.

Late Game Playstyle

If enemies do not build tank items to counter Sivir’s lethality pokes, then play aggressively and build items that help Sivir’s mobility. Otherwise, play safe and protect Sivir with your E And ultimate every time an enemy comes at the backline.

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1. Nami

Like Seraphine, Nami can engage Sivir with her ultimate and CC enemies right after that. She even has a stronger enchant as she can use her Eon Sivir every time she casts her Q on enemies to deal additional damage and slow the enemy champions. Nami also has a heal to help with their survivability.

Best Item for Nami

Ardent Censer

This item will always be a staple build-on support champion with heals and shields. Ardent also synergizes with Sivir’s W, increasing her attack speed and allowing her to apply on-hit effects on every enemy nearby.

Different Playstyles For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Nami uses her W either to poke enemies or keep Sivir’s HP up so she can farm efficiently. Once she reaches level 2, she can use both Q and W to poke enemies or even initiate a takedown if a jungler comes to swindle.

Mid Game Playstyle

Initiate team fights with your ultimate, and you can put an ardent passive on all of your allies with a redemption. Make sure to use your E on Sivir every time she pokes enemies with her Q. 

Late Game Playstyle

Stay at the backline along with Sivir and only use your Ult as they engage ability; never use your Q to engage and reserve it as a peeling factor for Sivir. 

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