Attack Move vs. Attack Move Click – What’s The Difference?

Attack Move vs. Attack Move Click - What’s The Difference? League of Legends

Most League of Legends players use Attack Move Click by default without even knowing there exists another way to control your champion. There are two ways to control your champion in League of Legends: Attack Move, and Attack Move Click. Their names are self-explanatory. Attack Move refers to Moving and Attacking using separate input while using Attack Move Click binds Attacking and Moving to the same clicks.

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What is Attack Move?

In League of Legends, using Attack Move shows the range of your champion and if an enemy target is near, it will make your champion auto-attack them upon pressing left-click.

It guarantees that your champion will not walk somewhere you do not intend to. While using Attack Move, you will need to execute two commands in order to move your champion. The first hotkey will only show you your range then a left mouse button click initiates the move command and your champion starts to either move or attack any character in range.

The default key for this command is the “A” key, you can always change the default key by going into Settings > Hotkeys > Player Movement.

Attack Move explained in League of Legends

What is Attack Move Click?

Attack Move Click causes you to attack the nearest enemy to your mouse cursor while it prioritizes champions over other targets. While sharing similarities with the Attack Move command, Attack Move Click is slightly different in its mechanical form as it is a single move command, unlike the Attack move.

It does the same thing as attack move in the way that it prioritizes enemies in your auto attack range when you execute this command without having to initiate any other command.

Attack Move Click explained in League of Legends

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between the two is in the command execution, the auto-attack range indicator, and the time it takes to execute your actions.

  • For the Attack Move you have to give two commands before your character moves while the Attack Move Click executes with only one command.
  • The Attack Move first command shows you the auto-attack range indicator so you have a general idea of where it is, the Attack Move Click however doesn’t give a range indicator and goes directly to executing the move command.
  • As Attack Move takes two commands it’s generally slower than Attack Move Click which takes only one command to execute complete action.
  • There are more chances of errors using Attack Move Click as misclicks while kiting your enemy.
  • Attack Move is generally recommended for players who play the Marksmen category of champions as they are very auto-attack reliant

Most players do not use Attack Move Click and are oblivious to its advantages. This is especially common in the lower ranks of the game where people are not aware of such features. Despite these differences, the outputs of both these commands are the same, one potentially more beneficial than the other depending on the scenario.

Which One is Better?

Attack Move is better for ADC players because an ADC is generally a Marksman that heavily relies on auto-attacks. As Attack Move provides more accuracy, there is less room for mistakes during kiting or ‘Orb Walking’.

What is Orb Walking?

Orb Walking refers to auto-attacking an enemy target but canceling your auto-attack animation early (this is also called animation canceling) by interrupting it and commanding your champion to go for another auto-attack.

With that being said, there are a few advantages to each of them. Attack Move might be better for a certain role but Attack Move Click could benefit in other scenarios of the game.



Consider a scenario where you’re kiting the enemy Darius as Ashe. You are constantly clicking on him to damage him while clicking away to walk further away from him so you maintain your distance. A singular misclick can disrupt your rhythm, letting Darius catch up to you, and kill you. This is where Attack Move benefits, allowing you to control your champion with more accuracy and precision, giving you an advantage over using Attack Move.

Accuracy explained in League of Legends

Clearing Wards

Vision, in League of Legends, is crucial information for your team. It is equally important to deny the enemy’s vision of your team. Clearing wards is one of the essential actions of denying the enemies information. While walking through the bushes, you may walk over several wards. It is important to clear them quickly and continue walking towards your destination. Instead of noticing a ward, moving your cursor to click it, and waiting for you to auto-attack it to destroy it, you can simply walk through bushes and use Attack Move Click to instantly clear a ward in the bush if there were to be one in it.

Clearing Wards explained in League of Legends

Displaying Range

Knowing your range is very important in League of Legends. Overstepping can lead to taking a bad trade and potentially having to recall at a disadvantage. Trading at your champion’s maximum range is the safest way of dealing damage without getting caught out of position, and for that, knowing your range is essential.

Displaying Range explained in League of Legends

How to Set Up Attack Move Click?

The default key for this command is the “Shift + MB2” key.

To change the bind, follow the following steps:

  • Go to Hotkeys in settings,
  • Scroll to the section titled “Player Movement
  • You can bind Player Attack Move to any keybind convenient for you from there.

We recommend setting “A” as the Attack Move Click keybind as it is very close to Q, W, and E, making it very convenient.

Set Up Attack Move Click explained in League of Legends

What is ADC?

ADC refers to Attack Damage Carry, one of the five roles in League of Legends. This player is responsible for dealing ridiculous damage mid-to-late game. They are generally squishy, ranged, and auto-attack reliant.

As ADCs rely heavily on auto-attacks, dealing hefty damage at the cost of being very fragile, they are required to be accurate and have precise movement to maintain their safety, accompanied by their Supports. Attack Move benefit them greatly in kiting their opponents.

ADC explained in League of Legends Guide

Some of the strongest ADC champions have been listed below:

  • Twitch
  • Vayne
  • Kai’Sa
  • Zeri


Twitch is a very strong ADC champion, benefiting from the extremely high attack speed attained using Lethal Tempo. He is quick to output an incredible amount of damage in a short period but on the flip side is very vulnerable to damage. To utilize Twtich to his maximum potential, you need to be a master of kiting, and to be a master of kiting you need to utilize Attack Move Click for maximum accuracy and precision.

ADC Twitch explained in League of Legends


Unlike most ADCs, Vayne relies purely on auto-attacks for damage. She utilizes Tumble (Q) and Condemn (E) for utility, taking advantage of Silver Bolts (W)’s passive for incredible true damage. She utilizes perfect movement to dodge incoming skill shots and deal with as many auto-attacks as possible.

ADC Vayne explained in League of Legends


Kai’Sa is a mobile ADC that is capable of bursting an enemy in short-range using Icathian Rain (Q) and applying consistent DPS through auto-attacks and her passive Second Skin. As one of the strongest ADCs after her AP ratio nerfs in patch 12.8, she has been a strong AD champion in Bot Lane, synergizing with engage supports.

ADC Kai’Sa explained in League of Legends


Zeri was only introduced in Season 12 and she has already been a strong pick in the Bot Lane since her addition to the list of champions. She utilizes high attack speed dealing consistent DPS in the form of AoE attacks using her unique ability Burst Fire (Q). She is also mobile thanks to Spark Surge (E), making her one of the top-tier ADCs in the current season.

Zeri ADC explained in League of Legends

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Final Thoughts

Although Attack Move Click is said to be better, it is not always the correct choice for everyone in every role. Tank champions or Mages do not require such mechanics, therefore, making Attack Move Click lose its value on champions such as Ornn and Malphite. Still, it may help you in more ways than mentioned so give it a try and let us know if it helped you.

Did our guide teach you about the benefits of Attack Move Click? What champion is your favorite to play? What are your thoughts on the newest patch? We lov

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