How To Test League Of Legends Ping Without Getting Into The Game

Hello, League of Legends fans! Is your gaming skill improving? We hope that you have won those points and that you have mastered all the tactics of rank matches and that you can readily and responsibly wait for the end of the ranked season. Playing League of Legends brings a lot of fun, but also frustration, for many reasons. 

For example, if there is a player on the team who verbally abuses the rest of the team it is a sign of frustration, also, if one of the teammates does not take the game seriously and disconnects himself from time to time, it is already a bigger reason to get annoyed. However, the most he can get out of the tact of one League of Legends player is ping. Ping is certainly a very well-known term, but of course not for positive reasons.

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What Is Ping Anyway?

For those who may not be clear about what exactly ping represents, we will make a brief introduction.

And in the simplest possible way: when a player wants to play a League of Legends match, he must log in to the League of Legends client and thus connect to the Riot servers. In order to successfully connect to these servers, data must be sent through that connection (which is actually your internet provider). This way you successfully connect to the server. The server also sends data through that same connection and the connection is successful.

All that connection sending is measured in milliseconds, so you can see how slow or fast your PC is. The higher the number, the more difficulty you will have in connecting to the server and maintaining the connection. For example, 60 and anything under 60 is acceptable and you will be able to play the game normally. 

But if you have a number greater than 100 you will probably have difficulty controlling your champion. If the ping is greater than 100 it means it takes 0.1 seconds for the server and PC to exchange a message. Time of 0.1 seconds doesn’t sound like much, but trust us, in the gaming world it’s really a lot. 

Especially when you consider that most players have a ping between 20 and 40. So, high ping slows down the connection between the server you are playing the game on and your PC, which makes normal gameplay much more difficult and very frustrating.

But don’t despair. You can ping a server without entering the game so find out in time if you will be able to play the game without lag issues or maybe it is better to wait for a better moment when your ping will be lower.

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Why Is My Game Lagging In The First Place?

You’re probably wondering why there’s a high ping and lagging the game at all. The lag that happens while your game lasts can be caused by various factors, but they will all increase your lag so there is no difference in what causes it.

What happens in that case? In that case, your champion will not listen to your commands, because your mouse cursor has a smarter job than following your hand movements. Also, an icon for ‘Reconnecting’ may appear and the only thing you can do in that case is to stare at the screen and wait to reconnect to the game. 

And in the worst case, your screen won’t show the Rift but a big pile of nothing. This can often annoy players who would rather break the whole PC, and it can also annoy teammates who often know to ban players who are unable to play games normally due to high pings.

One of the most common reasons for lagging is simultaneous downloading. For example, during a League of Legends match, a movie or other game is downloaded in the background at the same time. This is the worst combination that can cause ping to go wild and ruin your game. There will be difficulties in the connection between your PC and Riot’s server. 

This is the most common reason why players have problems with high ping. But be careful, it doesn’t have to mean that it’s your PC, maybe there is someone’s PC in your house or on the same internet connection trying to play an online game or download a file in the background.

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How Do I Check My Ping Before I Start Playing A Match In League Of Legends?

The first and foremost thing you can do is test your internet on any site which provides this, such as SpeedTest. net. This site will automatically test the ping for you. Another way you can check the ping before running the League of Legends client is to test the ping on different Riot servers. This is a very efficient way to check, because if we get the same or a similar number on both servers, we can know which way we will connect more easily. Check out these adressess. 

  • NA – ping
  • EUW – ping
  • EUNE – ping
  • OCE – ping
  • LAN – ping
  • BR – ping

The first thing you need to do is open the windows menu, and type ‘cmd’ in the search engine. After that, the command prompt opens, within which it is necessary to enter the command “ping ipadress”. But instead of the ip address just type in the address of the server whose ping you want to check.

After that, numbers will be displayed that will indicate the ping of each server. In addition, we need to pay attention to whether we have some programs on our PC that can increase the ping, if there are, we need to close them while playing League of Legends so that we do not affect its increase.

Ways To Reduce Ping In League Of Legends

Fortunately, there are various ways to reduce the ping during the League of Legends match. And they’re all easy to apply so you won’t have to bother much.

First of all, check your firewall settings. Firewall settings may be set to block certain programs and increase ping. You will easily solve this problem – just add League of Legends to the Windows firewall exemptions list.

Another easy solution is to lower your graphics settings. Some games have automatic settings set to high quality. However, high-quality settings often increase ping and disable normal gameplay. Check tutorials on the web on how to set lower graphics settings.

Furthermore, check your Wi-Fi settings. If your router is far from your PC from which you log in to the League of Legends client, the connection may be somewhat weaker. You know what that means – if the connection is bad, then the ping will be higher, and your game will be ruined. It is also recommended that the router be kept as high as possible so that nothing would interfere with it and interfere with the signal.

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Final Thoughts

Every League of Legends player knows how frustrating it is when he wants to play a match, but his ping starts to jump unexpectedly and thus prevents him from playing. The player cannot control the champion, move around the Rift and watch the course of the match. All this further irritates his teammates who do not know if the player intentionally left the game or helps the enemy team by dying from minute to minute.

In this article, we talked about the biggest pain in the ass of all players – ping. Here you can find tips on how to check the condition of your internet connection and whether it will affect the ping if you start playing. Follow our advice and solve the ping problem. Of course, don’t forget to have fun while playing League of Legends!

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