The 8 Most Toxic Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is a game in which you often see toxic champions and people. That is something that will hardly change, even with the efforts that the company puts into removing this aspect of the game. In this article, you will learn about toxic champions and why they are toxic. This time we will talk about the toxic champions specifically while leaving the topic of toxic players for another time.

Toxic Champions

It’s been years since I’ve played League of Legends, but it still holds a special place in my heart as the game that really got me into PC gaming and competitive multiplayer. And while I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the game has changed for the worse in many ways since I’ve stopped playing, there are some constants that have always remained true.

One such constant is the fact that there are always certain champions who will make you want to tear your hair out whenever they get picked. Whether it’s because they’re overpowered, underpowered, or just plain annoying to fight against, these champions will leave you more frustrated than anything else. To give you a better understanding of what exactly “toxic” means in League of Legends, we’ll be discussing ten champions who earned their spot on this list with ease.

Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny they’re an issue. After all, if they weren’t an issue, they wouldn’t be so despised by the community at large. If a champion is hated by the community, it’s likely Riot will take action and rework the champion to make it more fun to play against and interact with.

With so many champions being considered toxic by the community, it’s hard to know where to start. Where do we begin? What champion is the most toxic in League of Legends?

Let’s look at some of the most hated champions in League of Legends and try to determine who is the worst offender for being toxic. I’ll be looking at both who is most hated and who is most toxic in order to determine this list.

8. Seraphine

Seraphine is almost universally hated, not because of her abilities, although those are often compared to Sona in both form and function, but because of her lack of any meaningful place in the League of Legends lore. She seems out-of-place compared to other characters, and even her K/DA version seems to be slightly forced compared to the original 4 champions in the squad.

People have a love/hate relationship with Seraphine. Either she is too weak, or she’s broken. Either she’s too boring and has no place in the lore, or she brings something new and interesting to it. They either dislike her because they don’t like pop music, or they love her for exactly that reason.

She seems to be hated by many because there are so many things that Riot could have done with her instead of making her a pop star. They could have made her a mage that could control the sound waves themselves or a samurai that used sound as their weapon. There are so many potential directions for this champion, but Riot decided on making her a pop star instead.

While I agree that she is pretty much a carbon copy of Sona, she has a few key differences that make her more diverse than simply being a re-skin. Her passive allows her to heal herself over time as well as gain mana to cast spells at no cost. 

Her E gives her an auto-attack boost that synergizes well with crit items without the need for an ADC or other crit item champions. She also has one final ability which grants allies a shield and makes their next basic attack strike multiple times, which can be quite useful in team fights when used on the right targets such as Leona or Braum.

Overall, Seraphine is a very strong support, with great sustain for both herself and her allies, as well as fantastic damage potential when built properly.

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7. Vayne

Vayne is a hyper carry who is able to deal out incredible amounts of burst damage. She can easily assassinate squishy targets, and her high mobility allows her to chase down foes or escape from sticky situations.

Vayne is a late-game marksman that has very little presence in the early game but scales extremely well into the mid and late game.

Vayne is famous for creating toxicity wherever and whenever she is selected. She is a flashy, skill-based markswoman that is as hard to kill as she is hard to hit. Teams require coordination and lock-on crowd control to properly deal with her, and so it is often true that a Vayne pick can turn the tide of champion selection.

All of this said, she does have counters and makes for a rather poor laning phase without the proper support. She is a truly game-defining pick that needs to be shut down as soon as possible, lest her insane late-game turns an even game into a stomp for her side.

6. Malzahar

Malzahar is known for being one of the most toxic champions in League of Legends. He gets banned almost all of the time, and for good reason. Malzahar can be awful to play against if you’re not used to it.

Malzahar is an excellent wave-clearing champion. He can use his abilities to clear an entire lane’s worth of minion waves in a short period of time, and he can safely do this from the safety of his tower if necessary. If left alone, Malzahar can easily push lanes and get the gold necessary to build into a full-on AP carry. His passive also allows him to gain permanent maximum health when he kills minions, which gives him excellent sustain without ever having to leave his lane.

Malzahar’s ultimate ability is one of the most oppressive tools in the game for crowd control. Once he drops his null zone on you, there is very little chance you will be able to survive more than 5 seconds, especially if he has a decent amount of AP built upon him. The only real way to survive against Malzahar is to either kill him or have someone with a hard crowd control ability help break you out of his suppression chain.

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5. Fizz

In many ways, Fizz is the quintessential assassin. With his slippery mobility and high burst damage, he can quickly eliminate isolated targets in the blink of an eye. He excels at taking out backline squishy targets and diving deep into heavy enemy lines to assassinate priority targets with ease.

Being a mobile melee assassin, Fizz is known for his burst damage. Using a combination of his four abilities, he can duck in and out of combat while systematically removing enemy champions. His mobility is unmatched and makes him a potent force against enemies that are slow, squishy, or otherwise vulnerable to assassination.

He also has a great early game against particular characters, making it very easy to snowball an easy victory using this mobile assassin. The hitbox on his ultimate, in particular, is very strange and hard to predict, making him a truly terrifying force to fight.

All these factors make Fizz one of the most toxic champions in the game. He requires no skill to play, and he’s very strong in the early game. When you combine those two factors with the high mobility he possesses, you have a champion that can kill enemy champions at will with little fear of reprisal until about level 10.

His kit is just too strong for how simple it is to use effectively. This means that he wins games not through mechanical skill but through “forcing” an opponent into mistakes by exploiting his kit’s design flaws and getting ahead early regardless of their own mechanical skill.

4. Yasuo

Yasuo is a highly mobile character that has worked his way into the bottom lane, a place where he excels at attacking and easily defeating marksmen that don’t expect his mobility, projectile destruction, and DPS. Playing around his wind wall is important, but lower-ranked players, namely those still stuck below silver, have trouble hitting him when he is dashing easily through minion after minion. Even bottom laners like Draven struggle against this projectile-blocking menace.

The concept of Yasuo’s kit is to use his abilities in the right order and at the right time. This means knowing when to use your wind wall and when to use your dash. It means knowing when an enemy will be near enough to get hit by a tornado with your ultimate or knowing if it’s better to just use your ultimate for the damage it gives or go for the knock-up. 

Yasuo also has a passive that allows him to gain a shield based on how many enemies are nearby. If you’re getting attacked, you can get out of range or cast a spell so that you gain a shield, which can help you either stay in the lane longer or stay alive during team fights. However, if Yasuo over-extends and doesn’t play smart, he can die from an ADC all.

The problem with Yasuo lies in his ability to ignore most of the league’s skillshots by simply flashing or dashing through them. This makes him extremely hard to hit while also giving him an advantage during trades. Even if the enemy player lands a skillshot on a Yasuo during a trade, he can often negate it by using his wind wall in time. It’s a safe bet to say that many of Yasuo’s kills come from tower diving enemies who are trapped under their own turret because they couldn’t escape from Yasuo’s damage.

This champion has been one of the most contested topics in the League community for years now. Riot has nerfed him several times since his release, and the community has yet to be satisfied with his kit’s balance. It may be time for Riot to find a new solution to fix this champion problem once and for all.

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3. Yone

Yone is a boy who has been long-awaited by the League of Legends community. He is the brother of Yasuo, and as you could guess from this, he is an extremely strong mid laner. Similar to his brother Yasuo, Yone is an extremely strong mid laner. With his kit, he is able to outplay many other champions. 

The combination of his abilities, which you can use together to make strong combos, is one of the most annoying things for his enemies. He is perfect if you want to dive the enemy under his turret. Yone can perform his abilities by creating combos that can airborne the enemy, making them easy targets. On top of that, the damage he does is far too strong, and on top of that, some of his skills deal with ap and ad damage. If that is not enough, his W ability can even create a shield.

The only difference between Yone and Yasuo is that Yone has got some skill shots, which makes him a little bit harder to play than Yasuo. But if you are already used to playing Yasuo, it will be very easy for you to learn how to play this new champion because their kits are similar and they have even got similar passive – they both cannot get CC-ed while dashing through an enemy or ally champion.

Besides that, there are many other combos you can use in order to kill your enemies or even airborne them if they try to flee from you. His W ability allows him to create a shield, which makes him even harder to kill. On top of that, all Yone can do is both ap and ad damage, making him extremely strong in the late game phase.

2. Master Yi

The champion, Master Yi, is a huge bully. He can do a lot of damage early, but his abilities require a high level of skill in order to use. In season 11, players have been complaining about his power level and the fact that he’s too hard to fight against.

Master Yi has always been considered one of the most toxic champions in League of Legends. In fact, he’s so bad that he’s been banned from being played by all levels of play except for the highest professional teams who can handle him properly.

The reason why Master Yi is so toxic is that his abilities give him insane DPS while also allowing him to stay safe from projectiles, even lock-on varieties, that are used against him. This makes him strong in the early game and late game alike with enough items or skills.

He has a very high-skill cap, and his kit allows him to deal insane amounts of damage while being able to stay safe at the same time. A skilled Master Yi player can turn around any game, but their weak early-game means that they often have little impact on the game unless they are very fed up.

Even so, he is still universally hated by low-rank and beginner players who don’t know how to deal with his powerful abilities and slow start. The addition of new mythic items has only made Master Yi stronger, and for lower-rank players, he borders on a permanent ban.

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1. Teemo

Teemo is the most toxic champion in League of Legends. He is a ranged top laner who excels at annoying his laners and opposing team members. His passive ability, camouflage, allows him to become invisible when not moving for 3 seconds. This effect is similar to that of Evelyn’s passive when she is out of combat for at least 4 seconds. While this may seem like a low-impact ability, it can allow him to set up surprise traps for anyone who is either chasing him or fleeing from him.

In the world of League of Legends, many champions are considered toxic. These champions are picked because they are hard to deal with, or due to the fact that they do not require much skill to play.

One such champion is Teemo. Despite his cute appearance, Teemo is universally hated for his annoying, hard-to-counter, abilities. His blind effectively removes many bottom laners from the late game, as they are highly reliant on auto-attacks. In addition to this, his trap-based playstyle requires that nearly everyone on the opposing team buy sweeper lenses to deal with his mushrooms.

While he is easily hated for his annoying, hard-to-counter abilities, the reason he is so toxic is that he has unique strengths and weaknesses.

His blind effectively removes many bottom laners from the late game, as they are highly reliant on auto-attacks. In addition to this, his trap-based playstyle requires that nearly everyone on the opposing team buy sweeper lenses to deal with his mushrooms.

No matter who you’re playing, if you get hit by a blind, it’s going to hurt. This is especially true for ADCs and bruisers, who rely on auto-attacks for much of their damage.

His kit is not just annoying; it is also hard to counter as well. The inability to see your opponent outside of bushes with Oracle’s Lens means they can easily get the drop on you with their traps if they are placed well enough ahead of time (this can be done without Oracle’s Lens). If you don’t have Oracle’s Lens, you have almost no way of knowing where those traps are until you step on them, which usually means instant death at the hands of their mushrooms.


With this ends the article, about the most toxic champions in the league. As you see most of the champions can spam a lot of annoying abilities or be persistent in ruining your game at specific moments. The way they are built plus some of their overpowered abilities make them one of the most hated in the LoL community.

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