7 Best Burst Champions in League of Legends

In almost every team game is vital to have strong champions that can deal extreme amounts of damage to kill the opponent and become the victorious team. In League of Legends, many types of abilities and attacks deal different types of damage. For example, there is AP damage AD damage, and there is a combination of both that can be dealt with in various ways. 

Killing one champion in League produces a feeling of satisfaction, and there is another when you kill all of them. Many things play a role that can predict the outcome of any game. Getting some kills early in the game will help you and your team as you will have many advantages over your opponents in the rest of the game. 

Burst damage refers to the highest amount of damage one champion can produce in a short period using all of his damaging abilities while not being able to do that again due to the cooldowns of those abilities. Pretty much, it is a single rotation of all the champion abilities before the enemy has much time to react. 

To deal with burst damage, you will need to use all of your abilities and lose vast amounts of your mana or energy, making you pretty vulnerable and useless in the upcoming seconds. Yet, the burst damage you deal is going to be worth it most of the time because your opponents won’t be there to harm you.

So, let’s get going with presenting some of the best champions that can deal burst damage in the game.

Best Burst Champions in League of Legends

1. Zed 

He is best known for his insane damage output and his fearing ultimate. Zed is a champion that doesn’t exist in lower elos since he is permanently banned. Zed can easily pick any enemy champion he wants to kill and set off to do the job, making it hard to play against him as a squishy mage or AD carry. 

So when Zed has used his W, then in sequence uses his ultimate ability, three sources can deal the same damage, resulting in an insane amount of damage if he hits his Q onto a champion. Even after he hits all his abilities and the target isn’t dead, Zed’s ultimate will finish the job as it deals a fair amount of damage after a couple of seconds. 

Also, it’s not a surprise for him to produce significant damage if he doesn’t have his precious ultimate. That being said, be cautious when playing against this predator because his burst is just unbelievable.

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6. Katarina

Another roaming mid-laner, only this time it is a hybrid one, giving a choice to Kata mains to choose how they want to dominate. This champion can either be played with ability power items as a mage or with attack damage items making her one deadly assassin to deal with. Katarina enjoys various resources when it comes to killing or escaping.

Katarina shines the brightest when her opponents don’t have much crowd control abilities to stop her from dealing unbelievable amounts of burst damage. She enjoys the company of squishy enemies as she tears them up with her daggers. 

Also, you shouldn’t think you are safe if you play tanks. Her kit gives her some unfair advantages over immobile enemies due to her massive mobility and passive ability that pretty much resets all her cooldowns.

If you’re excellent at keeping an eye on your opponents’ cooldowns and abilities, then Katarina is the number one champion for you. She is hard to master, but you will be ready to go with enough practice. Throwing your daggers is dealing decent damage at enemies that are ranged while keeping a safe distance. Next, dash onto the dagger to make some burst and back off. 

Then, you will need to cast your Wright before you use the ultimate to gain some burst of movement speed and damage while erasing whole teams. If some of them manage to survive, you will have all of your abilities at your disposal to finish them off.

5. Brand

This frisky champion is no joke, and it comes to a great addition to any team that lacks Ability power, and crowd control. He can provide his team with lots of magic burst damage and hard stun while playing as a ‘support’ or in the middle lane.

The only category where Brand is lacking is movement speed and sustainability. Riot has equipped this champion with abilities that deal enormous amounts of burst damage to cover for that. His whole abilities are directed towards dealing damage and some crowd control. Proper positioning and rational use of resources are vital in surviving as Brand. Brand is one hell of a burst damage bully with the right amount of magic penetration.

A good thing to know is that you can make different combinations out of all of Brand’s abilities depending on the situation that you are in to maximize your burst potential. Also, combined with some OP items, you can catch off guard multiple enemies that are grouped to burst all of them simultaneously. 

After you gain three stacks on Brand’s passive, the enemy champions and monsters affected by it will explode in a decent radius dealing additional damage. Another valuable ability for teamfights and dealing lots of damage to multiple enemies is his ultimate, which can be cast to execute all those running squishies.

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4. Fizz

Sometimes your invulnerability is why your opponents’ rage quits, and sometimes your is because you are a pretty decent Fizz player who can outplay any enemy who dares to reach for you. All you will need to unlock your killing potential is hitting level 3, unlocking most of your abilities, and you’ll be able to tower dive anyone, killing them while doing so.

Fizz can be built however you want to. He is very flexible and mainly played as a heavy damage resource. Hopping on your stick makes you untargetable, and after the duration, you splash your enemies with some magic damage. 

This ability is sometimes used to get close to your opponent and do your fish shenanigans resulting in massive amounts of burst damage or flee the crime scene when things get heated. His ultimate is an excellent addition to his killer kit, with three outcomes. Depending on the range you throw it, this ability can create either a small, medium, or relatively large circle in which a great shark will rise, knocking up enemies while dealing terrifying amounts of damage to anything it catches.

He’s a grand champion to deal burst damage because of his kill pressure in the game’s early stages. Playing aggressively will surely force your enemy to run for his life, exhausting his escaping abilities for some time. His abilities allow him to dodge skillshots. And after he gets his ultimate, his killing potential is significantly increased against squishy opponents and every other opponent if you want to use all of your abilities.

3. Kha’Zix

If you think that this cute bug is nothing to fear, then you are wrong, my friend. If you like to wander around the jungle and try to steal his camps, you most certainly will get squashed by Kha’zix, as he is very good at finding some clueless and lonely prey. And after you hit that level 6 power spike, you won’t be a cute little bug anymore. You will be transformed into a fearless decapitating monster. 

Honestly, this champion has points in all categories. He can deal tremendous damage, reliable crowd control, steady escape abilities, and ultimate that allows him to be invisible. He poses an extreme threat to squishy enemies as he can very easily rip through them with his burst damage output. Kha’zix goes pretty well with Ravenous Hydra combined with his ultimate and Q ability, allowing him to eat anyone in the blink of an eye.

Kha’zix is a grand snowball champion. Playing aggressively will grant him some kills early in the game, making him some advantage over the enemy. Best played with Electrocute rune, it makes Kha’zix abilities able to deal high amounts of burst damage, and when times get tough, he can use his jump to get to safety. 

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2. Rengar

Another assassin lurks in the jungle, packed with easy combos that deal extraordinary damage values. Rengar is always on the hunt for his alien friend, Kha’zix. His kit is also filled with exciting abilities that allow Rengar to deal burst damage.

He has a valuable passive ability that he can use while hiding in bushes to give him great lunge distances onto his enemies. His passive also empowers his next ability, making him perfect for burst damage after jumping from his trusty hiding place. When you go all in, try to get the kill because Rengar does not have any actual escape ability if he is not near a bush.

Rengar is great for dealing with burst damage because of his increased mobility near bushes. This makes him great for ganking; great wave and camp clear once his Q is maxed out; the fact that he is invisible while in his ult makes his opponents panic and make more mistakes while Rengar is chasing them.

1. Kassadin

Twisting time and space, Kassadin Is one of the best late-game champions in the game. If you have him on your team, the chances of winning the late-game match are tremendous. After hitting level 6, Kassadin is a very mobile champion that can deal high amounts of burst damage. His ultimate is effective in both defense and offense.

Kassadin struggles in the early game as he doesn’t have high damage outputs, no mobility, and his only defense are his crowd control abilities. But all of that changes throughout the game. His ultimate is granting him dashes. The more you use them, the more damage they deal while consuming high amounts of mana. 

His Nether Blade is powerful when combined with items like Lich Bane or Luden’s Echo granting him increased damage and restoring his mana which is very important to Kassadin. As you ramp up some stacks on his ultimate ability, you will be able to oneshot most of the enemy carries and win more fights due to your burst damage. Overall, Kassadin is an excellent pick in the mid-lane, which will allow you to carry games with your insane damages of AP burst. 

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