Top 5 Best AP Bot Lane Carries in League of Legends

 League of Legends is a game favored by many. Being one of the best, if not the best, MOBA, the game has many things to offer. Its universe, or the so-called Runeterra Prime, is vast and intrigues the players with its lore, history, and all the hidden mysteries. 

In the article below, we will focus on the top five ADCs, which can be played on Ability Power. It is important to note that “ADC” is a term given to the marksmen who play on the bot line. The name itself points out that they are supposed to be played on attack damage, and we can confirm it given the fact that most of them scale much better on AD than on AP. Playing your ADC on an AP build is primarily for situations where the enemy team is stacking armor due to your full AD team. 

In this case, some ADC mains would choose to build an AP, be it in the lobby or already in-game. We have to say that deciding to do so has mainly to do with the current game situation and the team compositions, or when you are one of the players who want to try the new meta because they have seen it online. Although it’s not typical to see marksmen who build on ability power, we have to say that sometimes the results from these actions are very pleasurable. 

Now it’s time to focus on the five ADCs we chose to add to our ranking. We picked Kai’sa, Twitch, Varus, Miss Fortune, and Ezreal. We decided to go with the most traditional one, which we’ve seen used to build an app on bot lane, and we will discuss it in detail.

5. Kai’Sa

Let’s start with this markswoman. We often see this champion played on various lanes, especially in the low ranks. Effectively, you can use her in mid and jungle, but her best line is bottom. She shines as being versatile in different builds, which makes her very hard to play against and, at the same time, a champion who can be adapted based on the game flow. 

You can play her as an AD, AP, or just a pure attack speed build. This creates adaptability to in-game situations. If you have played the champion before, you know about her abilities. Kai’Sa is a champion who can evolve them. In this particular case, we are talking about her AP version. If you decide to do such a build, you will get the best output when evolving her abilities.

Although it may seem easy, it is not enough to simply build her AP. An important part is that the champion itself is hard to master. The build you make for her is also something to be carefully considered. If you make a poor one, you will most likely get different results than expected. Such mistakes can easily lead to a fast loss for you and the team. Another piece of advice is to pay attention to the character’s passive stats, their scaling, the flow of the game, and your enemy’s team composition, as well as your own. The ability power of Kai’sa is good only when you know how to play the champion. We state that because only then can she shine and show off how good she is and how strong AP Kai’Sa can be!

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4. Twitch

Here is another example of a champion suitable for more than one lane and more than one way. This rat criminal can do well as a marksman on a bot or roam the jungle, stealing your objectives and making nasty, stealthy ganks. When it comes to builds, Twitch AP shines the most, in our opinion. It is always useful and can do a lot of damage. Be it playing as an ADC, jungle, or mid laner. Having him in your team is guaranteed to keep the enemy in check, not allowing them to go full armor, in case you don’t have a mage.

We will focus on him playing as a marksman-ability power user. We will note that Twitch AP build is something many people have different opinions on, and it varies from “he is way too bad on ap; it’s more like support” to “he can easily carry the game by himself”. The opposite nature of these opinions is based on the fact that many people either build their AP when they shouldn’t, or they pick the wrong items. In our opinion, if you like to play the plague rat on AP, then you definitely must observe the enemy team’s actions and build your items accordingly. 

We still advise you to pay attention to the composition of the enemy group and not based on your preferences, unless it’s a game that you can risk losing. Our advice to you is to choose carefully. Go for AP if you want to play him more like an assassin type and mainly focus on his E, or just go the traditional way and build an ad, which, on the other hand, will cause more sustainable damage. 

Of course, if you have an imagination and are ready to take the risk, you can just build him a hybrid, but again, it’s not recommended given the fact that we don’t know how your game will flow. The AP Twitch is great. He is op and is doing very well most of the time. This can change based on the game patches in the future and the changes they implement, but if there is an ADC that you want or have to play in AP, then we recommend this one.

3. Varus

An ADC champion and one of my favorites. The Arrow of Retribution is true to its name. Have you seen him build on ability power? If you haven’t, then we advise you to check it out. He can one-shot sometimes. Although we rank him third in our list, this is not because he has a weak AP build, but because he is not as versatile as the previous two. In our opinion, he should only play in the bottom lane. We believe there’s no need to explain how important the game flow and team compositions are again, but I’d like to note that good item build and the correct runes are a must when you plan to play him AP. 

Varus, on ability power, gets most of his damage dealt by his skills. This is why you need to get as much ability haste as possible, otherwise known as AH. The amount of ability haste will determine how fast you can cast the skills. Given that you’ll play him on AP, it’s AH is a must. If you build him up properly, it is possible to deal some extreme damage with his skills, which can one-shot your enemies sometimes. 

With AP Varus, you’re going to focus on your skills. You will only use auto-attacks to build your stacks. Once you build him up well, you will be able to unleash his real power and do some interesting things, hopefully, solo carrying the game. The champion is interesting to build and a bit easier than the previous two, but we warn you to be careful with the build you are making and to never blindly follow a guide that is made to be of use in general and cannot predict how your game will go.

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2. Miss Fortune

She is another example of a markswoman, which can be built on ability power. We give her 4th place because you can use her effectively only on the bottom lane and that her AP build is sometimes more suitable for the support role rather than the ADC one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make her the AP ADC who will carry the game. 

Her skills used for attacks have some AP scaling, which is good and allows you to build Miss Fortune like a mage. If we consider that and set up the proper runes, this will create good synergy. Add the ability power items, and you will get even better results. These factors will create an amazing AP markswoman who will carry your team. She is a champion who can do well both as an AD and an AP markswoman, and we advise you to try building her AP to have a backup plan when the odds are against you.

1. Ezreal

Regarding Ezreal, we can say that during the seasons building him, AP was constantly good and yet sometimes bad. It all depends on the patches and how they buff or debuff him. We’ve seen the champion rock the AP build at times, and other times there were patches that made it unsuitable for such builds. Looking at him, we can say that he has great poking abilities, good power scaling capabilities, and is thus perfect for kiting. His positioning abilities improve even more when we add his E.

The champion AP built relies on his abilities, so you have to be careful how you engage and how you position yourself during team fights. Ezreal is a perfect example of an ADC that can scale well and, at the same time, do immense damage to the enemies. As we said, when playing him on ability power, your main goal will be to harass enemies by poking and running away fast to avoid combat. It’s best if you don’t depend on his auto-attacks. Under any circumstances, none of the AP marksmen should be engaged in such combat, because their damage will be minimal without the proper use of their abilities. 


Looking at our list above, we can say that AP Marksmen’s is a thing! They are versatile and are a must in many scenarios. If you have considered the details from the list and decide to try any of the AP Marksman, we completely support you. Marksman was built like a mage, what can go wrong? Of course, if you know what you are doing, nothing aside of striking fear in some enemies and probably winning the game. Ability Power ADCs are not a new meta and will never go out of fashion, especially with the constant patches that often buff or debuff characters. 

They constantly create opportunities for changes and new ways to play the champions. To summarize, we believe that AP marksmen are extremely powerful if with proper builds and good runes. Matched up against the right foes they can be a disaster for them and a carry for the team. They can deal a great amount of damage and push your team through the game to a win. If you are interested in trying this style of play, we advise you to check out some of our guides. I hope this article provided you with some insights into the topics and was useful to you. Until next time!

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