5 Best Supports for Samira in League of Legends

Samira is one of the most OP champions in the game because of her kit. She can be a 1v5 champion knowing that she has the mobility and the self-peeling abilities to help her keep herself alive while demolishing entire teams in the process. 

But she can also be played with support, especially those with AOE stuns or root abilities. Her ultimate is very devastating, so much so that enemies run away from her when they see she has her passive built up. With that in mind, here are five great support champions you can use to maximize Samira’s Lethality.

5. Alistar

Alistar is a tremendous front-line champion with AOE engaged from his basic combo, one of the oldest tanks in the game. He can perform this AOE stun multiple times because it has a low cooldown. He also keeps enemies from running away with his E ability making it easier for Samira to catch up to them when chasing them.

Best item for Alistar

Deadman’s plate

Alistar relies on the range of his W for an engagement, which means he has to have a high movement speed to close the gap between him and an enemy. This item gives Alistar the movement speed he needs to catch up to enemies, and he can even slow them down after using his stun coming from his E ability. 

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Alistar’s early game is not that strong, but when he reaches level 3, he can set up an early kill for Samira. Knowing that Samira can extend the CC duration of his supports and engagement from Alistar becomes pretty intense. With Samira’s gap closer and long-range Q, she can take enemies down really quickly with a fast combo from both of them.

Mid Game Playstyle

Theirs engages become even stronger in the mid-game as Samira has her ultimate to demolish teams of five now. Suppose Alistar manages to secure a stun on more than three enemies. In that case, Samira can quickly dash towards one enemy and hit them all with her Q and W, it’ll quickly build through her ultimate, and she can cast it instantly as she engages. Don’t worry about conserving it, as Samira can cast it multiple times.

Late Game Playstyle

Samira can do a split push if she has a significant lead on the enemy team but every time she joins a team fight, make sure to be the one to engage for her. Samira will spend most of her time at the front lines waiting for your five-man pulverize with a short basic attack range. Once you see her go in. try to keep enemies with CC abilities away from her, so it doesn’t stop her ultimate. 

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4. Leona

Samira’s CC extension passive synergizes well with Leona. Most of Leona’s spells have CC on them, meaning Samira can juggle enemies multiple times, even in the early game. Leona’s ultimate is AOE, meaning it can also help Samira’s ultimate.

Best item for Leona


The movement speed boost from this item not only strengthens Leona’s engagement but also allows Samira to close the gap for a dash on the enemy. This is also an excellent item for disengagement when things go wrong when you engage enemies.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

You might want to abuse this duo’s aggressive nature during the early game. Engage enemies with your combos together and look for multiple early game kills to secure the game’s win. Samira has extreme kill pressure even in the early game so try to capitalize on that.

Mid Game Playstyle

Engaging enemies is much easier now with your ultimates combined. With a Deadman’s plate, Leona can effortlessly chase and engage one or two enemies now, even without using her ultimate. Samira can quickly dispose of one or two enemies, so try to find kills when enemies wander away from their team.

Late Game Playstyle

You can still play aggressively in the late game, knowing that Samira becomes somewhat of a front-line champion herself in the late game. Pick enemies with your engagement or do a full-frontal engagement on the entire enemy team with your combo and damage reduction so you can survive the onslaught.

3. Pyke

An assassin champion with a very high kill pressure post level 6 is a powerful combination for Samira. Pyke’s early game is quite strong, given that he has control over the bushes. Both of their ults can finish enemies off quickly, even on team fights, so be sure to hit those five-person dash stun on Pyke.

Best item for Pyke

Youmuu’s Ghostblade

Pyke needs to get around the map pretty quickly, and boots of mobility combined with Youmuu’s passive is a great way to boost your movement speed. Pyke can also use this when coming back to lane and engage quickly with his W and youmuu’s combo.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Pyke is one of the most feared support champions in the game, and there is no other way to play him than to be aggressive. Pyke’s value falls off if he doesn’t abuse his aggressive skill set. Try to find early game kills with this, as Samira can even juggle enemies twice with Pyke’s CC abilities.

Mid Game Playstyle

Pyke needs to be aggressive and Samira when playing for kills in the mid-game. Both can deal significant damage in a short period, so whenever they see enemies, they can immediately engage them and lead to a kill.

Late Game Playstyle

Pyke lurks in the shadows during the late game, waiting for the perfect moment to engage with his E. If he manages to stun multiple enemies with his E, Samira can quickly follow her basic combo and finally her ultimate. Pyke Can clean up for the entire team leading to a quick wipe on the enemy team. Be careful; If Pyke falls off in the early game, he becomes weak from mid to late.

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2. Braum

The key to a pentakill on Samira is to have her protected while casting her ultimate. It’s pretty easy to stop her ultimate; enemies need to stun or burst her down, and Braum can prevent all of that from happening. Braum’s shield and ultimate are excellent means of protection for Samira while she dashes and uses her ultimate on enemies.

Best item for Braum

Knight’s Vow

A great way to catch up to Samira after she dashes towards enemies is to use your W on her, but you need to have high movement speed to approach her if it is down. Plus, the fact that you both move faster when you approach each other is an excellent way for Braum to use his W on Samira faster.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Braum should protect Samira at this phase and use his shield defensively. They can both play aggressively, but it depends on the enemy team comp you face. 

Mid Game Playstyle

If played correctly, Braum can use his W to engage enemies; this is great only if you have the hail of blades rune as you can quickly stun enemies when you close the gap between you and them. If Braum stuns an enemy, Samira can follow it up with her passive that juggles them in the air to extend the CC duration. Braum can also use his ultimate after that for even more extended immobilization.

Late Game Playstyle

Braum can block all projectiles that enemies can use to poke Samira or your team like a walking windfall. Braum can also keep enemies from getting to Samiar by slowing them with his Q that can eventually lead to a stun.

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1. Galio

Galio’s ultimate greatly synergizes with Samira’s ultimate. Before casting her ultimate, Galio can cast his to protect Samira from damage. Just as before Galio lands to knock everybody up, Samira can cast her ultimate as well; Galio can keep enemies stunned and taunted for Samira’s entire ultimate to reach its total duration.

Best item for Galio

Turbo Chemtank

Surely Galio can build a shurelya’s for extra damage, but being support requires you to be a tank, especially if you are playing with Samira. This item allows Galio to engage enemies better with his E. The slow that comes after chasing enemies are excellent to keep enemies in line for his E’s stun.

Different Playstyle For Each Phase

Early Game Playstyle

Galio has an excellent poking ability, and his power spike comes at level 3. Once galio reaches level 3, his all-in engage alone is enough to bring an enemy’s hp down to a quarter or a half. If Samira quickly follows up on this, she can score a takedown and use it to snowball.

Mid Game Playstyle

When Samira engages enemies or whenever enemies catch her, be ready to cast your ultimate on her, and indeed she can follow it up with her ultimate as well, turning the tides of battle.

Late Game Playstyle

During late game, Galio needs to be at the front line and lead the charge against the opposing team. When Galio manages to land a powerful knock-up and a five-person Taunt, Samira can easily follow it up with her engagement and ultimate. Be careful, however, because Samira is quite squishy, be sure to have a guardian angel on Samira, so she doesn’t get punished that much when the engagement goes wrong.

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