Top 5 Best Supports for Aphelios in Season 12

Aphelios has been nerfed many times already and is the champion behind the 200 years meme. If played correctly, he is an extremely high damage output champion; he also has every weapon for every situation and can switch weapons to control the game’. He can have a sniper range like Caitlyn, close range, and deals AOE damage, and he also has crow control.

Aphelios has no kiting ability, but he makes up for the utility and damage output of his kit. He works great with healer and enchanter supports as he can peel and engage by himself. With that in mind, let us take a look at five great enchanters supports you can pair with Aphelios.

5. Soraka

You expected it; who else out there heals better than Soraka? I mean, she is made to heal; even her name and lore say it. Soraka has all the means to protect and enchant Aphelios. Soraka’s passive gives her movement speed whenever Aphelios has low health. She also has poked and light hard CC she can use to extend the CC duration of Aphelios. 

Best Item for Soraka

Ardent Censer

This item increases the healing power of Soraka, and it also gives Aphelios a boost in attack damage and attack speed. This item’s bonus magic damage also complements Aphelios’s active skill that makes him deal damage incredibly fast. 

Early Game Playstyle

  • Keep your distance from enemies but poke them whenever they try to hit minions last. Be sure to have a mana flow band or presence if you wish to poke in the early game. Also, try to stack your E whenever Aphelios stuns enemies with his graviton. Your heals are not needed that much yet, but it won’t hurt to level it up once. 

Mid Game Playstyle

  • Aphelios will start looking for fights now, so pay attention to the enemy. Look if the enemy can burst him down; if so, prepare all your heals to quickly bring Aphelios’ HP back up after the burst damage. Continue doing your pokes, but turn back whenever both of you are outnumbered. Even if Aphelios is fed and strong, he will still be no match if enemies outnumber him.

Late Game Playstyle

  • Being a squishy champion means you always need to stay in the backline of your team. You are also one of the most critical team members because you can decide who the winning team will be during team fights. Yours heals on Aphelios can significantly affect the outcome of each team fight, so always try to play safely while healing your team. 

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4. Lulu

Another great enchanter with all of her skills is made to empower her ADC. Lulu has excellent shielding with low cooldowns she can use every time an enemy decides to poke Aphelios. She can also polymorph enemies who try to get close to Aphelios. There are lots of playstyles you can do with Lulu; you can play defensively and offensively both simultaneously. She also has incredible peels for Aphelios. 

Best item for Lulu

Shurelya’s Battlesong

Aphelios has no kiting ability. That is why Shurelya’s is an excellent way for Aphelios to increase his sidestepping and chasing abilities. This is also a great item to help Aphelios disengage from enemies, which Lulu can stack with her movement speed boost ability. 

Early Game Playstyle

  • Lulu can be an annoying poke champion because she can put pix on minions, allies, or enemies. She can cast her Q towards enemies from far away, and they won’t react to it because she is out of range. Poke champions may also find Lulu annoying because she can shield Aphelios every time a projectile is cast upon him.

Mid Game Playstyle

  • You can control the tempo during the mid-game by playing aggressively and using your speed boost and shurelya on Aphelios every time you try to engage an enemy. It’s okay to head-on fights because you have excellent peeling abilities.

Late Game Playstyle

  • Lulu can start being in the front line now along with the Vanguards of the team; she can enchant either Aphelios or the bruisers of the team so they can engage better. Play extremely aggressively as your Q won’t deal that much damage anymore, so just focus on casting your peeling abilities. 

3. Braum

Usually, Aphelios needs to stay behind a vanguard champion to deal damage while staying away from damage. Nothing and nobody holds a more enormous shield than Braum. Braum has a skill that raises his shield, preventing projectiles from passing beyond Braum. This can be a great skill to protect Aphelios every time a team fight erupts. Braum also enchants Aphelios’ basic attacks by putting his passive on enemies, stunned when hit four times. 

Best item for Braum

Locket of the Iron Solari

Braum is a Vanguard champion who spends most of his time on the frontlines, taking the damage from the opposing team head-on. This means, while he has his dash to go to Aphelios’ aid quickly, he still needs another means to protect him. This item does just that as it gives off an aura that increases the defensive stats of Braum’s nearby allies. It also has an activatable effect that shields everyone, including Aphelions, so long as they are within the proximity range. 

Early Game Playstyle

  • Braum can be an excellent poke champion in the laning phase and has his shield to play defensively. With your Q, you can poke enemies that Aphelios’ long-range guns can follow up. You can play both defensively and offensively in the early game; it’s just not that strong yet, so just focus on farming at the moment. 

Mid Game Playstyle

  • Aggressive playstyle is the way to go in the mid-game as Braum now has the correct items and tankiness to engage enemies. His dash can be used on allied minions to surprise engage enemy champions. He can also use his ult to extend the CC duration on enemies, while Aphelios can also extend it a bit more with his graviton gun.

Late Game Playstyle

  • You will play like a turtle in the late game as you stay beside Aphelios until the end of the game. Yours engages still essential, but it is much more crucial to peel Aphelios as he now has the means to pentakill enemies, but he is still squishy. 

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2. Leona

You will have an extremely aggressive lane with Leona as support. She can easily engage enemies once she learns all three of her spells, especially when the enemy bot lane duo is a passive laner. Nothing beats Leona’s engagement as he has all the means to keep all enemies locked in one place, and she has the tankiness to survive all the retaliation. Aphelios’ weapons also greatly complement Leona’s spells. For example, his graviton gun can be used to extend the CC duration of Leona’s stuns. His Infernum can also be used to burst all enemies caught by Leona’s ultimate. 

Best item for Leona

Gargoyle’s Stoneplate

You will play very aggressively as Leona, so you will need an item to keep you alive long enough to disengage. Aphelios can quickly kill enemies from far away, but he needs a vanguard to keep enemies at bay and prevent them from reaching him. This item allows Leona to engage multiple enemies at once and survive the retaliation that comes after. 

Early Game Playstyle

  • Play defensively, but if you get the HP advantage due to Aphelios’ poking, you can play aggressively and use the opportunity to gain lane dominance. Once you have the lane dominance, you can control the lane minions until mid-game to gain CS diff.

Mid Game Playstyle

  • You can now perform your full combo and stun one champion for more or less than 3 seconds. Aphelios can also follow up on your engagement, especially when he has his graviton gun. Play aggressively and continue growing your snowball; if you maintain this dominance, no other ADC can catch up to Aphelios’ progress, especially the bonus stats he receives as he levels up. 

Late Game Playstyle

  • Aphelios will most likely try to 1v5 enemies whenever the need arises. Once he does, do your best to use your abilities to peel him. Don’t let anybody get near him so that you will play defensively in the late game. However, if the opposing team is losing, use this chance to play even more aggressively so Aphelios can finish the game early. 

1. Thresh

Finally, the best support champion to pair with Aphelios. Thresh is the best champion you can pair with an immobile champion as he has a skillful peeling ability. His Lantern is also great at helping Aphelios get around the map, either to chase enemies or save him. His hook flay and ult are also remarkable to lock enemies down and prevent them from reaching Aphelios simultaneously.

Best item for Thresh

Turbo Chemtank

Aphelios has no dash or leaps to engage enemies; that is why a Turbo Chemtank is an excellent item on Thresh. He can effortlessly chase and slow enemies down to help initiate takedowns for Aphelios. He can easily walk up to enemies as an engage and flay them back once he reaches them.

Early Game Playstyle

  • You can play aggressively in the early game as Thresh has a great poke with his E passive, and his hooks can also be quickly followed up by Aphelios’ long-range and CC guns. Their combined poke can be terrifying in the early game and can be used to establish lane dominance.

Mid Game Playstyle

  • Thresh has an excellent engage once he buys his turbo chem tank. The mid-game can be entertaining to play because Thresh also scales as the game progresses. The souls he collects increase his ability power, as well as his armor, meaning he can tank enemies that he engage better and deal even more damage to help Aphelios finish enemies faster. 

Late Game Playstyle

  • Thresh can still play aggressively in the late game and protect Aphelios all at the same time. His passive lets him grow stronger as the game progresses, much like Senna. He has higher defensive stats now, meaning he can take the frontline for Aphelios or initiate team fights that Aphelios can easily follow up.

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Final Thoughts

Aphelios is a very OP champion, given that he is protected by his support well. Champions that enchant and peel him are the best ones to pick. Try to keep your distance every time team fights happen, so you have enough time to kill your enemies.

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