Best Blood Moon Skins – Ranked From Worst to Best

Best Blood Moon Skins - Ranked From Worst to Best League of Legends

‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ is a common phrase said when referring to skin lines. Every individual has a different taste. Some may like cartoonish, playful skins while others prefer dark-themed skins more. Regardless, each skin line has some awesome skins players can’t get over. On the flip side, there are also those skins that people dread to receive from Hextech Chests. Today, we’re going to look at a popular skin line that has a total of 19 skins and rate them from worst to best.

Everyone may have their own opinion but for me, there is no better blood moon skin than Blood Moon Aatrox. This could be because it also got a prestige skin but it still sits on top. The worst skin is undoubtedly Blood Moon Evelyn. It isn’t a very creative skin and seems forced. Now ranked from worst to best are:

  • Blood Moon Zilean 
  • Blood Moon Elise 
  • Blood Moon Akali
  • Blood Moon Sivir 
  • Blood Moon Kennen
  • Blood Moon Kalista
  • Blood Moon Yasuo
  • Blood Moon Shen
  • Blood Moon Twisted Fate
  • Blood Moon Pyke
  • Blood Moon Jhin
  • Blood Moon Tryndamere
  • Blood Moon Diana 
  • Blood Moon Katarina 
  • Blood Moon Thresh 
  • Blood Moon Master Yi
  • Blood Moon Talon

Some of you may not agree with my rating or wonder why I rated them the way I did. Let me explain further why I think the blood moon skins should be rated this way. Stick around to find out.

1 – Blood Mood Evelyn

Best Blood Mood Evelyn Skin League of Legends

I placed Blood Moon Evelyn at the bottom of the list and here’s why. Evelyn’s character model should depict a seductive demon, someone who charms her enemies into their deaths. The blood moon version does not do it justice by throwing a human-like color over the character. More so, it looks less demonizing as compared to her original version which is why she received last place.

2 – Blood Moon Zilean

Blood Moon Zilean may look really attractive at first, but seeing its in-game graphics is really disappointing. The splash art depicts a great mage that can control time but the color scheme in-game does not show the same story. Another point is that blood moon skins need visible ability animations for them to showcase the skin. Zilean only has his Q animation and, although cool, it is just not enough.

3 – Blood Moon Elise

The splash art for Blood Moon Elise is sort of underwhelming. They did not change a lot in her looks and that is where it failed greatly. The splash art is their player base’s first impression of the skin. Her abilities have minimal animations and those that do, do not show much variation compared to the original Elise animations.

4 – Blood Moon Akali

Blood Moon Akali boasts an impressive passive animation where a blood moon-inspired ring is formed around the enemy champion. The same cannot be said for the rest of the character design. There is simply a difference between a mask on her character model and nothing else. Some would say the original looks better compared to the blood moon version.

5 – Blood Moon Sivir

Best Blood Moon Sivir Skin League of Legends

Blood Moon Sivir’s splash art is definitely one of the best splash arts out there. With her weapon in sight, her splash art helps build a story and see what the character is capable of. The color of her boomerang on Q and shield on W seem more natural. They blend in much better with Sivir as compared to other champions.

6 – Blood Moon Kennen

Another great splash art is that of Blood Moon Kennen. Utilizing his shurikens in the splash art is unique compared to the rest. It also shows how his character uses lightning-based abilities to deal damage. Kennen is a yordle and has a small body. That is why the mask on him seems more prominent and changes his character model. His abilities have a nice touch with the blood moon theme as the passive stacks become moons and the lightning gets a red color.

7 – Blood Moon Kalista

Best Blood Moon Kalista Skin League of Legends

Blood Moon Kalista’s character model is unparalleled in looks. The spears in the back of her model are only made better with the red overlay, giving her a ghost huntress appearance. Her splash art is also unique and depicts her choice of weapon, the spear. The only downside to this skin is that it does not seem inspired by the blood moon theme except for the color change.

8 – Blood Moon Yasuo

Blood Moon Yasuo was a confusing skin and could have been placed higher or lower. The skin itself is very cool. The samurai theme fits perfectly with the blood moon skin line. His wind wall and knock-up are quite impressive as well. The reason he isn’t higher up on this list is the lack of originality. It is a very generic skin for human male characters. Most of Yasuo’s skin follows the same character model with only slight differences which is why he will be coming in at no.8.

9 – Blood Moon Shen

Blood Moon Shen is one of my favorite blood moon skins. I love everything about it, from character design to splash art. His sword is always on the map and the model paired with the character model is extremely attractive. But blood moon Shen cannot go higher due to his ability animations. Most of his spell casts are almost the same which is disappointing to see.

10 – Blood Moon Twisted Fate

A unique addition to Twisted Fate’s skin, the blood moon Twisted Fate is definitely a nice change from his magician-themed skins. The splash art is much more destructive and chaotic compared to his usual mischievous splash arts. The Q animation is quite nice as all three cards are of the same color. The rest of his abilities are the same which is why they will not go higher on the list.

11 – Blood Moon Pyke

Everyone loves a pyke skin due to its unique character design. The blood dripping from his blade while in a static position is a great mini-change. Talking about his splash art, it is very attractive and paints a nice picture of what the character is all about. Everything from his splash art to the color scheme of his abilities is amazing. What it lacks in blood moon-theme inspiration.

12 – Blood Moon Jhin

Best Blood Moon Jhin Skin League of Legends

Some of you may recommend putting Blood Moon Jhin on no.4 but fortunately, he has made his way up the list. Blood Moon Jhin boasts some impressive splash art, showcasing his gun and the power of shots fired from it. The steam coming off it shows their great attention to detail. Other than his E, each ability takes some inspiration from the skin line. He stays here though as it is not as impressive as his other skins.

13 – Blood Moon Tryndamere

Best Blood Moon Tryndamere Skin League of Legends

Blood Moon Tryndamere has one of my favorite splash arts from the entire skin line. The character model and ability animations are also very good. Yet the only factor that stands out is his blade. With no other aspect to focus on such as Kalista’s spears or Kennen’s lightning, blood moon tryndamere pales in comparison to the skins ahead.

14 – Blood Moon Diana

Setting the Lunar Goddess any lower would be an insult when the entire skin line is related to her theme. Blood Moon Diana has some great visuals and captivating splash art with her human-like appearance. Her R animation is quite amazing which is why she earned a spot at no.14 on the list.

15 – Blood Moon Katarina

Blood Moon Katarina gives off killer assassin vibes that fit perfectly with the character itself. The queen of blades has a dual splash art with Blood Moon Master Yi that definitely enhances their looks. Her rapid spinning R animation is extremely precise and adds to the skin’s beauty. Katarina’s character model is quite elegant yet deadly, earning her one of the top 5 spots.

16 – Blood Moon Thresh

Thresh has got many varying skins and blood moon follows suit. The lantern containing thousands of vengeful spirits can be seen clearly in the splash art. Each ability of his is heavily influenced by the blood moon theme and the best part is, it does not seem forced.

17 – Blood Moon Master Yi

Best Blood Moon Master Yi Skin League of Legends

Blood Moon Master Yi shares a splash art with Blood Moon Katarina which increases his splash art points. Other than that, a lot can be accredited to his unique character model. The multiple eyes and robe have both been affected by blood moon changes. Quite similar to Blood Moon Tryndamere’s design, his unique attack animation puts him on no.17 on our list.

18 – Blood Moon Talon

Blood Moon Talon is one of the two blood moon skins that does not follow an all-out red color scheme. The splash art is quite dark and many artistic aspects can be seen in it. The character model is also quite serene even though there are many human male characters in the game. His auto attack and passive mark animations are quite interesting. This lands him at no.18.

19 – Blood Moon Aatrox/ Prestige

Best Blood Moon Aatrox Prestige Skin League of Legends

The best skin of the blood moon skin line is Blood Moon Aatrox. This was a given as Riot definitely gave him more thought. He even got prestige skin which cannot be compared to normal skin. The splash art speaks for itself when you look at it. The skin is the undisputed winner in almost all factors, splash art, character model, and ability animation.

The Takeaway

Opinions on skins may vary drastically based on someone’s opinion. But always remember to get the skin you want as skins do not provide any additional statistics. So even if your favorite skin is not on the list, don’t worry. Go ahead and play with it as much as you want as in the end, it is about having fun!

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