What is the Best Bag in Prestige Point Shop LoL?

What is the Best Bag in Prestige Point Shop LoL?

The last time Prestige Shop went live was back in December 2021, which provided players the chance to gather and use Prestige Points to unlock Prestige Skins, Wards, Emotes, Icons, and the Grab Bags. The Shop is based on a display of pay-to-play services and features, but if you are comfortable with spending extra on it, you might be rewarded highly. To make the most of the opportunity, there needs to be an understanding of how the prestige shop works. All that it specifically offers, and which of the Bags could be considered the best.

Determining the best bag for you in the Prestige Point Shop is not so straightforward – instead, it calls for an in-depth analysis of all the shop offers. Similarly, the cost at which they are available – paired with the current priorities based on your preference and the Meta, can heavily influence your decision. After pondering over these aspects, insight can be gained around what could be the best decision you can make in this process.

Furthermore, your personal preference is also an important factor. This especially involves the champions you play regularly. For instance, while the Space Groove Luxe Bag might provide the user with three random Skin Shards, the OPTIK bag provides a greater opportunity to win three Cybernetic skins. Exploring your main roles and champions would help you make a better decision for yourself regarding which Prestige Bag to purchase.

This article will tell you which Bags out of the four could be considered best and why. However, there is a need to dive deep into the various components that enable a coherent comparison.

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Introduction to the Various Bags in Prestige Shop:

Introduction to the Various Bags in Prestige Shop

This Prestige Shop, from 9th December 2021 to 24th March 2022, offers four Bags. Since it is important to understand each of them, the article will now provide you with their details.


The first of the four, the OPTIK bag provides two Skin Shards worth 750+ Riot Points. In addition, you get a bonus rolling service, which rewards you with either three random Skin Shards (worth 975 RP) or three Skin Shards from the Cybernetic Skin-line. The Cybernetic universe includes the Pulsefire Program along with the Project skin lines. This is why if you have a champion with a Skin in these categories, you would preferably want to go for it.

Battle Academia Durandal Bag:

The Battle Academia Durandal Bag presents you with three working Life Skin Shards. This includes Skins from the Day Job, April Fools, Battle Academia, Culinary Masters, and the Academy skin lines. You also get a bonus roll through it, which provides you with the opportunity to get either three random Skin Shards or two Skin Shards that are worth 750+ Riot Points.

Space Groove Luxe Bag:

The Space Groove Luxe Bag provides you with either four random Skin Shards or, more likely, three Skin Shards that would be worth 750+ Riot Points.

Sentinel Relik Pack:

Lastly, the Sentinel Relik Pack offers either a total of three Skin Shards (worth 1350 Riot Points), four random Skin Shards, or three Skins permanently that are still unowned.

Each of the mentioned Bags has its pros and cons. For instance, the fact that the Sentinel Relik Pack is the only pack that is worth 100 Prestige Points compared to the other ones that are worth only 50. You need to consider all these facts to make a smart decision.

The Best Bag in Prestige Shop

The Best Bag in Prestige Shop

After a detailed comparison, currently – the OPTIK bag seems to be the most suitable for most League Players. One of the prominent reasons behind this is the presence of three of the most desired skin lines in it (Project, Program, and Pulsefire). While the exclusion of Pulsefire Ezreal from this does serve as a disadvantage for the Bag, the rest of it serves to cover for it well enough.

The thing is, the probability that you would get a skin shard from the cybernetic skin lines is higher than one would expect, sitting around a 55% chance. This takes advantage might overshadow the strengths of the other bags because even though the Sentinel Relik Pack might provide you with three permanent skins, the odds of that are incredibly low, with a minute 5% chance.

With the OPTIK bag, even if you fail to be rewarded with three of the cybernetic skin shards, there is still the reward of three unowned Skin Shards worth 975+ Riot Points. This weighs the balance in favor of this Bag. This means that the bag contains a minimum of 5 Skins, and as you can see, the only one that can rival these numbers is the Battle Academia Durandal Bag.

Hence, we believe it would come down to the OPTIK and Battle Academia Durandal Bags, with the underlying high cost of the Sentinel Relik Pack putting it at a disadvantage. At this point, it highly depends on what champions you play, and your preferred skin lines. The bottom line, though, is that the OPTIK bag provides us with the most overall expensive Skin Shards and further offers the most beloved skin lines for most of the audience.

Other Ways to Utilize the Prestige Points:

Other Ways to Utilize the Prestige Points

We have only discussed the bags in detail up-till now, but that is not all there is to the Prestige Shop. For instance, there are several other things you can purchase within the shop. These include the Prestige Event’s own Skins for 100 points, the Icons for 5 points, and even a special Prestige Debonair Brand Emote for 25 points.

This, once again, boils down to your personal preferences. If you are someone who prioritizes the aspects of the game like that of the Icons, there are plenty of opportunities besides the Bags in the shop for you. Similarly, if you are a Brand main, you would not want to miss out on the special Emote that is based on your champion. You can also purchase Hextech Keys from the shop for 3 points, while 30 Orange Essence can be bought for only 1 point.

Final Thoughts:

There have been discussions on various forums that talk about how the Prestige Shops and the Bags have been nerfed down. Nonetheless, there is a lot you can obtain from them. This further emphasizes the importance of making a smart and thorough decision when you are doing the purchasing. As we have discussed, the OPTIK Bag seems to be the one to go with, especially if it aligns with your personal preferences. Yet, the decision is not as straightforward, and your priorities and input are likely to decide for you.

Henceforth, the detailed analysis regarding the various domains of these Bags has proved that – whereas each of the Bags happens to bring something of its own to the table, the OPTIK Bag is most likely to align with the demands and requirements of the majority of the audience as per our understanding and research.

For instance, if you are willing to risk it a little and try out BA skins, the Durandal bag might be the one you want to go with. Similarly, if the OPTIK skin lines are not up to your taste – or the champions you usually play do not have a Skin among those skin lines, then going for that Bag seems rather pointless. Anyhow, making the decision, ultimately, is always going to involve you taking a certain level of risk, but through it all, the primary motive should be to enjoy ourselves as much as possible and make the most of it.

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