5 Best Control Mages in League of Legends

The best control mages in League of Legends are AP champions with three things in joint – severe AoE damage, Crowd Control Spells, and a great wave clear. They’re named control mages because they always control the Mid lane by threatening their enemies and quickly clearing the minion waves. 

Unlike the marksmen and assassins, a control mage is the safest pick in the game. They are often ranged, and their spells and abilities can be cast from afar. Additionally, because of their quick minion wave clear, they often over-push the lane. Afterward, their enemy Jungler is using that chance to gank them.

The control mages are even more prevalent in professional play. And, you can often see them in solo queues too. But, they’re usually performing better when professional gamers take them on stage. This is true because mages typically perform better when they stick together with their team. In contrast, the assassins perform better for solo queues. 

Control mages are mighty regardless of the meta or the season. They control the whole game everywhere on the map with their strong presence. Even though there are many great control mages in LoL, today we will talk about the 5 best control mages in League of Legends for every situation.

Best Control Mages in League of Legends

5. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is an outstanding swindler and cardsharp who has charmed and gambled his way across the whole known world, earning the admiration and hostility of the foolish and rich alike. He’s rarely takes anything seriously, greeting every day with a nonchalant swagger and a mocking smile. And in every possible way, he has an ace in his sleeves. 

One of his most used abilities is his Q. He unleashes his three cards in a cone formation in the enemy’s direction that deals scalable (60/105/150/195/240) magic damage to each enemy they pass through. But, his W ability is the most lethal out of his ability set. Twisted Fate can cycle through three cards (blue, red, and yellow) that each deal modified magic damage and have their own effects on the opponents.

For instance, the blue card is what you should throw the most. Hence you want to restore your mana and deal as much damage as possible. And, he uses the red one for the slow effect and the yellow to stun the enemy. Because of this, he stands as one of the most helpful control mages in the game.

Naturally, his ultimate ability is the best because who doesn’t want to teleport to lane. And roam lanes to secure kills with the teleporting ability. 

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4. Orianna

Orianna was once a curious human girl, but now she’s a technological marvel developed entirely of clockwork. She became ill after an accident in the Zaun’s lower districts, and her failing body needed to be replaced with deception, piece by piece. Orianna was built for protection and companionship, and she’s now free to discover the wonders of Piltover and the whole world.

A technical ball always accompanies her that she can command to hurt her enemies. For instance, Orianna uses her Q to command her Ball to fly towards the target’s location. And damage everyone that it passes through. 

But that’s not all the tech Ball that can do. Orianna can also command it to emit an electric pulse around its current location. This deals a massive amount of magic damage to her enemies. The opponents around that pulse become slowed, and her allies receive bonus movement speed.

The Ball can also give Orianna and her allies a protective shield against incoming attacks, but also it damages each enemy it passes through to get to the ally. And the biggest reason why this Ball is very lethal is by using the ultimate move of Orianna. When commanded, the Ball unleashes a shockwave around itself, pulls enemies in, stuns them, and hurts them with a massive amount of magic damage.

3. Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia is a powerful and deadly creature that manipulates others for her sinister will. She’s the most beautiful and youngest daughter of the Du Couteau Family in Noxus. She ventured deep into the crypts underneath Shurima to seek ancient power. Cassiopeia was bitten by a tomb guardian, whose venom made her a viper-like predator. She now slithers underneath the veil of night and petrifies her opponents with her baleful gaze.

The most exciting thing about her is that she can’t buy boots from the Shop. Instead, she gets bonus movement speed based on her level. And, the fact that she can use various spells to kill her target makes her very deadly around Mid lane.

She can create a blast on the target’s location that positions them for 3 seconds. But, not only can she get movement speed by using her abilities, but she can also slow down the enemy. For instance, her W ability allows her to spew eight bolts of venom onto the target – that poison and slows them for some time.

Cassiopeia can also launch her fangs at the enemy, but most importantly, she can blast the opponents in a cone with her Petrifying Gaze. This allows her to stun the enemies for 2 seconds, making them very vulnerable and giving her teammates a chance to defeat them quickly.

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2. Viktor

Viktor is the seeker of the new age of technology, and he devoted his life to advancing humankind. He’s a true idealist that wants to lift the residents of Zaun to a whole new level of understanding. Viktor believes that by embracing the evolution of technology, the potential of humans will be realized. His body is augmented by science and stealing, and he’s focused on pursuing his ambition for a bright future.

Because of his immense ambition, he’s very dangerous to play against. His Q ability allows him to use his device to damage enemies, gives him a discharge, and lets him move faster if he hits someone. 

But, the most helpful skill is his W, where he deploys an imprisonment area that slows opponents within the zone and then stuns them for 1 second. This makes it very easy for Viktor to kill someone and save himself from dangerous situations.

Typically, Viktor’s ultimate ability is fun to use against every enemy. He casts a circle area of the deadly storm that follows the enemies and deals magic damage to drain their health. This is best used in team fights where Viktor can damage several enemies simultaneously.

1. Malzahar

Mazhar is a zealous seer committed to the unification of life itself, where he truly believes that the newly emergent Void is the salvation for Runeterra. In the Shurima’s desert wastes, he walked towards the voices in his head, leading him to ancient Icathia. Between the ruins of the land, he went into the dark Void’s heart and was presented with new power and purpose. 

The best thing about Malzahar is the passive ability that grants him a spell shield every time he spawns. So, no one can stun him at first, allowing him to get away from dangerous situations quickly. He hurts his opponents by opening two portals from the Void at the target’s location, which deals with magic damage.

His abilities are one of the most famous in League of Legends. Malzahar can spawn little creatures that follow and attack the enemy. They even help him farm and push the lane. Then, he infects the enemy’s mind and deals a massive amount of damage over 4 seconds.

But, his most dangerous skill is his ultimate move. He completely stuns or suppresses the enemy when activated, making them wholly un-movable and vulnerable. 

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