8 Best Female League of Legends Players

Have you ever wondered about the female players in League of Legends? Who are they, why there are not many of them, and are they well known?

Because of questions like that, we have decided to write this article where we will point out some of the most influential female LoL players. Tell you more about them and their League paths. If you want to find out who they are, read on!

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Are There Good Female League of Legends Players?

That is an exciting question that has not been asked by many. So, to be short with the reply – YES. 

In League of Legends, nothing restricts players from enjoying the game. It is something that everyone can play, even on the slowest laptop. All you need is Wi-Fi and some learning skills to get accustomed to the game mechanics.

With that being said, many good girls are playing LoL. It is not a game made for the boys only. In fact, a considerable part of the community is made of friendly and skilled female players.

When it comes to tournaments and E-sports, however, there are not many professional players from the prettier gender. That is simply because many good female gamers take on other paths and often do not have the time to focus on the game long enough to reach that stage of daily LoL gaming. Others who have the time just do not want to do it or have a hard time dealing with the team organizations and the details around the tournaments.

Even with that, in League of Legends, you can see many significant female gamers. Numerous streamers play more than well, and some even are on par with the professional gamers!

1. Mayumi

Mayumi is one of the most popular female League of Legend streamers. The Brazilian girl is also one of the few with a player in professional teams in LoL and scored wins with their teams!

Her professional E-sport path did not last long since its beginning in 2019 when she joined INTZ. Despite being a good player and excellent primary support. Mayumi soon left in 2020 and even filed a lawsuit against the Brazilian INTZ Organization due to discrimination and mistreatment.

With that being said, her gaming path in the E-sport scene was great, even though it was short-lived. She showed that female players could be on the professional stage and even outshine their counterparts!

You may wonder what happened to such an excellent professional player? Well, truth to be told, she is not a popular streamer. However, Mayumi has her best time as a free content streamer on Twitch and has many great followers and subs both on the streaming platform and on Twitch.

Despite not playing on the professional level anymore, she is still a pro-League of Legends player, holding her ground and ranking high in the game. With her main champs being Nautilus and Leona, she plays in front of her subscribers and has one of the best times ever!

2. Caltys

Maya, better known in the League of Legends circles as Caltys, is a Swedish Twitch streamer who scored some great moments in LoL. Although this young girl does not have long-lasting appearances on the professional scene, she has been making appearances from time to time.

As we have said, she is currently streaming on Twitch, where she is showing off skills as a proud ADC main in front of her subs. Given her young age and the skills that she shows in terms of game micro and macro mechanics, we ought to say that in the near future, it is not unlikely to see her in the professional E-sports scene.

Caltys main champion as an ADC is Twitch. She managed to score relatively high and climb up all the way to Master with the nasty rat! Besides Twitch, she likes to play Katarina and Rek’Sai. That, however, doesn’t mean she lacks skills in other champs! You will be surprised by her plays no matter what she picks.

One of her most notable achievements nowadays is that she efficiently climbed ranks even in Korea server in the previous season. Currently, she is on her way to having fun climbing ranks while enjoying her time streaming!

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3. Soon Dang Mu

Soon Dang Mu will be our successive top-rated female League of Legends player. She is a Korean girl that main in the support role by specializing in different champions.

Although not a professional player, she is one of the best female gamers in the LoL circles in Korea. Usually, she streams for her Twitch fans and entertains them with her excellent plays.

One of her most significant achievements in reaching the Challenger rank in season 11. As you know, the Korean server is labeled as the most competitive one. Therefore, it is particularly hard to get a high ranking there. That is why achievements like that can not stay unnoticed. 

Despite her outstanding accomplishment, many Korean pro players brush it off with a light hand, naming it nothing special. But even while thinking about it, we can not agree with them! Her ability to climb up by simply playing her main role as support proves that her skills are accurate and that she deserves her spot on the ranking.

Besides playing on bot lane, Soon Dang Mu also plays on mid. Mainly utilizing mages, she manages to give up a hard time for all the opponents she faces! 

That said, we ought to point out that she is the only female League of Legends player that has ever reached Challenger rank on the Korean server!

4. Trianna

Trianna is probably the most famous Russian female League of Legends player. She mains the support lane and has had her fair share of professional League matches on the big E-sport scene.

You can trace her career in the LCL tournaments from the start of 2016. Back then, she started as a team manager in Vaevictis. Not lasting long as one and picking a better spot, she switched to playing support laner as the central part of the team.

Sadly, it was one of the females who played the longest in the professional circles. Trianna did not manage to score any significant wins together with her team. In the far 2018, the company behind the team went bankrupt, and that forced them to dismiss the players. Nevertheless, they all continued to play and formed the all-female LoL team Vaevictus.

Unfortunately, their luck did not change, and they did not score many wins at all. That later led to the removal of their team from LCL and the end of her career path in the LoL E-sports.

Luckily for many fans, she is streaming, although rarely from the Youtube channel. Besides not being super active in League of Legends and her account dropping ranks, she still enjoys the game and plays in front of her subs!

5. Pokimane

Who does not know Pokimane! She is one if not the most influential female player in League of Legends. She was the one who paved the road for many girls in the game, inspiring them to play it and to show off their skills!

She does not have a professional path like the other girls on the list. But that does not mean she is not famous or not influential! In fact, her streams on Twitch dating back from 2013 have popularized the Riot games masterpiece and have turned her into a legend for the LoL community.

Regarding rankings, we ought to say that Pokimane is not among the highest climbing players. In fact, during the times she was most active in the game, her highest Elo was Diamond. However, she enjoyed the game and entertained numerous fans with her exciting streams.

Talking about her games, we have to say that her main line, unlike many other females in League of Legends, is Mid lane. She mains mage champions like Ahri, Lux, Syndra, etc. Breaking the myth that girls play only supports.

Nowadays, this excellent streamer plays League less than before. Instead, she tends to make streams about games like Valorant or GTA Online. She is usually following the trends online and the wishes of her subs. Nevertheless, her mark in the world of LoL will always remain, thus making her one of the best female players!

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6. KayPea

Another interesting streamer that tends to play League of Legends and is among the best females and entertainers in the community.

KayPea is a Canadian LoL player that loves to play the game. However, she is not a professional E-sport player but an influential Twitch streamer with a vast community that loves her videos and streams.

Her primary role is on mid, and often you can see her stream and play as Ahri, Lux, Syndra, and mainly the mid mages. KayPea rank is not that high and is most often around the Platinum – still better than many of us.

Regarding her plays, we ought to say that they are on point. Most of the in-game sports are good as she knows the game mechanics and can put her champions to use in order to aid the team and score a win in the game.

The best thing about this fantastic LoL player is that she communicates with her subs. She makes many funny streams while enjoying League and sharing with her fans which for many is a wish come true.

7. MissBaffy

This fantastic English lady is one of the most popular Leagues of Legends streamers. She, like many other, have paved the way for all fellow females in LoL, proving that they hide some extraordinary skills that can impress anyone.

MissBaffy is not a professional League of Legends player but is a great streamer. She often streams SOLO ranked queues in League in front of her subs, showing off her primary support skills. Her highest rank so far is Diamond and on top of that reached all by herself – solo matches. That shows how well she plays her role and maining her champions.

While we are on in, we ought to mention that her favorite champions of choice for the support role are Leo, Lulu, Mr. Thresh, Janna, Pyke, and others. She plays them all with skills that have been proven since she started back in 2011! 

If you are curious about her skills and how she streams League of Legends, feel free to check out her Twitch account. In fact, you will be able to see that daily, as she plays LoL with her favorite champion Lulu, every day for a few hours. In addition, her main server is EUW as she is based in England, so you will be able to enjoy some EU plays!

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8. Lina 

The eighth rank in our list goes to Lina, a famous League of Legends Vtuber from England. 

This girl is a fantastic example of how a streamer should be, having fun with its followers! She does not play professionally in League of Legends and even does not play only Ranked queues. In fact, she mainly plays for the fun and to allow her subs to enjoy some quality time with her LoL plays.

Lina highest ranking in Solo Queue in League is around the Platinum or Diamon rank. However, her elo does not matter in this case as she is not streaming mainly this game and is doing it, especially for her viewers.

Her main lanes are mid and bot, where he plays mage and support champions. Lulu, Karma, Zoe, Tresh, and others are among her mains. Lina mainly sticks around the Ability Power champions and focuses on playing Mages.


As you have seen from our article, females are regular in the League of Legends community. Although many do not play the game professionally, stacking their life and future on it ( Smart), they do have tons of experience and skills to show!

Most of the girls are streamers who enjoy the game and have fun while showing their streamers the good sides of League of Legends. That is why if you want to find out more about them, check out their streams!

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