5 Best Gemstone Skins in League of Legends

When riot introduced the gemstone currency in League of Legends, they also announced the arrival of a new skin tier, Mythics. These are skins that are only obtainable through the exchange of gemstones that you can acquire by opening loot boxes. 

Gemstones have the highest rarity when opening loot boxes, second only to Ultimate skins. There are also different loot you can get when exchanging gemstones such as ward skins, additional loot boxes, unique summoner icons, and more. 

Riot Games has recently updated its gemstone mechanics by introducing the Mythic content overhaul, they will make the gemstones into mythic essence that you can farm for whenever a mission for it is up. 

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1. Ashen Knight Pyke 

This is Riot’s newest mythic tier skin that comes with the mythic content overhaul. This is a unique skin that is heavily based on the popular dark souls series. Pyke looks like he came straight out of a souls series game, especially from the popular Elden Ring game. 

He has a cool smokey effect to him with grey accents and special effects. His abilities radiate grey and white colored lightings.

2. Hextech Renekton

Out of all the skins in the gemstone and Mythic tier, this skin has the most detailed splash art. This skin has all the Hextech enhancements all around it and it even emits lightning effects that come from hex cores that we all saw in action in Riot’s latest animated series ‘Arcane’. 

Hextech skins don’t really have that much change to their idle animation, but like Epic skins, they have their own unique skill effects and recall effects. Renekton’s recall lets him use his blade as a glider or a jet that propels him through the air. 

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3. Dreadnova Darius

Dreadnova Darius looks like his design is based on steampunk designs with all the fiery and mechanical effects. He is wrapped with a fiery mechanical armor that emits fire each time he performs his unique actions. All of his skill effects are changed from his passive ability to his ultimate. 

4. Dark Star Cho’Gath

Cho’Gath is a giant champion that most players fear in the late game as he grows and becomes extremely durable. Dark Star Cho’Gath skin adds intimidation to Cho’s already intimidating presence. The skin’s color scheme also changes based on how much stack he has on his ultimate making this skin really worth it. 

5. Soulstealer Vayne

Soulstealer Vayne is the first non-hextech skin that you can craft with a gemstone. Having the same animations as the base skin, this skin looks like it has nothing to offer but when you get to see her skill effects, you will know that this skin is really worth it.

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Final Thoughts

With the recent changes to the gemstones, it is guaranteed that Riot games will make more detailed Mythic skins. It is much easier to obtain these skins now that Riot made it so that you can farm the currency needed to buy these skins. 

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