Is League of Legends Appropriate For Kids?

League of Legends is a highly competitive game in the norm because of the skill requirements of each champion, understanding of the game, and the ranked ladder. Because of these factors, League has become a very competitive game. 

The art style of the game is also leaning toward cartoonish designs with bright colors and flashing lights pleasing to the eyes. But many ask the question, is League of Legends appropriate for kids? We answer that question in this article but for us to answer it, there are many factors to consider.

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What is the Point of League of Legends?

League of Legends is a team game, both of which have their own base and the end goal is to destroy the nexus at the center of the enemy’s base. This might sound simple and straightforward, but for you to be able to advance towards the nexus of the enemy team, you have to get stronger and be able to destroy the towers of the enemy team. 

There are different tiers of towers in the game and it will not be easy to destroy these towers because the opposing team will also want to defend these defensive structures. Players need to level their characters up and earn enough gold to build unique items and make their champions even stronger. 

The game is more complicated than that because there are also the factor of minion waves, permanent and temporary buffs that make champions stronger, and of course teamwork. 

It might look daunting to learn the basics of the game but once you play league long enough, these things become embedded in you without you even noticing it. When kids try to play this game, they can develop a higher level of thinking like developing their strategy and decision-making skills. 

The Art of The Game

Unlike other games, League of Legends is designed to be bright and colorful, there is little to no gore at all within the game and blood effects are very minimal. Monsters look like they came out of a Disney film and the character’s voice lines are deep but not inappropriate. 

Recently League of Legends has censored some of its splash arts and updated them to become child friendly, for example, the splash arts of some characters that show skin are covered with bandages, and even the infamous cigar of Graves has been removed so children won’t use it as an inspiration to use one.

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Chat Moderation

This is the most controversial factor to consider because it is an online game, meaning you will be encountering different players that have different points of view in life, opinions may differ and some just outright are toxic. 

If you searched for this article because your kid wants to play League of Legends, this might be the only thing you need to worry about. But there is a workaround to this, you can completely disable the chat feature of the game within the settings of the game. 

We recommend that you disable the chat system instead of risking your child to inappropriate words or even racial slurs. 

Is League of Legends Appropriate For Kids?

The quick answer to that is yes but there are things that you should check before your kid starts playing the game. Just like what I said above, the chat feature is the only thing worth worrying about if a kid plays the game. It is child friendly every kid that plays the game needs to have the supervision of a guardian. 

Final Thoughts

League of Legends is highly competitive and some even find it addictive, a kid will really need supervision when playing the game as well as time management. 

To prevent addiction, a parent should only allow a child to play the game for a limited number of games, League of Legends is fun but when it really gets to the competitive part it might be stressful so it might be best to get a computer yourself and play with your kid and just play with bots. 

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