Top 5 Best LoL ADC Streamers To Watch

 Hello, League of Legends players, have you reached the desired tier this season? If you haven’t, don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to hone your skill and become one of the best League of Legends players. 

And in order to succeed in that, it is important that you have quality role models who will help you achieve that. Of course, we are talking about streamers who play League of Legends just for you. In this way, they explain to you the strategies and tricks that will help you master your favorite champions. 

Today’s article will be dedicated to the five best ADC streamers whose channels you can find today, and for some of them you probably already know. Keep reading and find out all about them!

Becoming a popular streamer and making money from your own videos has never been easier than it is today. All you need is a very good internet connection and quality gaming equipment. 

After that, you can choose which game you want to stream. Of course, it is important to be unique and interesting to watch. Good streamers are known among the entire gaming internet community and their popularity is growing day by day.

Not to be outdone, we are only interested in League of Legends streamers, more precisely, the most popular ADC streamers. Maybe let’s just say something about League of Legends and roles on Summoner’s Rift. As you already know, in the League of Legends there is a map where everything takes place – a map known as Summoner’s Rift. 

Two teams – red and blue, (there are five players in each team), fighting against each other in the hope that their team will be the first to knock down the enemy Nexus and win the match. 

Of course, the game is much more complex, except for enemy champions you have to pay attention to the monsters from the jungle, be careful to kill Baron Nashor before the enemy team, and at the same time set wards on the map so as not to surprise enemy champions sneaking around the jungle.

At the very beginning, the players choose which role to play and choose the champion accordingly. Players can choose from five roles – solo lane, mid lane, adc, support and jungler. Certainly the most famous is the role of ADC. ADC plays with its support on bot lane and he needs to carry the whole team to victory. 

However, don’t be fooled – playing as an ADC is not easy at all, which is why there are streamers who are focused on ADC roles and are eager to pass on all the knowledge and skills they possess.

We will now show you our selection of the 5 best ADC streamers:

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5. Doublelift

Doublelift, real name Yiliang Peng, is a professional League of Legends player you could watch in teams like Team SoloMid and Team Liquid. Doublelift has decided to retire from the professional gaming scene and retire in late 2020. However, Doublelift regularly streams his games so you can find his videos on his YouTube channel. 

He is a professional in the ADC role, and his advice is extremely valuable to all players who want to try themselves as ADC players. Doublelift is a very high quality streamer that knows how to best transfer its knowledge to viewers, which is why he is an indispensable part of this list.

4. Sneaky

If you follow League of Legends streamers, you’ve probably heard of Sneaky. Sneaky is a favorite streamer in the League of Legends gaming community. He plays on the NA server and is a professional League of Legends player. 

What’s even more interesting is that Sneaky has been playing League of Legends for more than 10 years – what an experience! He is known for being a very charismatic, humorous and interesting streamer. His fans love the content that Sneaky creates and that’s why they follow him. 

He is a very successful ADC player, and his many years of experience make him even more interesting to watch. If you want to learn some new strategies for ADC champions while watching funny content, find Sneaky and enjoy his videos.

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3. CookieLol

Have you heard of CookieLol? CookieLol doesn’t have a big fan base but his gaming skill is outstanding. You can find him on his YouTube channel where he publishes his videos, which are by the way very informative but also entertaining content. 

He is one of the more successful ADC players who stream their games, and his videos mostly explain tactics, strategies, and tips to all players who adore the ADC role. 

CookieLol radiates positive energy and is ready to share all the knowledge it has with other players, which is why it is one of the favorite League of Legends streamers. We have no doubt that his popularity will grow even more, deservedly.

2. xFsn Saber

xFSN Saber stands out the most from other League of Legends streamers precisely for its humor and cheerful character. His videos are not so informative and you don’t have to hope that you will be able to improve your skill if you watch it regularly, but you can expect a lot of laughter and fun that you will share with your friends later. 

He is a very successful ADC player who tries to explain to everyone who watches him some beginner mistakes that players make when playing the ADC role, he explains to them how to avoid those mistakes next time and how to play ADC champions more correctly. Find his YouTube channel and enjoy his hilarious videos!

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1. Rekkles

All League of Legends players have heard of Rekkles. Furthermore, many loved cereals and included them in the regular menu precisely because of him. Rekkles, full name Carl Martin Erik Larsson is a Swedish professional League of Legends player who has played for teams such as Elements, Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Alliance in his career. 

He currently plays for Karmine Corp and EU LCS All-Stars. Its main role is ADC, of course. Rekkles is a favorite streamer among players and has a lot of fans around the world who adore his way of playing but also his personality. Rekkles is always calm and composed, regardless of the outcome of the game. 

Also, he always gives his best during matches and is himself the biggest critic so he will always comment on how he could give even more. In addition, he plays the role of ADC very well and gladly passes on his knowledge to everyone who watches him. 

If you want to improve your ADC skill, Rekkles is the right choice. He deservedly comes first because his videos are both educational and interesting, which is why you will always come back to him when you want to learn something new.

Final Thoughts

It was a really difficult choice to single out just five League of Legends ADC streamers when there are many more that are worth mentioning. These streamers are well-known influencers who contribute to the popularity of the League of Legends game with their content, and at the same time connect fans around the world. Almost all of them create quality and interesting content that entertains their viewers.

Since the role of the ADC is not at all easy, they serve as teachers because they transfer their skills to the players who will benefit from any advice. In this way, amateur players can improve their skills and thus be more successful in the League of Legends matches. 

Moreover, many amateur players can improve their skills to the point that they decide to become streamers themselves and thus continue to transfer knowledge to other, less-skilled players. 

If you want to become a professional ADC player, follow one of these streamers and start your professional journey today. Good luck, and of course, have fun!

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